Sexology 101

5 Sex Toy Myths You Need to Stop Believing No, vibrators won’t stretch your vagina!

There’s a lot of propaganda out there about sex, and sex toys are no exception. Since any sexual act that isn’t meant for reproduction or gives women pleasure tends to be looked down upon in our culture, female masturbation is doubly threatening. That’s where many common sex toy myths come from.

There are a lot of myths when it comes to using vibrators and dildos – sometimes there can be shades of truth, but often the reality is quite different from what you and your partner might think.

Vibrators can actually teach you what kinds of stimulation you enjoy and help you learn about your body. Once you start experimenting with your sexuality, you will be happier, healthier, and less stressed in other areas of your life. An orgasm is a great stress reliever, and you can gain power and confidence from knowing exactly what you need to do to have one.

So, despite what you’ve heard, sex toys are for the most part great. To that point, here are some myths about sex toys you should not believe.

Myth #1: Vibrators stretch your vagina.

Nothing you put in your vagina will permanently stretch it. The vagina is like a flexible envelope – it stays closed, with the sides touching, until you insert something inside. When you remove the ‘something,’ whether it’s a penis, dildo, baby, or something else, the walls naturally relax back into place. So, rest assured that masturbation – and sex, for that matter – will not leave you “loose.”

Myth #2: Vibrators will desensitize you.

You can also rest assured that vibrators will not damage your nerves – this is one of the more common sex toy myths. The only way they might affect your sexual response is if you’re only using a vibrator to orgasm. Then, you may need some practice to orgasm in other ways. But that can happen with any masturbation habit. The general rule is that the more variety of stimulation you learn to respond to, the more orgasmic you’ll be. Varying sensation will help that.

Myth #3: Sex toys will hurt your sex life.

Sex toys don’t take away your desire to have sex with a partner. In fact, you might get extra turned on for your partner after bringing toys into the bedroom.  (Video: How to Introduce Sex Toys into the Bedroom.) One survey found that 70 percent of men have no problem with a partner using sex toys. If someone feels threatened by your vibrator, you may not want to be with them anyway. Generally, partners find it to be a turn-on or at the very least, if they are paying attention, get some relief regarding what works for you. Contrary to common sex toy myths, vibrators actually help women respond to other types of stimulation, because they help them explore how they like to be turned on.

Myth #4:  You must be a freak if you like sex toys.

If you’ve used a sex toy, you’re in good company. One survey found that 63 percent of people have. There’s been a long history of vibrator use – even medically when first developed. They are now so normal that they appear on daytime talk shows and all over the media. Research has indicated that more people own one than not.

Myth #5: Sex toys are just for women.

Sex toys can enhance anyone’s solo and partnered sex life, with plenty of male toys and unisex toys on the market. In fact, one survey found that 73 percent of men believe sex toys are for everyone, but 50 percent think there aren’t enough out there for men.

So, in short, don’t be afraid of sex toys – avoid these sex toy myths! Most of the warnings you’ve heard about them are way off base. Just make a point to clean them and use body-safe materials, and you’ll be fine. (Check out our sex toy cleaners.)

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