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8 Masturbation Tips to Ensure a Great Experience Let’s dive into a few things to remember as we reacquaint ourselves with…ourselves!

Masturbation can be totally unnerving. Even if you’ve been doing it for years, you may be having trouble reaching orgasm or wonder if your technique could use some fine-tuning. Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated about masturbation, too, and you’re looking for a way to get into it or enjoy it more. Maybe you already masturbate, but you’re not feeling satisfied with your practice. (Masturbation Tips for Women.)

With that said, let’s dive into some masturbation tips!

  1. There’s more than one way to stimulate yourself. We all like being touched different ways, and sometimes, we’re not even sure what they are. When we take the time to explore on our own, both our solo and partnered sex lives benefit. You may be frustrated with masturbation simply because you’ve been trying the same method over and over with no luck. No two people like the same things. You might prefer rubbing, pinching, tickling, circular motions, up-and-down or side-to-side strokes, or even light smacking, but you’ll never know until you try them all.
  2. Give yourself pressure-free time to explore. If you know types of stimulation that you don’t enjoy, you’re already on your way to figuring out what you do. The process of elimination takes courage, determination, and patience, and sometimes it takes a few misses to find a hit. Allow yourself some uninterrupted time to explore your body, and don’t pressure yourself to reach orgasm by the end. If it happens, great; if not, you’re gathering valuable information about how to make yourself feel great.
  3. Use a tool or two. Solo sex can absolutely involve toys! After all, no human has vibrating hands or genitals. Vibrators use rotary motors to create rumbly, buzzing sensations that can feel delicious internally and externally. They can even stimulate deeper portions of the clit if you apply enough pressure or have a very strong vibrator. At the end of the day, you should absolutely use a toy if that’s the type of stimulation you crave. Dildos and vibrators are also self-affirming tools, like physical tokens to both remind you your pleasure is important and to help you get it.
  4. There’s no such thing as too much lube. No matter what kind of stimulation you like, lube is a must-have. Even if you self-lubricate in mass quantities, a good lube will allow you to maintain frictionless glide so you don’t feel sore or rug-burned after playtime. Water-based lube is compatible with all materials and is mess-free. (Read: How to Choose a Lubricant for Both Pleasure and Safety.

Half Way There…More Masturbation Tips!

  1. Start outside and work your way in. Which part of ourselves should we begin exploring? There’s a lot of hype over the sensitive front wall of the vagina, also known as the G-spot. If you have yet to find what your body craves, though, the G-spot isn’t the most intuitive place to start. Let’s consider the clit, the only human organ devoted solely to pleasure. The spongy erectile tissue of the G-spot is found about two inches into the opening of the vagina, but you may not really be able to feel it before you’re aroused and the tissue swells. You may even have trouble finding your clit when you’re not aroused, for that matter! However, unlike G-spot stimulation, clit stimulation usually produces yummy sensations instantly. (Read:  How to Find Your G-Spot.)
  2. Mix up your stimulation. Pulling back the clitoral hood and directly touching the external clit can be too much stimulation, just like it can be painful to directly stimulate the “head” of the penis after yanking back the foreskin. One of the many beauties of a clitoral hood (and foreskin) is the ability to indirectly stimulate the glans.Using two or three flat fingers or even your palm disperses the pressure, and separating your pointer and middle fingers and pressing them alongside the vaginal opening can stimulate the deeper tissues of the clitoral legs. Experiment with back-and-forth, up-and-down, or circular movements, and go wherever your intuition takes you.
  3. Remember that the pleasure conversation should go beyond the bedroom Sex is touted as being penetration-centric and penis-in-vagina-focused. The thing is, that kind of sex usually does a lot more for the penis owner. Some people with vaginas fear they are broken if penetrative intercourse doesn’t do the trick for them, but guess what? Most vagina owners need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm.
  4. Unfortunately, masturbation isn’t something that we’re encouraged to talk about. Even the most comprehensive sex education class can fail to leave out the actual steps to achieve pleasure. Even if you’re comfortable talking to a parent or mentor about sex, you probably aren’t keen on asking them for their personal tips for solo sex. Sometimes, our roadblocks stem from something other than a lack of self-exploration, and it’s helpful to speak with a therapist about other things that might be getting in our way.

Most importantly, be gentle and kind with yourself, and move away from goal-oriented thinking in your masturbation. Any form of self-love and exploration that makes you feel good is a wonderful thing.

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How to Peg Your Man for the First Time It's not something you should rush into.

There’s so much swag and accessories that goes along with pegging, it’s easy to skip past all the stuff you need to know in order to deal with how to try pegging and go straight for the shopping trips to get ready to peg your man for the first time. While the shopping is all well and good, there are 5 things you should know about your adventure into the wonderful world of pegging. We’re hoping to make your journey enjoyable for all parties involved.

Create a plan of action to peg your man.

So, your boyfriend casually mentions that he wants to try pegging. Here’s what NOT to do.  Do not go out, buy the biggest strap-on dildo you can find and then stick it right up his bottom. Casually mentioning a desire to explore – and actually following through with it – are very, very different things. Before the two of you start pegging, you need to talk.

Find out how much knowledge and experience he has, if any at all. Talk about any concerns or insecurities that might accompany his desire to be pegged. You might feel insecure when asked to peg your man, believing that they aren’t satisfying their partner. But the pleasure men experience from prostate stimulation is simply different than what they enjoy from standard intercourse. Getting these conversations out of the way before you get started will make you both more comfortable and happy going in. Set up a plan of action going forward – schedule a trip to shop together, and to set up different sessions to explore pegging.

Start small.

Unless your man has a lot of experience with pegging, you will want to start off with a butt plug, toy or finger that is on the smaller size. Also remember it must have a flared base, where it’s wider at the top than where it goes in or it will easily just be swallowed alive. If this is the first time your partner has ever had anything put inside his butt, it’s a dangerous idea to leap straight to a full pegging. It’s dangerous for him because it can be painful, and it’s dangerous for you because you don’t know how much speed and force to use without causing your partner pain or tearing.

Before you step into your newly acquired strap-on dildo, work your way up, starting with some humble play to help prepare him for what’s to come. It will also give YOU a great anatomy lesson. Using your fingers to explore inside him until you find the prostate and learning to stimulate it will be great knowledge to have when you actually peg your man.

Lube it up – always – before you peg your man.

When you are in the heat of the moment, it is easy to forget lube; plus, if your partner seems open, you might think he doesn’t need lube at all. When it comes to pegging – or any kind of anal sex – the more lube, the better.  The human anus has not one, but TWO sets of sphincters.  There are the sphincters we can see externally, and then a second set deeper inside the anus.

Using lube makes your initial penetration through both sets of sphincters that much easier while creating a hot sense of friction.  Just make sure the kind of lube you have purchased is compatible with your toys. The silicone based lube you have for your own playtime won’t work with your all of your toys – we suggest buying specialty water-based lube to use with toys only. That prevents the toy’s material from breaking down and potentially leaking chemicals into his body or yours.

Talk dirty.

Pegging isn’t just the act of penetrating a man with a with a strap-on dildo – it’s an entire sexual experience. Men love pegging because of the stimulation it gives to their prostate, but some men also love the role reversal that takes place when it’s a woman doing the work. It goes to follow then, that you should make the most of that role reversal. You’re dominating him when you’re pegging him, so dominate him with your dirty talk too! Test the waters by asking him if he likes the way something feels – you won’t know until you try.  But don’t force it – if dirty talk while you peg isn’t for you, don’t pretend that it is.

Keep it clean when you peg your man.

You can be very dirty together and still remain hygienic. No toys that have been in his butt should ever go in your vagina unless they have been properly cleaned. Any bacteria that is picked up from the anus could be harmful to the vagina.

It’s also a good idea for him to anally douche with water before you begin to peg your man so that you have a fresh butthole to enjoy. Also, please remember to clean your sex toys before using them the first time, too! Fresh out of the package doesn’t always mean the thing is actually fresh. Safe is so much better than sorry, and if you do it right, you can turn your pre-washing of sex toys into a hot little foreplay game.

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Make It a Fifty Shades Valentine’s Day!

If you’re a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, you’ve probably been chomping at (or on) the bit waiting for the last installment, Fifty Shades Freed, which premiered this weekend just in time for Valentine’s Day! And at the best adult store in Tampa, we’re here to help you have your own Fifty Shades kink fest with our complete line of Fifty Shades of Grey products!

Because of the subject matter of the trilogy, many of these sensual toys have a BDSM theme. For couples that wish to play with power exchanges and bondage, there are a variety of cloth, metal and leather restraints available. Blindfolds are also featured in the collection and can be used to heighten one partner’s senses, making pleasure more intense.

Some men and women find that different types of sensation add to their sexual pleasure, and the Fifty Shades of Grey collection features toys to help couples explore these desires. Consenting partners who get pleasure from giving and receiving mild pain will also find safe toys for BDSM play.

The line of toys inspired by “Fifty Shades of Grey” also includes items that are great starter toys for couples that are new to using tools to enhance foreplay and lovemaking.

Fifty Shades of Grey Silver Kegel Balls: Experience Fifty Shades of excitement with these sensual silver Delicious Pleasure Kegel balls! Encased in a silky-soft black silicone holder, these weighted Ben Wall balls slip smoothly inside your body. Just move around to feel the rolling weights inside each ball give you a self-powered sensual massage! A stretchy silicone removal cord makes taking them out very easy.

Fifty Shades Secret Touching Finger Massager: What if the touch of a fingertip could cause an erotic explosion? This silky-smooth and powerful silicone vibe slips onto your finger, instantly transforming you into a powerhouse of stimulation. Beckon, stroke, and tease with the smooth sides or textured tip and drive your lover wild.

Fifty Shades Over Door Restraints: Take your bondage play to a whole new level with the stand-to-attention restraint, which secures over your door to give your partner uninhibited access to your body. Explore a face-to-face erotic experience, or face the door to expose your bottom.

Fifty Shades Jiggle Pleasure Plug: Add pleasuring internal intensity to each slightest movement with the Primal Attraction jiggle butt plug. It was designed for women and men to wear for out-of-bed activities to accentuate the effect of the pleasuring jiggle and boost arousal before playtime. The free-roaming internal weighted steel ball provides extra stimulation whose intensity echoes the magnitude of your movements.

Fifty Shades Feel it Baby Cock Ring: This smooth and stretchy ring is made for couples to share!  The snug-fitting ring fits around the base of his penis, isolating and limiting the flow of blood during sex. This causes blood to gather in his shaft, artificially boosting his length and girth. The ring’s tight fit also makes it harder for him to orgasm for longer-lasting sex.

Fifty Shades At My Mercy Nipple Clamps: Whether you’re one of those lucky people who can climax from nipple stimulation alone, or you’re someone who’s still discovering the full potential of nipple play, nipple clamps are the quickest and easiest way to start your journey to nipplegasm heaven.

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10 Secrets Guys Won’t Tell You About Sex Toys Tampa You might be surprised to know what he's hesitant to talk about!

Guys are often less likely to discuss sex toys than their female counterparts.  Today we’re breaking down the top 10 things that men typically don’t want to talk about with their partner when it comes to sex toys Tampa.

  1. If he even owns a sex toyThere’s a double standard in place here. Guys might less comfortable owning or talking about sex toys Tampa, but vibrators and dildos don’t have that same stigma for women. And it’s rather unfair for men in the long run, because there’s a lot of sex toys for men that can make sex a lot more fun. So don’t be surprised if this isn’t something that comes up – it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not into it.
  2. He might be a little skeptical about bringing them into the bedroom. Since guys generally have less experience with adult toys, it’s possible he could be shy to start throwing anal beads and cock rings around your bed. Be prepared for him to start feeling self-conscious, and remember that it might be best to introduce them to him slowly with some small stuff before breaking out the big guns.
  3. He might be jealous of your vibrator.He knows how strange this sounds, but sometime you can’t justify a feeling. Plenty of guys don’t care how you get off when they’re not around, but when they come face-to-face with plastic that can do what they do and recharges, it’s easy to feel a little threatened. It’s especially true if he has a hard time getting you off in the first place. Deep down he knows nothing can replace a thoughtful, giving partner, but it’s helpful to remind of him.
  4. He might also see it as a way to “cheat” at sex. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he might love incorporating your vibrator if he’s feeling lazy. This is the first step on the path to truly embracing your vibrator.
  5. He’s curious how you clean all this stuff. Is it dishwasher safe? Do you give it a good soak? Do you just not clean it? Are there special wipes involved? And what about upkeep? What goes into that? (Have him read our blog: How to Clean and Maintain Your Sex Toys. Then send him in to buy some of our Toy Cleaners!)

Five More Things Men Won’t Discuss About Sex Toys Tampa

  1. And the ceremony behind it.Guys typically begin masturbating when they’re hanging around and realize their hand is already down their pants. It’s very spontaneous, nut it seems like there’s a very deliberate action in getting out your vibrator. Do you go right into that? Do you warm yourself up and then decide it’s time? He has a lot of questions.
  2. He probably doesn’t want to be “surprised” mid-session. It’s not the best idea to surprise your partner with a sex toy, especially if you plan on using it on him. Talk it out first to make sure he’s into it.
  3. He thinks you masturbating is hot. You may not have thought much about how he self-pleasures, but you’d be surprised at how much he’d be into just watching you. Seeing how turned on a sex toy makes you should be all the motivation he needs to get on board, fast.
  4. He’s curious how deep the practice of using sex toys Tampa will go.So you’ve got a vibrator? No big deal, that’s pretty common. But wait, are those nipple clamps? Is that a gag? Do I have the stamina for this?! He’ll probably be second-guessing himself a lot.
  5. People’s attitudes towards sex toys are all over the map. There are certain things that apply to that demographic in virtual totality, but with sex toys, some guys love them, some hate them, and some find them totally indecisive.

All the Adult Products You Need in One Place

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Is it Time to Replace Your Vibrator Tampa? There are risks to keeping your vibrator too long.

Some gadgets withstand the test of time, but if you’re still using a vibrator you rushed out to buy after watching the first season of Sex and the City, it’s probably time to replace it. A vibrator is more like a kitchen utensil than a toothbrush – there’s no set time until it goes bad. A vibrator Tampa can last a few months while others last for years. But that doesn’t mean you should have lifetime loyalty to one toy. Time can affect the quality and safety of the material, how well it functions, and how much pleasure it brings you.

Today we’re discussing the risks in holding on to an old vibrator and how to tell when it’s time to replace it.

The plastics can break down.

A toy purchased 10 years ago is probably not as safe as one bought today.  There’s a good chance you weren’t really thinking about material safety a decade ago. And even if you were, the industry’s ability to deliver on that concern has really improved since then.

The life span of your device depends largely on what it’s made out of. Glass, stainless steel, gold, and ABS plastics will all withstand the test of time. A lot of silicone toys are blended with things so they can be sold as “silicone” toys but at a cheaper price. Beware: If two similar toys both say they’re silicone, but one is $20 and one is $80, one is pure silicone and the other is not.

Porous material can harbor bacteria in your vibrator Tampa.

If you don’t clean your toys properly (like some 14 percent of women), you risk bacteria and fungus growth. That’s particularly a problem with cross-contamination of toys from anal play into the vagina. This can lead to sticky, smelly discharge, potentially a bladder infection, and/or other irritation.

Any bacteria or fungus you miss on the surface would get dried out when you leave a toy in a drawer. (Read:  How to Store Your Sex Toys.) But vinyl toys or blended silicone are both porous. So even if you scrub your vibrator, over time they can harbor bacteria. Bacteria in your toy will make the material break down faster. And while it likely won’t affect the health of your vagina, it will cause your toy to turn colors and start smelling. (Check out our line of sex toy cleaners!)

The motor on your vibrator Tampa can break.

Vibrators are electronics, so they wear out like an electric razor, a cell phone, or like any other electronic. Batteries stop operating as consistently, motors wear out, and user interface points can begin to display physical damage from repeated use. Sure, you can still use it, but if your vibe no longer holds a charge, it’s not much of a vibrator anymore.

You may be missing out on some serious pleasure.

It may seem like no big deal to reach for the same toy for months or years. But the whole point of enjoying a solo session or partner play is to experience pleasure and indulge your libido. If you stuck with missionary every time you had sex with your partner, chances are the passion would fizzle pretty quick, and the same goes for your vibe.

We live in a tech age, so everything is getting better and better and that includes sex toys. Think of your phone: If your flip phone still charges and that’s all that matters, great. But if you also want to take photos, access the internet, and video chat, you need to upgrade. Your first rabbit vibrator Tampa might still work, but there are other products on the market that can probably give you a better experience.

These days, you can find some clever forms and nice ergonomic features at any price range. There are also entirely new types of vibrators to try, compared to the options available even just five years ago.

What’s the verdict?

If the material is starting to flake, change colors, smell, the material is breaking down and/or harboring bacteria. And that means it’s time to replace it. If your solo sessions don’t excite you like they used to, a little novelty could definitely help.

If it’s been more than a few years since you explored your options, you should consider trying something new. There’s probably something on the market that would upgrade your experience through new features or more thoughtful design.

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5 Sex Toy Myths You Need to Stop Believing No, vibrators won’t stretch your vagina!

There’s a lot of propaganda out there about sex, and sex toys are no exception. Since any sexual act that isn’t meant for reproduction or gives women pleasure tends to be looked down upon in our culture, female masturbation is doubly threatening. That’s where many common sex toy myths come from.

There are a lot of myths when it comes to using vibrators and dildos – sometimes there can be shades of truth, but often the reality is quite different from what you and your partner might think.

Vibrators can actually teach you what kinds of stimulation you enjoy and help you learn about your body. Once you start experimenting with your sexuality, you will be happier, healthier, and less stressed in other areas of your life. An orgasm is a great stress reliever, and you can gain power and confidence from knowing exactly what you need to do to have one.

So, despite what you’ve heard, sex toys are for the most part great. To that point, here are some myths about sex toys you should not believe.

Myth #1: Vibrators stretch your vagina.

Nothing you put in your vagina will permanently stretch it. The vagina is like a flexible envelope – it stays closed, with the sides touching, until you insert something inside. When you remove the ‘something,’ whether it’s a penis, dildo, baby, or something else, the walls naturally relax back into place. So, rest assured that masturbation – and sex, for that matter – will not leave you “loose.”

Myth #2: Vibrators will desensitize you.

You can also rest assured that vibrators will not damage your nerves – this is one of the more common sex toy myths. The only way they might affect your sexual response is if you’re only using a vibrator to orgasm. Then, you may need some practice to orgasm in other ways. But that can happen with any masturbation habit. The general rule is that the more variety of stimulation you learn to respond to, the more orgasmic you’ll be. Varying sensation will help that.

Myth #3: Sex toys will hurt your sex life.

Sex toys don’t take away your desire to have sex with a partner. In fact, you might get extra turned on for your partner after bringing toys into the bedroom.  (Video: How to Introduce Sex Toys into the Bedroom.) One survey found that 70 percent of men have no problem with a partner using sex toys. If someone feels threatened by your vibrator, you may not want to be with them anyway. Generally, partners find it to be a turn-on or at the very least, if they are paying attention, get some relief regarding what works for you. Contrary to common sex toy myths, vibrators actually help women respond to other types of stimulation, because they help them explore how they like to be turned on.

Myth #4:  You must be a freak if you like sex toys.

If you’ve used a sex toy, you’re in good company. One survey found that 63 percent of people have. There’s been a long history of vibrator use – even medically when first developed. They are now so normal that they appear on daytime talk shows and all over the media. Research has indicated that more people own one than not.

Myth #5: Sex toys are just for women.

Sex toys can enhance anyone’s solo and partnered sex life, with plenty of male toys and unisex toys on the market. In fact, one survey found that 73 percent of men believe sex toys are for everyone, but 50 percent think there aren’t enough out there for men.

So, in short, don’t be afraid of sex toys – avoid these sex toy myths! Most of the warnings you’ve heard about them are way off base. Just make a point to clean them and use body-safe materials, and you’ll be fine. (Check out our sex toy cleaners.)

Need help choosing the right sex toy for you?  Our discreet, expert staff is here to help!  Stop by the best adult store Tampa today to see our complete selection of adult toys, adult apparel (including a wide variety of lingerie and dancewear), adult games, adult furniture, fetish and more!

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Sex Toys Tampa: A Guide for Beginners For everything from vibrators to c-rings, we've got you covered!

Some people mistakenly think that relying on sex toys Tampa for pleasure alone means that they will be unable to perform with a partner.  Some even believe that using a sex toy brings their sexual competence into question. Others are just worried that owning a sex toy presents them as a nymphomaniac or being desperate.

The key to a good sex life – with both yourself and others – is openness and curiosity. Of course you don’t have to try anything that you aren’t interested in, but toys are a fantastic way to keep sex interesting and enjoyable.

In light of this, we have compiled a beginner’s list of different types of sex toys Tampa to help you decide which, if any, are right for you. This isn’t by any means a complete list and there is so much more out there to try, but it’s a good place to start.

A Beginner’s List of Sex Toys Tampa

Bullet Vibrators:  Most people who own any kind of sex toy will own one of these, or will have had one in the past. Bullet vibrators are small and discreet, and they look like a bullet. They’re perfect for use alone or with a partner.

Dildos & Dongs:  This is another classic addition to any bedside drawer. When used with a water based lubricant, they can be a lot of fun. Dildos & dongs can come in multiple textures and materials, from smooth to ribbed to realistic. Many are specifically curved to hit different interior spots and provide more interesting sensations.

Strap-On: Everyone can enjoy strap-on sex. Comfortable to wear and ultra-sexy, a harness allows for hands-free dildo fun. With so many harnesses, strap-on sex has never been better! Today’s harnesses are designed with ultimate comfort in mind. Many of our harnesses feature velvety inner linings and adjustable straps, so it can truly be an extension of you.

Cock-Rings:  A cock ring (or C-ring) is one of the most versatile and widely-used sex toys in Tampa. A cock ring is typically worn at the base of the penis, and works to gently restrict blood flow. There are actually a few benefits to using a cock ring.  It makes an erection firmer, longer lasting, and more sensitive.

Classic Vibrators & Rabbits: The classic vibrator is much like an oversized bullet, and they often provide a stronger vibration, if that is what you want from a sex toy. Like dildos, these vibrators come in a range of sizes, textures and shapes to suit your requirements.

A rabbit vibrator is a step up from classic vibrators, and they can be identified by the “rabbit ears” that are located part way up the shaft. Some rabbit vibrators will offer a vibrating, textured or rotating shaft, and the ears themselves can often be set to different speeds or patterns of vibration. They are the perfect way to get both internal and external stimulation simultaneously.

Wand Vibrators:  Wand vibrators come in a vast array of sizes. They can be identified by a globular head on the very end and are best for the most powerful vibrations.

G-Spot Vibrators:  The features on our g-spot toys make finding it much easier and the steady pulse and style help insure the perfect orgasm. The curvature of these products allows for stimulation of your g-spot, while the profile of them allows you and your partner to explore all the sensitive and elusive areas in your quest. (How to find your G-spot.) (How to use a G-spot vibrator.)

There is No Shame to Owning Sex Toys Tampa!

There is no shame in having enjoyable sex, either alone or with others. Don’t be afraid to try sex toys – you might find that they revolutionize your experience of pleasure and bring new excitement to your sex life. And there’s really no need to be embarrassed about that!

Check out our post on the Top 5 Sex Toy Myths that you need to stop believing!

Need help choosing your sex toys Tampa?  Our discreet staff of experts is here to help you choose all adult products Tampa.  From adult apparel (we have an exceptional variety of lingerie) to sex toys to fetish and sexy games and sex furniture we’ve got you covered.  Visit the best adult shop in Tampa today!


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8 Sex Resolutions for the New Year Make sex resolutions to increase your pleasure!

For those of us who make New Year’s resolutions, we too often focus on doing less, such as eating less sugar, drinking less alcohol, or spending more time in the gym. And while those goals may be worthy, this year, we’d also like to encourage women to make sex resolutions to increase their pleasure.

As research consistently shows, the orgasm gap between men and women is real. In fact, while 95 percent of heterosexual men said they almost always orgasm when sexually intimate, only 65 percent of heterosexual women said the same.

So today we’re sharing eight sex resolutions for getting all the pleasure you deserve in 2018.

1.Carve out time for solo pleasure. If masturbation feels self-indulgent, that’s because it is, but in the best way possible. Still, in a recent national survey, one in five women said they had never masturbated, and only about 40% said they had masturbated in the past month. So in 2018, one of your sex resolutions should be to consider devoting more time to solo satisfaction.

The more you learn about your body and what feels – and what doesn’t feel good- the more you can bring that into partner sex. And if you aren’t having sex with a partner, the more you are able to bring yourself a bevy of pleasure.  (Read 5 Benefits of Masturbating Every Day.)

2.Try a vibratorThanks to some enduring stigmas around sex and pleasure, many women still feel too shy to purchase a vibrator, but research indicates that this is changing; in fact, about half of women say they have used a sex toy. And that’s a good thing!

Vibrators give us one more way to explore what feels good and what doesn’t. And the more methods we experiment with, the more flexible we’ll be in terms of our ability to experience pleasure.  If you haven’t tried one, why not start now? (Read How to Use a Vibrator for the First Time.)

3.Put more focus on foreplay. For the majority of women, research shows that intercourse alone isn’t enough to orgasm, but a little bit of foreplay can go a long way.

Foreplay can start hours before the act. When you part ways in the morning, share a longer, lingering hug and send flirty texts during the day. As for in-the-moment foreplay, make time for kissing, touching, and massaging to allow the body to really experience a higher level of pleasure, and then satisfaction.

4.Resolve to stop faking orgasm. If you’ve faked it during sex, you’re not alone. But chances are, if you’re pretending to orgasm, whether to avoid hurting a partner’s feelings or to hurry sex along, you’re missing out on having a real one. And if you want to be having a real one, that’s a situation worth remedying. If your partner isn’t stimulating you in the way you like, talk about it. Maybe not in the heat of the moment, but at a later time when you’re feeling connected. This could be one of your best sex resolutions for 2018!

Now sex resolutions #5 through #8!

5.Don’t make apologies for body parts you don’t like. When we feel self-conscious about our bodies during sex, we’re distracted from the act itself and when we’re distracted, the quality of sex can suffer.

So much of what impacts sex has nothing to do with the mechanics of it. A very worthy goal for a sex resolution is to learn to be with your body as it is. You don’t necessarily have to be completely in love with it, but just be with it as it is. That allows you to be present, and to process sensation in a more pleasurable way.

6.Try a new move or position.  Changing up your sexual routine can feel intimidating if you’re not especially sexually adventurous, but a little bit of risk can bring big rewards. Just the act of trying something new together can help you feel more connected to your partner, no matter how it turns out!  It can be a small change to a position that you already know and love or an entirely new position. It can be as big or as small, as adventurous or as mundane, as you and your partner are comfortable with.

7.  Discover a new erogenous zone.  Women’s bodies are filled with erogenous zones, some of which you may only stumble upon if you go looking! So why not make some sex resolutions to go looking? Have a sexy date night in – strip down or put on some sexy lingerie Tampa and take the time to explore your partner’s body from head to toe.  The goal here is not orgasm – it is to answer the question of what turns you on.

8.  Speak up if you’d like your partner to touch you differently.  It doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation, and even if it is, it’s worth it in the long run. If you’re in the moment, rather than focus on the negative stuff, focus on what would feel good and then later, consider having a conversation about your likes and dislikes.

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