Sexology 101

Bondage Role-Play: Our Favorites

Bondage role-play is an exciting way to explore the pleasurable pain of this fetish. Especially for those of you who are just discovering the benefits of BDSM, experiencing it through role-play is a great way to get a feel for it one step at a time.   After all, during role-play, we can use our imagination to be anyone at all, which makes it easier to step outside our comfort zones.

Following are some of our favorite scenarios.

  1. Nurse and Patient. The sexy fantasy of a seductive nurse is a story as old as time. With the closeness to medical instruments and a legitimate need to put your hands all over the patient’s body, this scenario is begging to be used in bondage role-play. Just imagine, if your patient gets a little out of hand, you might just have to strap him or her to the table to check the vitals. Now that is one naughty bedside manner!
  1. Student and Teacher. Act out sexy bondage role-play in the classroom when you’re dressed as the class troublemaker. If you’ve been disrupting class by speaking out of turn, there’s only one way to deal with that – the teacher will have to chastise you with a paddle or a ruler. You may even be forced to sit in the corner and do as you’re told, and who knows what kind of punishment could be in store for you?
  1. Sexy French Maid. Fine tune that French accent, dress up in your sexy maid uniform and get ready to service your partner like never before. “Ooh-la-la” and “merci” are just two expressions he or she will be saying when it becomes clear what you have in store for as a sultry French maid! This role-play is more than just a wild dream come true for your partner. You can be as demanding or as giving as you wish, depending on what kind of mood you want to set.
  1. The Watcher. One of our favorite bondage role-play scenarios includes one partner doing all the work, while the other partner is made to just watch. Restrain the watching partner to the bed, and then begin to play by going about your day normally – dressed in nothing but a thong. The key is to completely ignore the watching partner. Don’t even look at them. When you finally, allow yourselves to actually touch each other…let’s just say it’s probably going to be explosive!
  1. Catsuit Passion. Who wouldn’t want to channel the ultra sleek sexiness of Catwoman? Make it bondage role-play by wearing a sexy leather and lace catsuit, and bring along a whip to ensure you can put your partner right into line at a moment’s notice! Is a whip not quite enough for you? A sturdy suede flogger, riding crop, or chain ball tickler all match the sexy outfit as much as the situation.
  1. Fifty Shades of Grey. If you’re totally new to bondage or role-play, you at least know about Fifty Shades of Grey. Make it even more exciting to explore this fetish by taking on the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. He may not always play by the BDSM rules, but you and your partner should, which means never forsaking the power of the safe word.

Slipping on a new personality in the bedroom allows us to let go of anxious self-consciousness a little bit more easily, which makes scouting new sexual territory through bondage role-play seem much more doable. Spice it up even more with just the right erotic lingerie or adult sex toys for your bondage role-play needs.