Sexology 101

Want To Get Kinkier In 2019? We Have 7 Sex Tips! Our favorite sex tips for a sexy New Year!

Contrary to what many believe, getting a little kinkier doesn’t have to involve anything too bizarre. Today we’re sharing seven sex tips to try if you want to get a little more adventurous in the bedroom in 2019.

Go beyond the binary.

If there is something you have always held back from exploring or expressing, now is the time to begin thinking about giving yourself permission. What does your body really want that people ‘like you’ aren’t ‘supposed’ to do? Explore that, enjoy the thrill of the taboo and know the future is fluid.

Tap into your secret sexual fantasies.

Before adding variety, ask yourself what you currently find lacking and what you think might make it more exciting. This could mean incorporating new toys, spanking, role-playing, sex parties, swinging, dirty talk, sexting, talking about your sexual fantasies, having sex in different locations, trying new positions, or attending a sex-specific class together.

One of our Favorite Sex Tips: Stop yourselves from orgasming. 

This is one of those sex tips that doesn’t sound immediately enticing, but there are some really good reasons to take orgasm off the table temporarily. It forces the two of you to get creative and see how much pleasure you can experience throughout your interaction, instead of just focusing on the end.

Focus on breathing.

Everyone needs to breathe more during sex. Start by taking a few deep breaths while you are getting aroused and notice what happens.

Bring hot oil into the mix.

There’s nothing like the warmth of a hot oil massage, especially when you add a blindfold to the mix to build the anticipation. The blindfold lends the oil drops an added edge of mystery, not knowing when or where the next drop will land.

Masturbate more often — and together.

Another one of our favorite sex tips is to consider including your partner when you masturbate. Self-pleasure can help you reconnect and learn your own body and what you like. Masturbation is also a safe place to explore new sex toys. And lube is a great addition for both self-lubricating and non-self-lubricating body parts.

Imagine you’re single and about to have sex with someone new for the first time.

This one of our sex tips is not about being with another person per se, it’s about revisiting what you like sexually and erasing any negative sexual patterns you and your partner may have developed over time. So imagine starting all over again and think about what you would want a new partner to know about what you like and then share that with your partner.

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Sexology 101

8 Sex Resolutions for the New Year Make sex resolutions to increase your pleasure!

For those of us who make New Year’s resolutions, we too often focus on doing less, such as eating less sugar, drinking less alcohol, or spending more time in the gym. And while those goals may be worthy, this year, we’d also like to encourage women to make sex resolutions to increase their pleasure.

As research consistently shows, the orgasm gap between men and women is real. In fact, while 95 percent of heterosexual men said they almost always orgasm when sexually intimate, only 65 percent of heterosexual women said the same.

So today we’re sharing eight sex resolutions for getting all the pleasure you deserve in 2018.

1.Carve out time for solo pleasure. If masturbation feels self-indulgent, that’s because it is, but in the best way possible. Still, in a recent national survey, one in five women said they had never masturbated, and only about 40% said they had masturbated in the past month. So in 2018, one of your sex resolutions should be to consider devoting more time to solo satisfaction.

The more you learn about your body and what feels – and what doesn’t feel good- the more you can bring that into partner sex. And if you aren’t having sex with a partner, the more you are able to bring yourself a bevy of pleasure.  (Read 5 Benefits of Masturbating Every Day.)

2.Try a vibratorThanks to some enduring stigmas around sex and pleasure, many women still feel too shy to purchase a vibrator, but research indicates that this is changing; in fact, about half of women say they have used a sex toy. And that’s a good thing!

Vibrators give us one more way to explore what feels good and what doesn’t. And the more methods we experiment with, the more flexible we’ll be in terms of our ability to experience pleasure.  If you haven’t tried one, why not start now? (Read How to Use a Vibrator for the First Time.)

3.Put more focus on foreplay. For the majority of women, research shows that intercourse alone isn’t enough to orgasm, but a little bit of foreplay can go a long way.

Foreplay can start hours before the act. When you part ways in the morning, share a longer, lingering hug and send flirty texts during the day. As for in-the-moment foreplay, make time for kissing, touching, and massaging to allow the body to really experience a higher level of pleasure, and then satisfaction.

4.Resolve to stop faking orgasm. If you’ve faked it during sex, you’re not alone. But chances are, if you’re pretending to orgasm, whether to avoid hurting a partner’s feelings or to hurry sex along, you’re missing out on having a real one. And if you want to be having a real one, that’s a situation worth remedying. If your partner isn’t stimulating you in the way you like, talk about it. Maybe not in the heat of the moment, but at a later time when you’re feeling connected. This could be one of your best sex resolutions for 2018!

Now sex resolutions #5 through #8!

5.Don’t make apologies for body parts you don’t like. When we feel self-conscious about our bodies during sex, we’re distracted from the act itself and when we’re distracted, the quality of sex can suffer.

So much of what impacts sex has nothing to do with the mechanics of it. A very worthy goal for a sex resolution is to learn to be with your body as it is. You don’t necessarily have to be completely in love with it, but just be with it as it is. That allows you to be present, and to process sensation in a more pleasurable way.

6.Try a new move or position.  Changing up your sexual routine can feel intimidating if you’re not especially sexually adventurous, but a little bit of risk can bring big rewards. Just the act of trying something new together can help you feel more connected to your partner, no matter how it turns out!  It can be a small change to a position that you already know and love or an entirely new position. It can be as big or as small, as adventurous or as mundane, as you and your partner are comfortable with.

7.  Discover a new erogenous zone.  Women’s bodies are filled with erogenous zones, some of which you may only stumble upon if you go looking! So why not make some sex resolutions to go looking? Have a sexy date night in – strip down or put on some sexy lingerie Tampa and take the time to explore your partner’s body from head to toe.  The goal here is not orgasm – it is to answer the question of what turns you on.

8.  Speak up if you’d like your partner to touch you differently.  It doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation, and even if it is, it’s worth it in the long run. If you’re in the moment, rather than focus on the negative stuff, focus on what would feel good and then later, consider having a conversation about your likes and dislikes.

Make these sex resolutions and 2018 will be your sexiest year ever!  And be sure to stop by the best adult store Tampa to get everything you need for New Year’s Eve!  We have the largest supply of adult products Tampa including adult toys, adult apparel (including lingerie), dancewear, fetish, sex furniture, sexy games and more!