Why Sex Toys Are GREAT For Relationships! They're no longer taboo.

As society becomes more pleasure-positive, sex toys continue to make their way into bedrooms worldwide. Once, shady looking, poorly made objects that could only be found in shady places, they’ve come a long way. All you have to do is to walk into an adult store to realize how mainstream these products have become. But despite this, not everyone has invited sex toys into this their sex life. We need to change that. Here are some ways sex toys are great for relationships.

Sex toys lead to more communication. 

When you walk into a sex toy store, you have to talk about what you want to buy and why with your partner. If you’ve struggled in the past to communicate your sexual desires to your partner, being face-to-face with bed restraints or a butt plus that you want to try, the conversation finally gets started then and there.

Sex toys are great for relationships because they relieve the pressure.

If you suffer from performance concerns, you’re not alone. Men are just as worried about their ability to make a woman orgasm as women are anxious about being able to climax during sex. Introducing sex toys, particularly a couple’s sex toy like the We-Vibe Sync, into the bedroom will provide a level of confidence for both partners. This is especially the case for women who struggle to orgasm through intercourse alone.

Sex toys are great for relationships because they help intensify intimacy. 

When adding sex toys to your relationship, it releases further exploration into your sex life, which not only provides excitement but information about what both you and your partner enjoy sexually. And the more you learn about each other, the greater the intimacy between you. Intimacy, both inside and outside of the bedroom, is essential for a healthy and happy relationship.

Sex toys provide an entryway to other things. 

Everyone has sexual fantasies. Yes, everyone! Sex toys are a step toward fulfilling those fantasies because when you open your relationship to a toy, you’re opening up your mind. And once your mind starts wallowing in sex-positivity, you’ll find that you’ll both evolve sexually, and your relationship will be better for it.

Sex toys are great for relationships because they mean better sex. 

Sex toys, without a doubt, make for better sex, not just from a physical standpoint, but from an emotional standpoint as well. Whether you and your partner use toys that are specific for couples, or a vibrator that can be used solo, your sex life can only benefit from them.

Studies have confirmed that couples who have an awesome sex life are far more likely to have a happy relationship. Consider these reasons why sex toys are great for relationships, come visit us, and play away!!

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Can Kinky Sex Actually Benefit Your Relationship? You might be surprised at the benefits!

If you’re like many people, when you think about BDSM you immediately picture whips and chains and strange people wearing masks in a dark basement. While the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has helped to bring BDSM into the mainstream, many people still maintain plenty of fallacies about it, and still associate kinky sex with perversion. 

Here are three possible benefits of incorporating kink into your relationships.

Better Communication

Partners who engage in some form of kinky sex tend to communicate better than those who don’t. And most people don’t discuss their sexual relationships very much until a problem occurs.

Prior to engaging in BDSM, each partner must be specific when talking about their likes and dislikes, limits and desires, especially when their session involves this elevated degree of trust. Using safe words to outline boundaries, and being clear on the difference between play time and everyday exchanges fortifies and improves communication.

Kinky Sex Increases Intimacy and Bonding

Some BDSM actions such as bondage and restraint contain physical risk build a high level of trust between partners. Taking part in a consensual adventure actually increases intimacy and closeness.

Also, building this level of intimacy and trust, and forming a healthy, secure BDSM environment takes time and energy. Investing in the relationship in this way may deter either partner from taking part in anything that might threaten the relationship, such as being unfaithful.

Less Anxiety and Stress

Studies have revealed that people who participate in kinky sex consistently exhibited lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol after bondage play. This may be due to the essential nature of kinky sex, where partners enjoy physical passion and excitement while letting go of judgement and anxiety. Also, it has been shown that the giving or receiving of intense sensation, can actually lessen anxiety.

Apparently the activity modifies blood flow in the brain, which often leads to an altered state of awareness similar to a runner’s high. Focusing a high degree of attention on the physical feelings of the present moment within the BDSM session may also shut down the DMT (Default Mode Network) in the brain, which is an area linked to elevated feelings of anxiety.

Though BDSM may not be offered in couples counseling, there could well be some benefit to adding a bit of kinky sex into your world. Intrigued yet? If you want help choosing fetish toys or any other adult products, stop by the best adult store Tampa today to see our complete selection of adult toysadult apparel (including a wide variety of lingerie and dancewear), adult gamesadult furniture, and more!

Enjoy a glass of complimentary wine or beer while our experts help you shop.

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Wondering Why You Can’t Orgasm? It doesn't mean there's something wrong with you!

If you can’t orgasm – either when you’re alone or with a partner, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your vagina. Instead, it probably means there might be some obstacles preventing you from feeling emotionally and physically involved.

But don’t be worried – with a few tips and tricks, you’ll reach that orgasm (maybe even more than one) in no time at all. Today we’re discussing why you can’t orgasm and how best to stay aroused.

You’re Not Showing the Clit Enough Love

Many women think they ‘should’ be able to have an orgasm from vaginal penetration in and of itself, but this is categorically untrue. In fact less than 25 percent of women can orgasm from vaginal sex alone. The vaginal walls do contain pleasurable nerve endings, but the clitoris is where the most intense sensation is generated and it has more nerve endings than any part of the human body, in both males and females. It is a remarkably sensitive organ that has to be stimulated for most women to achieve orgasm. So, you’ll want to choose sex positions that stimulate the clit, too. A tip? Get a vibrator just for clit stimulation.

You’re Too Stressed

If you’ve been spending too much at the office, you might be losing time spent over orgasms when at home. As it turns out, if you’re mentally drained, it’ll mess with your ability to stay fully relaxed until the end and your libido will plummet. Mental factors include self-esteem, body-image issues, self-judgment, and negative messaging about sex from childhood.

Being focused on your body takes you out of your body and into your head, and pleasure is body-based, so if our head is taking up all the space in the room with criticism, worrying about positioning, and comparing ourselves to others, it’s unlikely you could tune into your body enough to feel pleasure so you can’t orgasm.  A tip? Get comfortable with yourself and masturbate more – it will help relieve anxiety and improve your pelvic muscles. Try using a vibrator, and to make yourself wet faster during a dry spell from stress, you can get some help from lube.

You’re Taking Medication That Affects Your Libido

Unfortunately, while you might need to address one health problem, you could be affecting another. Some medications can lower your sex drive and prevent you from reaching orgasm. Some medications – particularly those used to treat depression and anxiety – can cause a drop in libido. In fact, they can actually produce a decrease in sensitivity or sexual responsiveness. This is important information to know and may require you to rely on a vibrator and masturbation for orgasms.


You’ve Had Some Type of Sexual Trauma in the Past

If you’ve had a history of abuse or sexual trauma, it can definitely impact your performance and ability to climax unless it’s resolved. Survivors of sexual abuse or assault have a range of experiences during partnered and solo sex ranging from PTSD symptoms that cause panic attacks to being present and calm but unable to connect with their partner or their body. (If this is you, read how you can heal here.)

 A survivor can know she’s now safe, but her body may still be holding onto fear, and when fear is present, an orgasm is not going to happen. The goal is a combination of the mind and body so the survivor feels safe and in control of her body and her pleasure.

You’re Feeling Pressure From Yourself or Your Partner

Pressure can come from you or your partner. If you’re giving yourself a hard time, wondering why you haven’t climaxed yet or feeling anxious about it, it could be the problem. And, likewise, if your partner is bombarding you with questions about why you are not reaching orgasm, it can be a real turn off. Tell your partner that whether you come or not, you’re still having an amazing time. Or, if you know exactly what gets you off, tell them – and show them – what to do. How to show them? Try the We-Vibe Sync so you can both get off. (Here’s how to use a couples vibrator.)

If you can’t orgasm, keep these tips in mind, and by all means get yourself a good vibrator in Tampa!


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Buying Sex Toys in Tampa? Be Sure the Seller is Legit!

Today’s consumers love the convenience of one-stop shopping on massive online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, etc. where consumers can even purchase things to spice up their sex lives. But when buying sex toys in Tampa, how can you be sure that the seller is 100% legit?

Have you noticed that the sex toys for sale from large mainstream retailers are not actually sold by those companies, but are being sold by third-party sellers? What surprises many is that in an increasing number of cases, it’s dishonest manufacturers in foreign countries that are selling knock-offs at super low prices. In some cases, they ship them from their countries or have them bulk shipped to warehouses like Amazon to distribute them.

What is more disturbing is that many of these third-party sellers are unscrupulous, and once they sell out of a product or get numerous bad reviews, they close their seller account, open a new one, and start over again. Consumers are often shocked when they have problems with their sex toy and cannot find the seller because their listing was removed.

They also scam the reviews sections with fake reviews by incentivizing people to give good reviews or remove any negative reviews by giving away free products, financial incentives, and even having internal employees writing them. Even more disturbing are those resellers who take returns and the resell them sending out products that may not just have harmful bacteria, but possibly STDs.

With all these things to consider it may seem a little scary when buying sex toys in Tampa. But rest assured there are many great, reputable sex toy retailers in Tampa that not only sell authentic, high-quality sex toys, but who care about their customers and keep their order details private and sell products that consumers love and that are safe to use.

Here are 4 ways to protect yourself and make sure you’re buying sex toys in Tampa from safe sources.

  1. Make sure they are a trusted site or seller. Buy from retailers who are well established, provide detailed information about their policies, and allow you to communicate with them. You should be able to call them and ask questions about products and receive detailed answers about product functioning, materials, warranties, and even their company history. Companies that only have a P.O. box or email as the only way to reach them may be some that you want to evaluate further. Authorized sex toy retailers accept manufacturer legal agreements, so if you see prices that are too good to be true, they are. It could be a cheaply made knock-off that contains toxins, or even a previously sold sex toy.
  2. Don’t purchase from a company that doesn’t promise to keep your information private. Good sex toy retailers will not sell your information – a very good sex toy retailer will explain how they ensure this.
  3. Don’t buy anything if it seems “off.” Avoid resellers that make unrealistic guarantees. Sex toys are personal, and just like not everyone is going to love a certain type of food, not everyone is going to love a certain type of sex toy. Look for retailers that spend more time describing realistic and accurate details about a sex toy rather than trying to convince you that it will fulfill every fantasy you could ever have.
  4. If they’re not willing to educate you, they’re no good. When buying sex toys in Tampa, avoid sex toy retailers that do not educate consumers. Part of being good at selling sex toys is helping and empowering consumers by educating them about things like what types of lubricants can be used with certain sex toy materials to avoid chemical interactions, or how to properly clean or store your toy. Be an empowered consumer, get educated and know who you are dealing with when buying something for your sexual health and pleasure.

Our female staff is professional, discreet and educated when it comes to buying sex toys in Tampa. Stop by today and we’ll recommend something to make this weekend extra special!

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It’s World Smile Day! Make someone smile!

Today is World Smile Day! Make someone smile by bringing them to Tampa’s premiere adult store and have a sexy weekend.

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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying a Vibrator Some of them are dangerous!

Over 80% of the women in the U.S. own a vibrator, and there are very many happy women who are enjoying the many advantages that today’s technology provides them. But could more women be enjoying them? Could the ones who currently use them be enjoying them more?

Shopping for a vibrator is much like buying a bra – there’s a lot more to it than just a bust and cup size to consider. Just as there are many variables to consider when choosing a bra such as underwire, cut, material, etc., there are also a number of things to consider when choosing a vibrator. Learning how to choose a vibrator that you’re going to enjoy, or where to buy high-quality sex toys can be challenging.

Following are the 5 most common mistakes women make when choosing a vibrator.

  1. They incorrectly assume that the power level is the main feature.

While a vibrator’s power level is important, knowing whether contains toxins is most important. Make sure to choose a vibrator that is non-toxic, which means it needs to be free of lead, BPA, phthalates, and other potentially dangerous chemicals that are unfortunately sometimes used in cheap and knock-off sex toy production.

Look for materials that are safe for the body and only purchase your sex toys from a retailer that educates consumers about the product materials to ensure that what you are buying is safe.

  1. They wrongly assumed the vibrator was never previously sold.

As surprising as this sounds, some sex toy companies take returns and resell them. With many sex toys coming in packaging without security and safety seals on them, it’s sometimes difficult to determine if your sex toy had been previously sold, used, returned, and then resold. Be sure to only shop with retailers that have strict return policies. Not only is getting a used sex toy grotesque, it can also introduce you to damaging bacteria and possibly an STD.

  1. They believed Rabbit vibrators were the very best option available.

For those of you who became acquainted with the famous Rabbit vibrator on HBO’s Sex and the City, you may be quite happy with the dual stimulating features that stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot at the same time. But vibrators have evolved quite a bit since that time – some even have features such as a remote control that allows a long-distance lover to operate it for you and apps that allow you to custom create your own vibration settings!

  1. They assumed it was okay to use any lubricant with their vibrator.

Some lubricants can actually melt the materials that sex toys are manufactured from, so it is important to know what you can and cannot use when it pertains to your vibrator. For example, if a sex toy contains rubber, you cannot use oil with it, or if it is manufactured with silicone, you need to avoid lubricants containing silicone.

  1. They got a “good deal” on their vibrator.

Buying a sex toy on sale through a special promotion or using a coupon is always a great way to save. But there are a variety of seedy tactics out there that are even being carried out through third-party sellers on large retail sites that normally would be considered quite trustworthy.

From selling you knock-offs to using your information to sell to other companies, you may find that the “good deal” you got is not what you bargained for. Like anything else, if you find a deal that is too good to be true, it probably is. The vibrator may be refurbished, defective, or being sold at a price that voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

Make sure you look for an authorized or certified sex toy retailer who abides by manufacturer legal agreements and clearly states what their policies are, and are very straightforward about what to expect when purchasing from them.

Make the Smart Choice When Shopping for Your Vibrator!

As you can see, there are many things to consider when choosing and purchasing the right vibrator. You can trust our products and feel confident that our discreet, expert staff will answer all your questions to help you make the perfect choice. Visit Tampa’s premiere adult store today!


How To Have Sex In The Water Fulfill your underwater fantasy today!

Underwater sex poses a fair number of technical challenges, but people still fantasize about it. If you’re intent on fulfilling your underwater fantasy, here’s how to do it well.

Find Leverage: One of the trickiest things about having intercourse in water is trying to get enough leverage to thrust. The weightlessness of water is nice when you’re spending a lazy afternoon in the pool, but it doesn’t help when you’re trying to achieve penetration. You’ll need to find some props to give you enough leverage. Try sitting on pool stairs or hot tub seats, or holding onto a guardrail. Or stick to the shallow end, where you can both touch the bottom and hold onto the edge.

How To Play With Breasts: Breasts can be pleasurable to play with, for both the giver and the recipient alike. Some women can even have orgasms from breast play alone. Others need breast play in combination with clitoral or vaginal stimulation.

Be Careful with Condoms: If you’re having P-in-V or P-in-A sex, and you’re not fluid-bonded (meaning you haven’t made the conscious decision to have unprotected sex), you’ll need to use a condom. Most condoms can be used in water, but getting them wet makes them more prone to slipping off. This, of course, can expose you to a risk of STIs or pregnancy. Plus, the chemicals used to keep pools clean can damage condoms. You may want to consider a polyurethane (as opposed to the traditional latex) condom if you’re having sex in a pool, as polyurethane can better withstand chemicals such as chlorine.

Use Lube: Being underwater might make your limbs nice and slippery, but it doesn’t do anything for your vagina or anus. If anything, having penetrative intercourse underwater can dry out your orifices even more. If you’re just going for a quickie and are okay with a little discomfort, you might be fine. But if you’re having intercourse for a significant amount of time, you’ll need to use lube for your underwater adventures.

Do Your Usual Post-Intercourse Care: Another problem with water sex is it can push chemicals and bacteria into a woman’s vagina or urethra, or a man’s urethra. This can be irritating, and can even lead to infection. Make sure to pee afterwards, drink a ton of water, and consider taking an over-the-counter UTI health supplement.

Hot Tubs for Quickies Only: Hot tubs can be nice because the built-in seats make it easier to get leverage. You can also use the jets to deliver some blasts of pleasure to your clitoris or anus. But you run a risk of overheating if you stay in a hot tub for too long. If you want to have sex in a hot tub, make it quick.

Skip Oceans and Lakes: If one of you has a vagina, the ocean is not the best place to get down. The salt can sting your most sensitive bits. Lakes can be teeming with bacteria, which can infect urethras in male and female-bodied folks.

Try the Shower or Bathtub: Most people think water sex and instantly think of a pool, hot tub or the ocean. I know the fantasy is fun, but these can be complicated places for the aforementioned reasons! You may have much more fun in your own shower or bathtub. Or try renting a nice hotel that has a killer walk-in shower room or soaking tub. You won’t have to worry about chemicals, getting caught, or trying to clean lube out of your pool.

Skip Anal: Anal sex can at times be messier than vaginal sex, so it isn’t an activity I would recommend doing in the water. It’s much cleaner than most people, but it probably isn’t something you want to leave behind in your buddy’s pool.

Consider Foreplay Instead: Intercourse is difficult underwater, but intercourse isn’t the only way you can fool around with your partner. Foreplay can be equally hot and even be much more fun than intercourse, especially when it comes to the water. Have your partner lie on a floating raft, with their crotch right at the edge. You can perform oral sex without the annoying cricks in your neck you can get from trying to maneuver on a mattress.

Now get in the water and get creative!

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Happy Love Note Day!

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8 Anal Foreplay Tips You Need to Know Tips from the Best Adult Store in Tampa

When it comes to their sex lives, couples often overlook anal foreplay. But many people don’t realize how pleasurable anal foreplay can be.

One might assume that their partner isn’t into the idea of anal play due to the cultural stigma in regard to anal sex, or that it is hygienically unclean or that play means full penetration is what the partner actually wants and that would hurt.

But couples should give anal foreplay a try because it feels good and there is nothing wrong or taboo about feeling good as long as you are safe and consensual. So whether you’re new to anal play or experienced, here are eight hot tips to make it a lot steamier.

  1. Have a vaginal orgasm first. Women might find it helpful to have an orgasm first or at least have a lot of foreplay before experimenting with anal play. This helps to relax the body, including the muscles of the anus, which automatically clench when we’re stressed, self-conscious, rushed or uncomfortable.
  2. Massage the butt. An erotic massage is a good way to loosen up the receiver. With light squeezing and rubbing, work your way from the cheeks to right around the anus. This will help both of you relax.
  3. Anal play does not have to mean anal penetration. Many people think that anal play means penetration, but it doesn’t. Anal play can be simply stroking, tickling, licking or vibration at the entrance of the anus or on the butt. You can use anything from fingers and feathers to vibrators. But if you’re new to penetration, go slow.
  4. Lube up. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not make any of its own lubrication. We prefer anal lubricant, which is thicker than regular water-based lubricant but still feels wet. We always recommend thicker anal lubricant because it protects you from harmful bacteria and helps with a more comfortable experience.
  5. Fingers first. Get used to the sensation by fingering around the rim and perineum. And don’t forget the clitoris. Attention to the clitoris either with a sex toy or fingers will help her relax into it.
  6. Anal sex toys could be the way to go. But work your way up with regard to both length and girth. Anal plugs are great because these toys are hands-free, so they allow you to use your hands in other ways. Butt plugs can be combined with all kinds of sexual play, including vaginal intercourse, masturbation and oral sex. Just make sure the toy can be easily retrieved.
  7. Shower together. Before, during or after could make anal play more appealing and satisfying for one or both of you. While hygiene shouldn’t be an issue, mentally, cleaning each other and touching this area in the shower may make it easier to get turned on and ready for the possibility of penetration.
  8. Communicate with your partner. Like with most everything in relationships, make sure you and your partner are communicating throughout the entire experience. Whether something feels good or hurts – let them know. Tell them to stop, slow down or speed up depending on how it feels.

So there you have it – go forth and enjoy anal foreplay deliciousness!