Sexology 101

How to Have the Best Missionary Sex Ever We're defying the 'missionary is boring' narrative right now.

For some frustrating reason the missionary sex position is often written off as the easiest – and therefore the most boring – sex position of all time. First, it’s as boring as you make it…and secondly, it’s a classic for a reason.

Polls actually indicate that it was voted the third most popular – after doggy and cowgirl – with 12% of couples choosing it as their favorite. Today we’re sharing some easy tips for having great, safe, and enjoyable, missionary position sex.

Skin-on-skin contact during missionary sex.

One of the beauties of missionary sex is that it allows for lots of skin contact, so go for maximum skin contact. Pull them close, and feel your chests pressed together.

Keep it moving.

The missionary position doesn’t mean you have to lie still as your partner moves. Try bending your knees, planting your feet on the mattress (or ground) and moving your hips. You can rock your hips back and forth or move them in circles.

Keep it playful.

Remember, approximately 75 per cent of people with vaginas can’t climax purely through intercourse. Good news – the missionary position is particularly well suited to this. Simply reach down and stroke yourself while your partner penetrates you.

Try some toys.

Sex toys are so much fun, and also make partnered sex more exciting and varied. Try introducing a small bullet vibrator into your lovemaking. Either of you can use it to stimulate your clitoris before, and during penetration. (Read: How to Choose a Vibrator.) (Watch: How to Introduce Sex Toys Into the Bedroom.)

Put a ring on it.

It’s also worth experimenting with one of the most popular couples’ sex toys – a vibrating love ring, aka cock ring during missionary sex. This is worn around the penis during sex and it restricts blood flow, giving the person harder and longer erections. It contains a small bullet vibrator on top to maximize your pleasure, by vibrating against your clitoris while your partner grinds. Be sure to use lots of lubeso you’re both comfortable. (Read: How to Use C-Rings.)

Keep eye contact.

This has to be the most important plus for missionary sex when it comes to intimacy. One fun way to add real intimacy is to try to hold eye contact during orgasm when you are climaxing together.

Kick it up with kink.

Without the ability to move your arms, or see what is happening, every tiny touch will feel more intense. Introduce some handcuffs and/or a blindfold, just to add an element of surprise. (Read: How to Introduce King Into Your Relationship.)

Express how you’re feeling.

We all know by now that communication is the one true key to great sex. But missionary position is the perfect one for speaking softly to each other.

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Sexology 101

Blow BOTH Your Minds With These Sex Toys From the Best Adult Store in Tampa!

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life and leave your partner begging for more, a new toy could be a game changer. Curious about how to use sex toys? We’re here at the best adult store in Tampa to show you how to make the most of your kinky fun.

If you’re new to sex toys, it’s a good idea to start using one alone before introducing it to your partner. This will give you time to get comfortable with how to use it and make you more likely to relax and let your inhibitions loose when it’s time to get frisky.

Rabbit: If you’re looking for something new and effective, buy yourself a classic rabbit-style vibrator. The dual action of the stimulation of your clitoris and vaginal penetration is sure to send you into orgasm heaven. Use this toy as a massager against your most sensitive parts, use the ultra-flexible nub for a clitoral quickie or on him moving and teasing the toy up and down his shaft and around his testicles.

Ben-Wa Balls: Wearing Ben-Wa balls is a lot sexier than you think. In fact, it gives you a good pelvic floor work out too, so don’t go dismissing this one just yet. While they can be used strictly for strengthening your PC muscles, they also offer exciting and discreet sensations as the inner weights swirl with your movements. Anastasia-style pleasure at it’s best!

Blindfold: Using a blindfold in the bedroom is super sexy. Wrap the blindfold around your partner’s head and have your way with them until they’re begging you for more. Use a blindfold while trying new sexy positions or if you’re comfortable with it, let your partner take the reins. The feeling of losing yourself and just focusing on the sensations is sure to take you over the edge.

Massage Candles: Setting the mood and offering your partner a sensual massage is a sure-fire way to get things heated. Burn a skin-smoothing massage candle and blow it out. Leave it for a few minutes and pour the wax over each other’s body followed by a massage. It never lets you down but always make sure the candles you buy are skin friendly and intended for massage.

Massager:   The great thing about massagers is that it can pleasure you by soothing your sore muscles and relaxing you at an end of a long day and also by stimulating and pleasing those hotspots. They can go from a slow rumble to intense sensation with a cordless and waterproof design so you can enjoy a massage anywhere.

Couple’s Toy: Sex toys have come a LONG way. Now no matter what the distance, you and your partner can be pleased even when you’re miles apart!  The We-Vibe Sync vibrator can be controlled either with an app or a remote. Couples can connect in new, exciting ways, whether in the same room or on a different continent.

Plugs: If you’re already adventurous in the bedroom and want to try something new and exciting, a butt plug is definitely the thing for you. But remember, it’s important to start with something small, especially when you’re just starting out. Lube it up with some water-based lubricant to ensure an easy entrance.

Feather Tickler: There’s nothing sexier than getting your other half to stimulate your senses without actually touching you. The sensations you feel when stroking a feather tickler over each other’s body are gentle yet so amazingly tantalizing. A perfect addition to dress-up and role play, the tickler is one accessory you won’t want to miss out on.

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