How to Use Sex Furniture

The subject of sex furniture may seem unappealing to many people, or at least not something you’d find in the bedrooms of loving couples you know. But before you dismiss this as a tacky idea for single men, give it a fair hearing.

Many sex furniture designs are very tasteful and they help to support a more adventurous sex life. Now that’s something your everyday couch or armchair can’t promise.

So Who’s Using Sex Furniture?

Maybe the question should be who isn’t using sex furniture. Your neighbors…your friends…that nice couple from the gym. Sex furniture is a multimillion-dollar industry, and there are literally thousands of different pieces, colors and features available. That means chances are pretty good that you already know someone who owns a piece of furniture that would fit into this category.

Many couples think of buying sex furniture as an investment in their long-term sexual satisfaction. Couples that buy sex toys to use together are also likely to be interested in the new possibilities that sex furniture provides.

You should also know that gender and orientation are irrelevant when it comes to sex furniture. Sure, a lot of it is marketed using images of heterosexual couples, but the beauty of most sex furniture is that it’s suitable for all types of partners or relationships!

What is Sex Furniture Designed to Do?

The leading principle of sex furniture design is to produce attractive furniture that supports and aligns couples’ bodies for increased pleasure and stamina during sex. But better alignment doesn’t just help you hit all the right spots during sex – it also means you can do it without throwing your back out.

Being well balanced and supported – with your neck and spine correctly aligned – helps to prevent sex-related injury. Plus you’ll be less likely to suffer from post-sex backaches. You can even avoid the dreaded maneuvers that occur when using a stack of pillows for support during sex.

Sex Slings and Swings: The most obviously sexual type of sex furniture is probably the sex swing. These have to be attached to something – a hook in the ceiling, a sex swing stand, or in some cases the top of a door.

You can usually guess from looking at them that they’re designed to seat a person in some interesting positions! These swings support your body weight, so you can make love standing up or swinging freely with your feet off the floor. They’re nothing if not playful, and can be easily tucked away when Grandma’s coming to visit.

Sex Wedges: For those who aren’t ready to replace their living room set with a sex lounge, there are many smaller sex wedges, pads and cushions available. You can think of these as your sexual soft furnishings. They’re designed to fill in the gaps between your body and a flat surface like the floor or bed, supporting your pelvis and spine in a position that’s healthy and that improves your alignment with your partner.

These cover all of the major bases of freestanding sex furniture, without having to make room for something bigger. A simple wedge can take a sex position from simple to simply spectacular.

No One Has to Know

The latest sex furniture designs look pretty cool, and can pass as part of any sleek, modern home’s style. That makes it useful in a variety of non-sexual situations, too.

Try using wedges as footstools, headrests or lower back supports to keep you sitting comfortably on your sofa or your office chair. And hey, if you’re using sex furniture on a day-to-day basis, it might make it easier for you and your partner to switch into love mode.

If you have any questions regarding which sex furniture might be best for you and your partner – stop by and see us – we’ll be happy to help you decide!