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6 Myths About Cock Rings No, They Won't Make Your Penis Fall Off!

Most of the time, sex myths are just that – imaginary tales that have no basis in reality. And that’s the case when it comes to myths about cock rings in Tampa

A constrictive removable ring that’s worn around the base of the penis or scrotum, cock rings help pump blood to the penis and trap it there, thus helping the wearer maintain his erection. For men with erectile dysfunction, cock rings trap blood inside the shaft of the penis, which helps to stay harder longer.

Nonetheless, myths about cock rings are still widespread. Many people think they are just for old men with issues, or they just don’t see the need for it. That’s why we decided to debunk 6 common myths associated with cock rings in Tampa.

Myth 1: Cock rings are only for old guys with ED.

Many men appear to believe that if they don’t have problems getting an erection, they don’t need a cock ring. Even if you don’t have erectile dysfunction, cock rings can make your erection harder and last longer, which is a win-win situation for you and your partner. You might not technically need a cock ring, but it can make you better in bed.

Myth 2: Cock rings are unnecessary and annoying.

There’s a perception that cock rings are extraneous in bed, or that they don’t actually do much to enhance your partner’s pleasure. You might think that strapping on a mini vibrating toy is distracting, but many cock rings come with a vibrator extension that can be up to three inches long. These are great for your female partners, because it means you can provide them with clitoral stimulation during intercourse. What’s more, if you turn the vibrator extender away from her clit so it sits at the top of your scrotum, you too can benefit from the vibration.

Myth 3: Cock rings are just for kinky guys.

It’s true that cock rings are popular in both the BDSM and LGBT communities, which has led to the belief that the toys are just for “kinky, fetish-y guys and gay men, but more Average Joes are buying cock rings than ever before as well. The perception of cock rings is definitely shifting. In fact, we sell more cock rings to straight men than to the gay market. It’s just a sign of the times – people are more open about sex and sex toys and it’s not as taboo as it used to be.

Myth 4: Cock rings will get snagged on your pubic hairs.

If you buy a ring that has a soft silicon coating (or even just purchase a metal ring) it’s unlikely that’ll happen. Most of them are so smooth that they don’t grab the hair, and it’s designed with a flat-edge so it doesn’t roll up. Or you could just keep it trim and smooth down there.

Myth 5: Cock rings can get stuck on your penis.

It’s possible, but it’s unlikely. A cock ring can get stuck if you put on a smaller size when you are flaccid and it gets too tight when you are erect, which is why it’s super important to find a size that works for you. It’s helpful to do a little math first – some cock rings have a size on them, which is usually in diameter. If that sounds like too much work, you can also try an adjustable ring. We recommend adjustable rings for beginners or anyone who has a fear of cock rings.

Myth 6: Cock rings will injure your skin.

While this is highly unlikely, it’s not impossible – it should go without saying, but don’t get all MacGyver with your sex toys. Makeshift cock rings are a guaranteed trip to the ER! Stick to buying legitimate cock rings at reputable sex shops such as ours.

So what’s the takeaway here? If you’re interested in experimenting with cock rings in Tampa, make sure to 1) get the right fit; 2) only use it for 20-30 minutes during sex, and 3) never, ever, ever fall asleep with it on! If you follow those safety tips, then you will enjoy the experience. Our discreet, expert staff is here to help you choose the best one for you!

P.S. For more tips, read our blog, How to Use C-Rings.



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Sexology 101

Where Did Your Favorite Sex Toys Come From?

Pop culture makes it appear that sex didn’t actually become fun until the 1960s, but we know that our ancestors were engaging in it long before that. And as it turns out, they were light-years ahead of us in the pleasurable sex department, thanks to inventions like the following. Read on and have fun learning about the ancient origins of your favorite sex toys.

Pornography (Origin: 33,000 B.C.) Archaeologists uncovered a prehistoric statue that was carved from mammoth tusk and featured a female torso with exaggerated sexual parts. Estimates put it at being over 35,000 years old, which means it may even have preceded religion.

The Dildo (Origin: 23,000 B.C.) The dildo may well be most durable invention, as only fire, weapons, clothing and beads seem to have been around longer. The oldest known dildo – an eight inch stone beast discovered in Germany – dates back 26,000 years, but archaeologists advise that there’s no reason to assume there aren’t older models out there.

Lube (Ancient Greece) It’s no surprise that the Greeks were into lube, given its reputation for assisting in areas that don’t naturally lubricate. By 350 B.C., olive oil was big business and in Aristotle’s History of the Animals he makes a passing reference to it, suggesting that wetter sex made pregnancy less likely.

Penis Enlargement (Third Century A.D.) The author of the Kama Sutra introduced an ‘Apadravyas’ made of gold, ivory, silver or wood to enhance the length or thickness of a man’s penis. That means that before the invention of porcelain, the introduction of the number zero, or the fall of Rome, our ancestors had founded the strap-on.

Geisha Balls (A.D. 500) All we know about Geisha Balls (or Ben Wa balls) is that they were introduced in the Orient sometime around A.D. 500 to pleasure men. When women caught on to the benefits of the device, their popularity went through the roof when used to increase pleasure during sex, or facilitate some good old-fashioned self-pleasure.

The Penis Ring (A.D. 1200) As part of ancient Chinese nobility, men were expected to sexually service their wife, mistresses and concubines on a regular basis and if there wasn’t an heir, it was a good bet that some unknown prince was going to surface. To aid performance during stressful circumstances, they fashioned penis rings from the eyelids of a goat, with the eyelashes still intact, to help the impregnation process for hours on end.

Condoms (Around 1560) By modern definition, the first reliable record of condoms for contraceptive use doesn’t appear until the 1560s when they were created for a way for people to have sex without the threat of death from syphilis. The first successful version was a linen sheath soaked in chemicals and left to dry and it worked quite well.

The Vibrator (1869) During the Victorian period, female hysteria was a recognized illness, and was treated by a doctor rubbing the patient’s private parts until she reached orgasm. This led to the invention of the first steam-powered vibrator, followed by an electrochemical design that drove women mad. The ‘massager’ was accepted by society so long as it was referred to a medical, rather than sexual aid.

Butt Plugs (1892) Developed in 1892, the original ‘Rectal Dilator’ was 4-½” of pain designed to go in anal orifices. Originally touted as a medical device, the suggestive instruction manual included with each order was a contradiction and for the next 40 years they were banned for “false advertising”.

Blow Up Dolls (1904): These lady-like substitutes are chronicled as far back as the seventeenth century, when French sailors compiled a collection of curvaceous rags to resemble a woman. But it wasn’t until converted rubber was patented that the more familiar model came about.

Pretty interesting…right? Now come on in and see the newest versions of your favorite toys. You won’t believe the technology!

Sexology 101

How Kegel Exercises Can Enhance Your Sex Life!

When it comes to Kegel exercises, benefits for women are typically pointed out. And while it’s true that they’re a specific benefit to women in many ways, these exercises can benefit men as well. Today we’re discussing what to do, how to do it, and the sex toys that can help you try out these uniquely beneficial exercises!

More Intense Orgasms: While it may appear obvious that Kegel exercises would result in stronger orgasms, no decisive studies have been conducted to prove the connection. But people who perform Kegel exercises regularly report stronger and more intense orgasms, as well as an increased probability of multiple orgasms.

Kegels enhance and promote blood circulation in the vaginal region, so they also increase lubrication and the potential for arousal. Some people can even experience hands-free orgasms by contracting these muscles! In addition, Kegel exercises benefits include the fact that strengthened pelvic muscles can help some women experience vaginal orgasms, as well as increase clitoral stimulation.

Benefits For Men: What most people don’t realize is that stronger pelvic muscles are another way for men to stay on top of their sexual health. Kegel exercises benefits for men include setting themselves up for both good prostate health and better and stronger erections and orgasms.

Kegel exercises for men are quite similar to Kegels for women. The first step is to find the kegel muscle; the easiest way for a man to do this is to stop peeing midstream and place two fingers behind his testicles. When he resumes peeing, he’ll feel his PC muscle contract.

Tighten the muscle, hold it for 3 seconds, and then relax for 3. That’s it! Try 20 simple Kegel exercises a day to start building pelvic muscle strength. Try them while sitting, standing, or even walking.

Kegel Foreplay Moves: Following are two of the most popular ones.

The Tent-Pitcher: This move gives the man an opportunity to show off, which means he’s sure to love it. Have a little fun together getting him hard, and then place a small piece of cloth over his penis. He should move it up and down 5-10 times for one rep.

The Mini-Thrust: To be performed during sex, this move is for both of you. Simply take turns doing Kegel exercises while one partner is inside the other. One stays still while the other contracts, which will provide the still partner with a sexy little thrust. Repeat until you can’t stand it any longer and feel the buildup in the intensity of the subsequent orgasms!

Exercise and Play With Kegel Toys: While Kegel exercisers and massagers are typically designed for women, men can certainly appreciate their use – and incorporate them into foreplay. Get inspired with some of our most popular Kegel products.

Geisha balls: The usage of Geisha balls is simple and clear. There are 4 balls in the package, every ball having different weight, including the lightest and the heaviest balls on the market. The idea of training is to start with the lightest balls and then gradually increase the weight.

Weighted Pleasure System: When using a vibrator is just not adventurous enough, add a little flavor to your sexual encounters with the L’Amour Premium Weighted Pleasure System. This fun little gadget features two connected balls that are made for easy access. The balls are rounded with a raised lip around the sides for extra sensation, and can be activated to vibrate and move around. No one has to know that you you’re even using them!

Get in the mood with erotic lingerie and adult sex toys whenever the urge strikes and put those Kegel muscles to work!



Sexology 101

Need tips for getting more sex?

Whether it’s once a year or more frequently, everyone should at times reassess where they are in life and perhaps re-evaluate what’s important. And if they have a partner, they should communicate what they want and what makes them happy. If it’s more sex, or if they want to try new things or start living out their sexual fantasies, they need to have that conversation.

There always needs to be a catalyst for change. If someone is not happy with their sex life, they need to do something about it.  Following are some tips to help you reach your sexual goals.

  1. Be honest and realistic with both yourself and your partner. Reassess your current sex life and discuss what you’re happy with, what you’re not happy with and what you’d like to change. Discuss your sexual fantasies and whether or not you’d like to act them out – or try, rediscover or buy – new sex toys.
  1. Make sure that your relationship is going smoothly. Unlike most men, women typically need to feel an emotional connection with their partner in order to enjoy sex. And that’s only going to happen when they feel loved and when they feel they’re in a stable relationship. Think about your relationship and evaluate any issues you may have; if you can work through them, it sets the stage for more sex.
  1. Boost your and your partner’s libido. Remember there’s a direct connection between your and your partner’s libido and exercise, diet and overall lifestyle. Being overweight, a bad diet, being overly stressed, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, not getting enough exercise or sleep etc., can adversely impact your libido. If either you or your partner has a low libido, it doesn’t bode well for having more – or better – sex.
  1. Plan regular date nights. Most of us have busy lives these days so it’s important to plan regular times when you and your partner can have some time to yourselves without friends, kids or other distractions. This time together spent reconnecting can set the stage for more sex. Weekends away from home are a great way to spice up your sex life!
  1. Show more affection. Having sex usually has some prerequisites such as affection, passion and intimacy. If you’re not happy with how much sex you’re having, consider showing a bit more affection – it’s a surefire aphrodisiac! Assess how much passion there is in your relationship and see how you can improve on it.
  1. Spice things up a bit. Maybe it’s time to revisit foreplay techniques, and the way you currently have sex, as sex can become monotonous if it’s the same each time. Try new positions – possibly introduce sex furniture – and get more adventurous.
  1. Start being nicer to your partner! Everyone likes to be given compliments and made to feel appreciated. It makes them feel good about themselves and the relationship they’re in. Women especially love compliments regarding how they look because it makes them feel sexy. And if they feel sexy, be prepared for more sex!

Life’s not all about having great sex, but let’s face it, a great sex life can help make us happy!


Sexology 101

Which Female Sexual Fantasies Make the Top 10 List?

Men aren’t the only ones with a high sex drive and erotic fantasies – women do too – and it’s normal and healthy! Some live out their fantasies, while others – who might think that their fantasies are simply too taboo – just dream about them.

Based on the feedback from our customers, following are the top 10 female fantasies.

  1. Sex with a stranger. Women often fantasize about what it would be like to have sex with a stranger. Perhaps it’s the intrigue, the challenge, or the appeal of no-strings-attached sex with an anonymous man they’ll never see again.
  1. Role-play. This is a top fantasy for both men and women. Women’s fantasies might include sex with a fireman or police officer, or they might like to dress up and play someone else. Role-playing can be fun and it’s a great way to introduce variety, spice and excitement to your sex life!
  1. Domination. There are many ways a woman can dominate a man in the bedroom, such as BDSM using bondage restraints and some light discipline. Not all men like being dominated in the bedroom, so it’s always better to explore the topic before pulling out the props.
  1. Submission. Most women like a dominant and confident man in the bedroom instead of those they have to tell what to do. Long before Fifty Shades of Grey women were fantasizing about sexually dominant men.
  1. Forced sex. It may seem surprising to hear that some women have erotic fantasies about forced sex, however it’s not the type of sex usually associated with rape. It could be a fantasy about being pinned up against a wall and ravished by a lustful stranger, with all of her inhibitions gone. 
  1. Sex in a public place. Having sex on the beach at night in some countries (like the U.S.) can lead to jail time, and what sounded like a great idea can quickly result in a disaster. Pushing risks aside, there’s something exciting about having sex in public, and the prospect of getting caught makes it feel even more naughty.
  1. Threesome with another woman. This usually involves the woman being the center of attention and being pleasured by both a man and a woman. Most men hope that they get some playtime with the other woman, but most women don’t want to see their man touch, or be touched by, another woman.
  1. Threesome with two men. This fantasy can be the ultimate taboo for many women, which makes it even more exciting. In this scenario the men are both heterosexual and they worship her while she envisions herself being lavished upon by both men. 
  1. Group sex. Is it the allure of being stimulated by multiple people at the same time that has women daydreaming about group sex? Maybe it’s the prospect of having sex with someone without emotional attachment that makes this fantasy so exciting. In any case, swinging with another couple (or multiple couples) is very popular.
  1. Sex with another woman. It’s common for straight women to fantasize about having sex with another woman. It could be the thought that another woman might be more passionate and know where her clitoris and g-spot is that has some women yearning for erotic adventures with another woman.

Keep sexual boredom at bay by changing things up and even consider living out some fantasies from time to time.


Sexology 101

Spice Up Your Long-Term Relationship

When you’re in a long-term relationship, things can get too comfortable. Before you know it, you’re lounging in sweatpants from your college days every night and the last time you gave or got oral sex was probably right around the same time you bought those sweatpants.

Luckily, boosting your sex life is easier than ever before. With the enthusiasm to feel that excitement again – and a visit to your local adult store – these sex tips will take you back to the wild sex you probably didn’t even realize you were missing.

  1. Explore new positions. One of the easiest ruts to fall into when you’re in a long relationship is to find sex positions that seem to work for you, and then concentrate on just those. One of the easiest ways to spice things up is to try a new position. Try the Sex! Scratch Tickets for instant ideas, or check out one of our many sex games.
  1. Keep surprising each other. Sexy surprises are vital for keeping a long-term relationship from becoming stagnant. Even people who don’t necessarily like surprises can enjoy sexy ones. If you don’t generally sext, try sending your partner a discreet sexy photo or racy comment when it’s least expected. Another sexy surprise is to go about doing normal things around the house while either completely naked or wearing some revealing erotic lingerie.
  1. Do everything but have sex. People in long-term relationships typically fall into a routine, which often means skipping foreplay. To boost your sex life, bring back the foreplay and you just might find erogenous zones you didn’t even know existed. And don’t forget massage oils for sensual massages and rediscover each other, one touch at a time.
  1. Experiment with adult sex toys. If you’re in a long-term relationship, chances are good that your partner knows about your adult sex toys; but if not, now is the time to introduce them by going shopping together. Try out a rabbit to delight her clitoris and for him, a c-Ring is a good introduction to enhancing sex with adult toys.  But for the ultimate sex toy for couples, it will be tough to find a more exciting experience than the one provided by the We Vibe 4 Plus, which now comes with an app that helps you create vibration playlists and even control the sensations remotely!
  1. Try a little role-play. With role-play, you can get as easy or as complicated as you want. Try pretending to be strangers, meeting for the first time at a bar, and tap into that powerful lust that makes new relationships so exciting. This is where costumes come into play…who doesn’t like a naughty schoolgirl? And be sure to check out our complete Fifty Shades of Grey line of props.
  1. Watch erotica together. Even if you’ve taken being comfortable together to another level, you might not have felt relaxed enough to watch erotic films together. One of the easiest and most fun ways for couples to break through their comfort zone is by watching an erotic film together. You’ll probably learn a few things about your partner and yourself in the process.

Give these tips a try – you never know what you might like – and you’ll really never know until you try!


Sexology 101

Cock Rings: Your Questions Answered

Cock rings – also known as c-rings – are one of the few sex toys that are designed for the penis and they can be a practical and fun part of sex play for men and their partners. C-rings can change the way a man’s erections feel, how long their erections last and what their orgasm and ejaculation feels like, by restricting blood flow in the penis.

Curious? Here’s what you need to know.

What is a cock ring?
 C-Rings are placed around the penis and/or scrotal area. They are used to restrict blood flow out of the penis, while creating a pleasurable sensation.

Can c-rings cure erectile dysfunction?
 No, but some men do find that wearing them helps make their erections harder and/or longer-lasting.

What type of c-ring is good for a beginner? Solid c-rings are more constricting as a man’s erection grows and are therefore only recommended for men with experience with using them. Beginners should begin their experience with c-rings by using a soft, stretchy and flexible model which are easier to put on and take off, and don’t restrict the penis as much. If you find that you like the feel of a c-ring, you can upgrade to something sturdier and/or more exotic.

Does a man need to use a lube with a c-ring? To make the c-ring easier to put on, we recommend that men apply a small amount of lube on the ring or the penis before putting it on. This will also decrease the risk of pinching of the skin or pulling hairs in the penis area. Just go easy on the lube – applying too much can cause the c-ring to slide off.

How does the c-ring go on? Men may want to man-scape the area before putting on the c-ring to reduce the risk of snagging the pubic hairs, but using the lube should help. Just stretch the c-ring enough so that it can slide around the base of the penis, behind the testicles. It should fit snugly – but comfortably – around the penis and scrotum. If it feels uncomfortable at any time, you may want to try a larger c-ring or one that stretches more. You can also try sliding the ring around just the shaft of the penis.

Should it be tested alone before using with a partner? Before you attempt to use the c-ring with a partner, try it out on your own because it can be tricky to put it on and take it off the first few times. Getting used to using it by yourself will make things less stressful or awkward when you use it with a partner. Try masturbating with a c-ring on to get used to how it feels with movement and contact.

How long can it be worn safely? If there is any pain or discomfort, it should be removed immediately! Also, don’t wear it for too long – most doctors and manufacturers recommend a maximum of 30 minutes. And never, ever use a homemade c-ring – they can damage the skin and cause many other not-so-fun consequences! It’s not worth a trip to the emergency room!

Any tips or tricks when using a c-ring? Men should be careful when using condoms with a c-ring. The friction from it rubbing against the condom can cause it to tear. Also, try having your partner tug on your c-ring – this can feel good for you and serve as a power play for your partner. Be sure to ask them to be careful not to squeeze or pinch too hard (unless you enjoy it). Some c-rings are designed to pleasure both partners. Try a ring with a vibrating head – it will be pleasing to you, and will stimulate your partner at the same time!