Why Sex Toys Are GREAT For Relationships! They're no longer taboo.

As society becomes more pleasure-positive, sex toys continue to make their way into bedrooms worldwide. Once, shady looking, poorly made objects that could only be found in shady places, they’ve come a long way. All you have to do is to walk into an adult store to realize how mainstream these products have become. But despite this, not everyone has invited sex toys into this their sex life. We need to change that. Here are some ways sex toys are great for relationships.

Sex toys lead to more communication. 

When you walk into a sex toy store, you have to talk about what you want to buy and why with your partner. If you’ve struggled in the past to communicate your sexual desires to your partner, being face-to-face with bed restraints or a butt plus that you want to try, the conversation finally gets started then and there.

Sex toys are great for relationships because they relieve the pressure.

If you suffer from performance concerns, you’re not alone. Men are just as worried about their ability to make a woman orgasm as women are anxious about being able to climax during sex. Introducing sex toys, particularly a couple’s sex toy like the We-Vibe Sync, into the bedroom will provide a level of confidence for both partners. This is especially the case for women who struggle to orgasm through intercourse alone.

Sex toys are great for relationships because they help intensify intimacy. 

When adding sex toys to your relationship, it releases further exploration into your sex life, which not only provides excitement but information about what both you and your partner enjoy sexually. And the more you learn about each other, the greater the intimacy between you. Intimacy, both inside and outside of the bedroom, is essential for a healthy and happy relationship.

Sex toys provide an entryway to other things. 

Everyone has sexual fantasies. Yes, everyone! Sex toys are a step toward fulfilling those fantasies because when you open your relationship to a toy, you’re opening up your mind. And once your mind starts wallowing in sex-positivity, you’ll find that you’ll both evolve sexually, and your relationship will be better for it.

Sex toys are great for relationships because they mean better sex. 

Sex toys, without a doubt, make for better sex, not just from a physical standpoint, but from an emotional standpoint as well. Whether you and your partner use toys that are specific for couples, or a vibrator that can be used solo, your sex life can only benefit from them.

Studies have confirmed that couples who have an awesome sex life are far more likely to have a happy relationship. Consider these reasons why sex toys are great for relationships, come visit us, and play away!!

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Sexology 101

Before Trying Anal Sex Read These Gynecological Tips

When done correctly, anal sex can be awesome; yet, as with anything that’s different and sexual, it can also put your health at risk. Before trying anal sex, there are a few things you be aware of to guarantee a safe and pleasurable experience.

Here’s what gynecologists really want you to know before doing the anal deed.

Use Condoms

Anal sex brings with it an increased risk of transmitting STDs as compared to vaginal sex. Condoms will decrease your risk of most STDs, but HPV and herpes can still be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact.

Lube Up Before Trying Anal Sex

The tissue of the anus and rectum is more delicate than that of the vagina and is more prone to breaking. These small skin breaks can elevate a person’s risk for contracting infections and developing anal cuts. Since your anus doesn’t naturally lubricate well, adequate external lubrication with a water-based or silicone-based lubricant is a must to prevent these tears.  Read: How to Choose a Lubricant for Both Pleasure and Safety.

Don’t Have Vaginal Sex Following Anal Sex

If you follow anal penetration with vaginal, the chances of developing bacterial infections of the vagina are significant. Going from vaginal to anal intercourse should not pose a problem, but when going from anal to vaginal, change that condom or clean the toy with the proper solution and/or use a condom.

Be Careful With Sex Toys

Make sure any sex toys you use have a handle, for easy removal. The anus is not a finite or limited space like the vagina. In the vagina, items can only go so far because at the top of the vagina there’s the cervix and uterus. Since the anus connects to the rectum, which connects to the colon, items can easily reach a point of no return and require medical or surgical intervention for removal.

Get Tested For Anal STDs

Make sure that your periodic STI screening includes anal screening. Be sure to get screened for HPV, which can lead to precancerous and cancerous changes in cells, as well as gonorrhea and chlamydia anal swabs.

Be Extra Careful If You Have Hemorrhoids

If you have them, you may want to avoid anal sex or be extra careful. These bulging veins can bleed easily when traumatized. So, use lube liberally to prevent them from becoming irritated and inflamed.

Head to the Bathroom Before Trying Anal Sex

It’s pretty clear that anal sex can make you feel like you have to go to the bathroom, as it stimulates sensations of bowel movements. Some empty the rectum with a natural bowel movement, enema, or suppository laxative for a cleaner experience.

Don’t Skip Birth Control Before Trying Anal Sex

Not using a condom for anal sex is a bad idea either way, but more so if there’s no other form of contraception. If you’re not using a condom, pregnancy can occur if semen from the anus gets into the vagina.

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Sexology 101

Traveling With Sex Toys

The peak travel season is right around the corner and that means you and your partner probably have a trip planned. Whether you’re going across the city or across the world, bringing sex toys with you helps ensure you have great sex while you’re away. Traveling with sex toys can present some unique challenges, specifically how to pack them and what to do if your bag gets searched.

Following are some ways to make traveling with sex toys easier.

  1. Bring a toy that doesn’t look like a sex toy. If it gets removed, it’s less likely to draw attention.
  1. Prevent vibes from accidentally turning on. Always remove the batteries if your toys have them. If not, see if you can lock the toy. This means your toy won’t turn on even if it’s buttons get pushed. Check the toy’s instruction manual for directions how.
  1. Put your toys in a clear plastic bag. This way if someone inspects your carry-on OR checked suitcase, they don’t actually touch your toy.
  1. Don’t forget toy cleanser. Yes, even if you put the toy in a plastic bag, you still need to wash your toys before and after each use with toy cleaner.
  1. Remember that size matters. Anything more than 7” is considered baton- or club-like and isn’t allowed in your carry-on. Checking it is a better option but there is still a risk the toy will be confiscated. Unless you can’t live without it, leave your heavier and larger toys at home.
  1. Remember the 3-1-1 rule for liquids. Personal lubricant, toy cleanser, and other liquids or gels need to be in small containers (3 oz. or less) and then placed in a quart-sized plastic bag. If they’re any bigger, check them!

Other Rules for Traveling with Sex Toys 

The tips above are great for dildos, vibrators, and liquids. But what about other sex toys and accessories? When in doubt, check the TSA website or contact the TSA directly.

Definitely okay to carry-on:

  • Handcuffs;
  • Strap-on harnesses or other gear made of leather, fabric, buckles;

Gray Areas (might be a good idea to check):

  • Toys longer than 7”, especially ones made of hard or heavy materials such as glass, stone, or stainless steel;
  • Whips: Riding whips and riding crops are okay for carry-on but other whips must be checked;
  • Paddles & Floggers: ping-pong paddles are ok; anything bigger should get checked;

MUST check:

  • Objects with sharp edges or points;
  • Objects that are similar in size/shape/weight to clubs, bats, or batons.

Traveling with sex toys doesn’t have to be so hard. Yes, there’s a risk of embarrassment. But with at least half of the people in the country using sex toys, they’re common and not all that surprising. Take a deep breath, practice saying, “That’s my sex toy,” and focus on the fact that a fabulous getaway – complete with hotel sex – is right on the other side of the gate!

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Sexology 101

10 Reasons We Love Masturbation Tampa

Did you know that May is National Masturbation Month? In order to get you ready for the celebration – which is only weeks away – we’re sharing the top 10 reasons why we love masturbation Tampa!

It has known health benefits.

One of the health benefits of masturbation is the release of endorphins, which are the same chemicals released by your body following sex that make you feel so good. It’s also great exercise for your pelvic muscles, which can create better orgasms.

It’s a stress reliever.

No one can deny how much stress effects our daily lives, from the little things like meeting deadlines to dealing with family events and meeting personal goals. Help yourself stay calm by indulging in the stress-relieving benefits of masturbation Tampa.

It’s fun with a partner or alone.

Not only is mutual masturbation seriously underrated, but the ability to masturbate together or in front of each other is also a breakthrough when it comes to the comfort and intimacy of your relationship. There’s nothing quite like being confident enough to put on a sexy solo show live for your partner.

It just feels incredible.

Let’s face it, when you discover orgasms, you discover the power to experience pleasure unlike anything else in the world throughout your entire body at your own hands.

Masturbation Tampa leads to better sex.

The more you know about what you like, the better you can share with your partner what you want. So the better you are at turning yourself on, the better you can communicate to your partner how to turn you on – and vice versa – creating lasting, positive effects that will nurture your best sex ever.

With many types of toys come many types of pleasures.

From G-spot vibrators to anal toys and everything in-between, you can find a unique sex toy to offer the exact type of pleasure you crave. Many women love clitoral vibrators because they get right to the point, while realistic dildos offer an experience that may be more lifelike. With fetish toys, you can indulge in your S&M desires.

Practice makes perfect.

The educational component to the benefits of masturbation is vital. Your mind might know what turns it on, but your body often isn’t nearly as transparent. Experimenting with touches, sensations, and pressures will help you learn what does and doesn’t feel good to you.

It teaches you about more than just what feels good.

Masturbation Tampa can also help you connect with yourself on numerous levels. One of the benefits of it is that it gives you an opportunity to pay attention to yourself and your body, to better understand what it’s saying to you and why.

New technology provides new pleasures.

One reason to especially love masturbating today is that there are now more options than ever before in a technological sense. For example, the We-Vibe Couples 4 Plus, has remote control stimulation, so you can play from far, far away.

You can enjoy blended orgasms.

By enhancing your own solo skills, you can become more skilled at blended orgasms, which come from stimulating multiple erogenous zones at once. Practicing solo first also helps you achieve blended orgasms when you’re having sex with your partner.

The benefits of masturbation Tampa are quite obvious – whether your hand is your best friend or you have a favorite bullet or rabbit vibe. A healthy dose of masturbation can be as beneficial to your life as regular exercise and mental stimulation. Stop by the best adult store Tampa today and let our expert staff make some recommendations just for you!


Sexology 101

We are open for business!

The past week has been stressful for sure. What better way to relieve that stress than by treating yourself (and your partner) to something new and sexy?  Whether you’re in the mood to play together or alone, we have everything you need to bust through the stress.  Stop by today and we’ll be happy to help you choose!




9 Mistakes Women Make That Make Men Think You’re Boring In Bed Are you guilty of some of these?

More often than not, your bedroom routine can use a little spicing up.  You love your man and expect him to initiate sex, right? Wrong! A relationship takes work. Sex, believe it or not, is part of that work. So, study up so when it comes to sex and you can be mistake-free.

You can do that by avoiding these 9 mistakes women make in bed.

  1. You always wear sweatpants or pajamas. Comfy clothes are the best, I know. After a long day at the office, all you want to do is change out of your work attire and put on your sweats or jammies. But comfy clothes aren’t a turn-on to your man. Men constantly complain that once women are in a relationship (or married) they stop trying. The sexy lingerie disappears and is replaced with cozy attire. So, if you want to make things more exciting and romantic, shed those comfy clothes and wear something that’s a turn on to your partner.
  2. You never initiate sex. Plain and simple, men love when women initiate sex. Men need to feel wanted. The best way to show your man that you want him is to initiate sex. So, get involved! Take the lead and get your partner into bed with you.
  3. You give too many orders. Sex isn’t a time to be bossy and controlling. Men don’t like hearing a detailed list of instructions. You should tell your partner what you like. But keep in mind he wants to please you, not feel like he’s back in school. Be positive; he wants to hear what he can do to please you and how it will excite you.
  4. You aren’t confident. Confidence is sexy. Men like women to be sure of themselves all the time. Being proud of your body, especially when you’re naked, is one of the sexiest things you can do. Don’t hide your curves or that extra imperfection you think you have. Embrace your body.
  5. You expect him to do everything. Sex is an activity that involves two people. You have to be present. Don’t expect him to do everything. You want your man to feel like you’re taking an active role in his pleasure.
  6. You worry about what you look like. Getting into your own head and being too focused on what you look like is one of the mistakes women make in bed. Wanting to turn the lights off or trying to keep your clothes on during sex shows your man that you’re insecure. Remember, confidence is sexy. When you leave anything on, you’re showing your man that you have something to hide. Unless you’re wearing lingerie with a garter belt and thigh highs, lose whatever you have on. Be involved in the moment. Worrying about how you look during sex stops you from enjoying yourself.
  7. You expect him to read your mind. Men aren’t mind readers. They don’t always know what you want or what you’re thinking unless you tell them. Communication is key, even during sex!
  8. You fake your orgasms. If you’re faking it, you’re the one who’s losing out. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable and filled with orgasms. If your man isn’t “getting you there,” tell him. Show him what you like and give him a chance to pleasure you. You’re wasting your time and his if you don’t give him a chance to make you feel great.
  9. You lose your sexuality. Once you’re in a committed relationship, it’s easy not to make your sex life a priority. Perhaps you’re too tired, you’re caught up with being a new mother, or you’re critical of the newfound weight that you just noticed appeared on your thighs. You have to remember to pay attention to yourself and your partner. If you put your man or your relationship on a back burner, one day it will burn up.

Ladies, it’s time to remember that every woman should have an inner sex goddess. Find yours and go have some fun!

Sexology 101

Curious about prostate stimulation? Tips for finding - and stimulating - the P-Spot!

For many, the prostate is a source of deep sexual pleasure.

How To Use A Vibrator For The First Time: 7 Steps

If you’re reading this, you’re likely entering the wonderful world of vibrators! First of all, please know that there’s nothing wrong with you for not knowing how to use your vibrator. Just like so many women judge themselves for not knowing how to masturbate with their hands, a lot of women judge themselves for not knowing how to use a vibrator.

But the reality is that masturbating isn’t always instinctual; you have to learn what you like. Here are seven steps for learning how to use your vibrator for the first time.

Step #1: Get to know your vibrator. The first thing you have to figure out is what your vibrator is designed to do. There are many different types of vibrators. Most vibrators are made for clitoral stimulation. Some are made for internal stimulation, typically aimed at the G-spot.

From there, you need to familiarize yourself with the settings on your vibrator. Almost all vibrators today have power settings that determine how intense the vibrations are and pattern settings that determine how the vibrators pulsate. Check out the user manual that came with your toy, or look it up online. Try out the different options on your hand or forearm, until you start to feel more comfortable with operating the toy.

Step #2: Get turned on first. When it comes to actually using the toy in the moment, it’s important to make sure you’re in the mood. Vibrators can produce some serious intensity; it can actually be uncomfortable if you try to use one before being turned on.

Do whatever you like to do to get yourself in the mood – watch porn, read erotica, fantasize, touch your body. Once you’re feeling excited for the next step, turn the vibrator on. But don’t go between your legs just yet! Continue teasing yourself by using the vibrator on your stomach, breasts, and thighs.

Step #3: Use lube. We always recommend lube, and using a vibrator is no exception. Lube can make the vibrator experience much more pleasant as it can help the toy glide against your skin instead of catching or tugging. If you’re penetrating yourself with the toy, you’ll definitely want to use lube. Make sure to read up on what lubes are compatible with your toy. In general, silicone-based lubes shouldn’t be used with silicone-based toys.

Step #4: Start slow. When you’re ready to use the vibrator on your genitals, turn it down to the lowest possible power setting. Put it on a basic pattern setting, like a constant vibration. We always recommend starting slowly because vibrators can be so intense. You can always turn the intensity up as you go, but it’s best to ease your way into it.

Step #5: Determine what level of contact you like. Another important variable to play with is the level of contact that you want between the vibrator and your skin. Some women like holding the vibrator directly against their clitoris. Other women don’t like that much sensation. You can hold the vibrator against your labia, so it indirectly stimulates your clitoris. Or you can try keeping your underwear on, and using the vibrator over that. You can even drape a sheet or towel over the vibrator for less intensity.

Step #6: Find your hot spots. Most vibrators are designed to be used externally, on your clitoris. That’s because most women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. You’ll probably want to focus most of your attention on using your vibrator externally, but you can also experiment with using it internally (if your toy is designed for penetration). Some women like the in and out motion of penetration.

If your toy is designed for G-spot stimulation, you can try using the head of the toy to rub against the wall of your vagina. Your G-spot is located on the side of your vagina that’s underneath your abdomen. Pressure there can feel really good because you indirectly stimulate the internal fibers of the clitoris. If you don’t feel much during your first attempt, I’d try finding your G-spot and applying some pressure. If it still doesn’t feel great for you, stick to your clit.

Step #7: Experiment with the settings. Once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics, feel free to start experimenting with different settings. Crank up the intensity level, and see what setting you respond best to. Play around with the different patterns and see if you have a favorite.

But most of all…have fun!

Sexology 101

Going to see Fifty Shades Darker This Weekend? Stop by the best adult store in Tampa so you'll be prepared for hot times at home!

E.L. James’ novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” quickly caused a buzz among people of all ages. To help couples add spice to their love lives and try out new ways to enjoy one another’s bodies, a number of sex toys inspired by “Fifty Shades of Grey” are available.

Because of the subject matter of the trilogy, many of these sensual toys have a BDSM theme. For couples who wish to play with power exchanges and bondage, there are a variety of cloth, metal and leather restraints available. Blindfolds are also featured in the collection and can be used to heighten one partner’s senses, making pleasure more intense.

Some men and women find that different types of sensation add to their sexual pleasure, and the Fifty Shades of Grey collection features toys to help couples explore these desires. Consenting partners who get pleasure from giving and receiving mild pain will also find safe toys for BDSM play.

The line of toys inspired by “Fifty Shades of Grey” also includes items that are great starter toys for couples who are new to using tools to enhance foreplay and lovemaking.

Before you go see the movie, stop by and explore your wild side with our Fifty Shades of Grey products!

How to Set the Mood for Sensual Bedroom Sex

Sure there are plenty of tips for making your bedroom look good, but if you’re looking for love décor of a sexual nature, it can be challenging to find something that can really work magic. But our team at the best adult store in Tampa is here to help! When it comes to bedroom sex, it’s less about the furnishings and more about the little elements that make a room more sensual.

If you and your partner have been together for a while, bedroom sex can become boring and predictable. But just like everything else in life, if you really want to keep the excitement and the anticipation alive, you need to continually create new experiences in the bedroom.

Here are a few bedroom tips – compliments of the best adult store in Tampa – that can help bring the sizzle back into your bedroom. Just make sure you use these tips at least once every week along with other fantasies and sexual role playing, and you’ll have a satisfying sex life that’s full of variety and excitement.

Go out. The first few weeks of a new relationship are always unique and exciting. You have to try and recreate that uniqueness as often as you can even as the years pass by. To ensure that you create unique sensual memories, do something that’ll bring both of you closer sexually. You could go out for a romantic, quiet dinner or you could go clubbing and let the power of PDA warm both of you up.

Lighten the mood. When it comes to the bedroom, always remember that softer, mellow lighting is always better to help set the mood. When you use lighting that resembles a burning fireplace, you feel warmer and calmer.

Music Sets the Mood. Sometimes, silence can be a big distraction in bed. Nothing beats music in bed to bring the rhythm back into love and songs always help keep the motion on.

Add some sexy scents. There’s no sensual bedroom sex without scented candles, fragrances and oils. Foreplay is rather important for prolonged sex, and women love a man who can indulge in a bit of long foreplay. But if one of you isn’t a big fan of building the momentum up, scented body oils are a great way to prolong the act of sex.

Don some sexy lingerie. Great sex is about the sensation, but you can always heighten the sensation with appealing attire. Always dress up for bed, even if the clothes come off in a few minutes. Wear lacy lingerie or loose silk robes that reveal, but not completely. Tempt your partner and arouse them, but don’t reveal all until you’re already in the act.

Add some aphrodisiacs. It doesn’t matter if it’s strawberries, chocolate syrup or edible body paint, as long as you bring something into bed.

The bedroom is one of the most common places to have sex, but if you can turn that monotonous bedroom sex into something exciting and unique, why not use it and bring the spark back?

Break out the toys! Using sex toys in bed can be a lot of fun for both of you, especially when you’re not used to watching your partner play or work with a toy. Using toys in bed is an exciting way to watch a partner getting turned on and can provide a voyeuristic angle to sex.

Provide a comfortable base. You’d be surprised to see how many people end up having uncomfortable sex because their bed isn’t comfortable enough. To heighten the pleasure of sexual intercourse, stop by the best adult store in Tampa to check out our selection of sex furniture.

So there you have it…go forth and sexy up your bedroom tonight!