How to Use Under the Bed Restraints Let's get right to the fun!

If you get excited just by the idea of tying up your partner – or being tied up – but don’t have the skills needed for proper rope bondage, you don’t have to live with unfulfilled fantasies.

With the Under the Bed Restraint System by Sportsheets, you can enjoy all your kinky desires with less hassle and stress. Here’s what you need to know so you can get right to the fun!

Why Choose Under the Bed Restraints?

The simple answer is because it’s easy. Once you set them up, getting tied up is as easy as putting on handcuffs. You don’t have to worry about tying knots properly or putting a rope or bondage tape in the right spot. Just clip your partner in and have fun.

The other reason to choose under the bed restraints is that it stores away so easily. When you’re finished playing, just tuck the straps under the bed. If you choose, you may remove the cuffs to store someplace else or leave them attached. Like kinky hotel sex? Bring your straps with you – they travel well and are easy to install.

Setting Up Your Under the Bed Restraints

The Under the Bed Restraint System by Sportsheets has 60” long adjustable straps. Simply measure the width of your bed and adjust the straps to fit perfectly. Then hook the individual straps to the connector and extend them to each corner of the bed. If you’re going to use both the ankle and wrist cuffs, repeat this with all four straps. But you’re only using wrists or ankles, only connect the straps you need.

Pull the straps over the top of the mattress and hook the cuffs to each. Whichever one of you will be tied up first should lie on the bed and stretch their legs and arms to reach the cuffs. This lets you make last-minute adjustments in the length of the straps. Place each cuff around their ankles and wrists, according to how you want to use them. The partner who is bound should test how much movement they have and to find what’s most comfortable for them.

You both might enjoy the idea of difficulty moving or a little pain but being restrained should not cause serious discomfort. Testing the fit is a crucial step in setting up your under the bed restraints. Once you’ve completed this, your restraints will be ready whenever you are.

How to Play With Under the Bed Restraints

Now that your under the bed restraints are set up, it’s time to enjoy them however you and your partner like. Make sure you discuss what you want to try and explore in a consensual way. If you need a few ideas, try these!

Sensual Tease: Once your partner is tied to the bed, they’re at your mercy, so take the opportunity to surprise them with sensual touch instead of something rough. Run your fingers over every inch of their skin and linger on their erogenous zones. It all depends on how much of a tease you want to be. You can use ticklers, feathers, and your hands to create new sensations on their skin.

Add a Blindfold: Your partner is already in your control because they can’t move, so why not add another layer of power by taking away their sight, too? A blindfold will keep them guessing about whether you’re adding pleasurable pain or keeping things sensual.

Sex and Sex Toys: Sex can be anything you want it to be, and sex toys are made for lovers to enjoy together. Use them to increase your partner’s orgasmic pleasure or to tease them until they’re begging for release. You can ride your partner until you both orgasm, or hold a high-powered vibrator to sensitive parts of their body. Either way, you’re in control of your mutual pleasure.

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Sexology 101

Sex Toys for Men: How To Get Rid of the Shame It's not about masculinity.

Sex toys for men are now commonly available and more men than ever are buying them. But the shame remains for many men who are afraid of what sex toys say about their masculinity, virility, and even their sexuality. Most of this is due to the lack of sex education and the misconceptions about what a man’s role is in pleasure and sex.

If shame is keeping you or your partner from exploring sex toys for men, here are some ways to diminish those feelings.

Make Masturbation Normal

Many men, whether in or out of relationships, still masturbate, as do many women. But if no one’s discussing it, it can become a taboo topic. And because sex toys are commonly used in masturbation, this provides an opportunity to normalize two sources of needless shame — sex toys and masturbation. No one partner can meet all of our sexual needs, so by making masturbation common, you’ll be reducing half the shame surrounding sex toys for men.

Use Sex Toys With Each Other

Once you see for yourself how your sexual skills can work together with a sex toy, there’s a lot less to fear. Men, if your partner regularly uses sex toys — a vibrator, a dildo, anal toys, whatever — ask if you can try it together. This can make the conversation about playing with your own toys much easier, too. Watching the pleasure your partner gets from the way you touch them AND their sex toy might give you the confidence you need to see sex toys as what they really are — tools of pleasure.

Discuss It

For men who use sex toys, finding places —with certain friends or online — to talk about it helps make what you’re doing “normal.” For those in relationships, bring up the topic as often as possible. Talking about sex toys that you use alone or want to use together makes the topic less taboo and not something that needs to be concealed. Depending on what works best for you, this can be a simple conversation over coffee or something you bring up when you’re both naked, relaxed, and turned on.

Sex Toys for Men are Enhancements Not Replacements

For some men, realizing that their partner uses a sex toy is a big problem because they think it means they’re not satisfying their partner. They view sex toys as a replacement or the enemy. While we can always improve our sexual skills, sex toys don’t simply replace a bad lover. Instead, they enhance forms of pleasure that tongues, lips, hands, and penises cannot provide alone. This is why it’s so important that using sex toys and masturbating within relationships gets discussed more often.

Let Yourself Get Turned On

Okay, so you’re willing to try a sex toy, but you’re worried about what it means and if anyone will find out about it. After you’ve purchased sex toys for men, let yourself play with your new sex toy. In most cases, arousal is strong enough to overcome our fears and inhibitions. Once you know how your new sex toy feels, you may be less worried about what using it “means.”

In a perfect world, no one, of any gender, would feel ashamed of their sexual pleasure or using sex toys. But we don’t live in that world, and too many men think they shouldn’t “need” a sex toy – that it says something about their masculinity if they use a stroker or a prostate massager.

Adult toys are tools to enhance pleasure. They make you or a partner feel good and experience more stimulation. It’s as simple as that. If we get more comfortable talking about sex and pleasure, we can reduce those feelings of shame and everyone can have better sex — alone or with a partner.

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Sexology 101

Are You Making These Surprising Sex Toy Mistakes? Better to be safe than sorry!

One of the best things about sex toys is that you can use them in whatever way brings you pleasure. The shape, type of touch, intensity and location all play a role.

But there are some general ground rules that will ensure that sure you have an even better time. If you use sex toys or are planning to start, here are a few sex toy mistakes you don’t want to make.

The Top 3 Sex Toy Mistakes

  1. You don’t wash them properly. Proper toy hygiene and storage are important for your safety and to make them last longer. Using a dirty and worn toy is not only impolite to your genitals – it can also put you at risk for health issues such as urinary tract infections. You don’t need anything fancy – a mild unscented soap or sex toy cleaner is enough to clean most toys – and you ideally should wash your toy before and after every use, but at least before.
  2. You automatically go for the most popular toy. Popularity shouldn’t dictate which toy you choose. A sex toy isn’t like a cell phone where if you have the one that does all the things and has all the features, it’s going to be the best choice. As a starting point, it makes more sense to ask about the most popular toys for what you’re into specifically. 
  3. You put too much focus too much on orgasms. Sure, one of their perks is that they can be really, really useful for getting yourself off. But that attitude could be adding unnecessary pressure and taking some of the fun out of the experience. You can use sex toys to have some feel-good feelings and to enjoy the pleasure of sexual play without it being just a means to have an orgasm.

More Sex Toy Mistakes

  1. You always use toys by yourself. There’s sometimes a weird shame about bringing toys into partnered sex. Some worry that a toy is being used as a “replacement” or to make up for some sort of performance shortfall. But there are many women who are not able to orgasm unless they use a vibrator. So if you’re concerned about bringing sex toys to your partnered sex, remember that a good sexual partner should want you to experience as much pleasure as possible, even if that incudes the use of a sex toy if that’s what you enjoy.
  2. You don’t use the correct – or any – lube. Lube can be just as great for solo sex as it is for sex with a partner, sometimes even more so. Whenever you aren’t using lube, you not only run the risk of irritation and discomfort, you could also experience vaginal tearing.
  3. You don’t read and heed the instructions. When it comes to sex toys that are battery-operated, most instructions suggest giving it a full charge before you use it to prolong the battery life. Also, if you’re not sure what all the buttons do you might accidentally switch settings at the worst possible moment! This can be one of the most important sex toy mistakes you can make.
  4. You share your sex toys without taking the proper safety measures. Using the same sex toys without protection is pretty much that same as having unprotected sex. You’re sharing bodily fluids, which puts you at risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection. Also, don’t share the same toy with different holes on your own body without cleaning it properly in between.
  5. You’re embarrassed about the fact that you use a sex toy. If sex toys are a permanent fixture in your sex life, you’re definitely don’t have anything to be ashamed of. Letting go of any inhibitions you have around sex toys can be challenging. If that’s what you want, try integrating toys into your idea of sex as often and enthusiastically as possible. Go shopping with a partner to normalize their use and make it enjoyable.

The reason behind a sex toy is to find your pleasure, particularly if you’re using it during masturbation, which is a time when you should feel completely free to do whatever you want. Just keep these sex toy mistakes in mind when you’re enjoying yourself!

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Want Better Orgasms? Try Edging! Edging might just be what you need!

If you want better, stronger and longer-lasting orgasms, an orgasm technique called edging might just be what you need.

What exactly is edging?

Edging is the term used for a specific technique, whether a partner is doing it to you, or you are masturbating. If you’re going solo, it entails you bringing yourself to the point of orgasm and then just stopping.

I know, it sounds difficult because when you get to the point of orgasm it can feel almost impossible not to just let go and finish. But if you can exercise a bit of self-control it will be totally worth it because that orgasm is going to feel more intense and last longer.

A practice referred to as ‘orgasm denial’ sounds similar but actually takes place over a prolonged period of time, but edging involves much less restraint. It takes a remarkably short period of time to become skilled at  edging. After a few short sessions, you’ll find that the quality of your orgasm improves significantly.

Here are some tips for edging like a pro.

Be aware of your point of no return.

The point of no return is when arousal turns into orgasm. For the best results, you need to learn to read your body properly so you’ll know when you reach this point in order to cease stimulation.

Most women find that their movements become more mechanical, their breathing sharpens, and all their attention becomes focused on their genitals. At this point, it’s important to stop and let your body rest for a couple of minutes until it returns to its normal state.

You’ll want to be sure to use a lot of lube, so your fingers slide delightfully over your clitoris. Once your sexual momentum has subsided, you can continue. Repeat this practice for as long as you can. About three or four times should do it, but it’s worth stating that the longer you practice the better your result will be.

Go solo.

Using a sex toy for edging isn’t recommended unless you find it takes you a long time to reach your point of no return without one. Some women prefer to use flat small paintbrushes because the bristles offer a unique form of stimulus when repeatedly caressing the clitoris. This feeling tends to work with edging quite well.

But, if you’d like something a little more, a wand vibrator can work really well, because they’re quite powerful, but can be used on a low setting. The large head – which is just for external use – means that your entire labia and vulva is involved and provides a fuller orgasm.

Do the work.

Edging is really great, but like anything meaningful, it takes patience and practice. A lot of people who try it fail at first, and this is because of one simple fact – orgasms are wonderful and it’s hard to decline one when it’s knocking at your door. But if you continue to keep at it, the results will 100% worth it.

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Sexology 101

Our Best Masturbation Tips For Women However you masturbate, it's all normal!

Happy National Masturbation Month! We all know that there’s no “right” way to masturbate, and you’re not doing it wrong – it’s all normal. Whether you like to use your hands, pillows, running water, or toys – it’s all normal. Whether you do it once a week, once a day, or three times a day – it’s all normal. Today we’re sharing our top 13 masturbation tips for women.

Masturbation is actually good for you because it releases stress and anxiety. It also increases blood flow to the genitals, which is important because blood flow keeps the vagina healthy.

Plus, it’s super-good for your sex life in all sorts of ways. When a woman masturbates and has an orgasm, a powerful hormone that makes a woman want to bond more with her partner.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert looking for more masturbation tips for women, this information will help take your masturbation to the next level.

Mirrors, Moods and Multitasking

Use a mirror. You need to know your own body, and that takes some investigating. Look on the internet at a clinical map of the female anatomy. Then get a mirror and take a look at your own body to get familiar with it.

Set the right mood. Tidy up, light some candles, draw a bath, and get into a blissed-out mindset. It’s hard to feel sexy if your room’s smothered in dirty laundry and yesterday’s food containers. Tidying your romantic setting can help you relax and tune in to your own pleasure.

Stop multitasking. The biggest threat to a pleasurable masturbation session is multitasking. Many women who are so used to multitasking between jobs and kids and partners and life often try to multitask during sex and masturbation. Be mindful and focus your mind.

Don’t shut down completely. You don’t have to completely turn off your mind to orgasm. Paying close attention to sensations and using your mind to focus on the pleasure can greatly enhance your orgasms.

Fantasize. Every woman has a fantasy, and it doesn’t have to be about you and your partner. It also doesn’t have to be about whips and chains or whatever the hot fantasy novels or porn movies are doing. No matter what your fantasy is, you don’t have to question your sexuality.

Don’t avoid penetration. Not all women like masturbation that involves penetration, but if you’re up for it, you can move your fingers in and out of the vagina to add more stimulation. You can also get a vibrator that allows for penetration.

Technique, Teasing, and Toys

Be generous with the lube. Lube is great for sex, so yep, it’s also great for masturbation. An important part of masturbating is how lubricated you are because it makes it more comfortable to stimulate your genitals.

Change your technique. If you always use your hands, try a pillow. If you’re always on your back, try turning over. There is no one position that works for everyone. You have to experiment to find what’s right for you.”

Tease yourself. Reaching orgasm while masturbating doesn’t mean you have to go at it full throttle. There’s a technique known as “edging,” that involves masturbating to build tension, then stopping just before you orgasm. It’s a great way to draw out the pleasure before the grand finale. 

Use sex toys. Most vibrators are designed for clitoral stimulation only and there are a lot of options on the market.

Do it more often. One study found that women masturbate at least once a week, but you deserve a second helping (or more). The more you masturbate, the more you’ll want to do it.

Think outside the clitoris. Combining stimulation from multiple regions (e.g. clitoris, vagina, cervix and nipple) can add some serious pleasure. Your body is a treasure trove of not-so-obvious pleasure spots. Let your hands wander to spots like your nipples or inner thighs, to see what really gets you going.

Enjoy the ride. One of our most important masturbation tips for women is to simply to appreciate the sensation and not set out with the sole intention of orgasm. Being in the experience is key.

Want More Masturbation Tips?

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How to Use a Wand Vibrator The Wand is the Clit Whisperer

It’s no secret that a wand vibrator is the foundation of any noteworthy sex toy collection. They deliver powerful, amazing orgasms, so today we’re discussing how to use them for maximum benefit.

The wand is the clit-whisperer. No matter who you are or what you like, almost every woman will agree that a wand vibrator is one of the best things in the world.

Did you know that the love you have for your wand can be a part of partner sex and not just your favorite masturbation accomplice? Believe it or not, the two things are not mutually exclusive.

Why Use A Wand Vibrator During Sex?

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom is finally becoming a new normal for many people. Nearly every woman requires stimulation of the external clitoris to experience orgasm.

Sex toys are a medium to this necessary sexual touching, and vibrators are designed to help you orgasm. Any partner who is comfortable with themselves will not be intimidated by a sex toy, but rather open to experimentation. After all, who doesn’t want their partner to come?

If you’re in the early stages of your sex toy adventures, you’ll probably want to start with something small and non-threatening. Finger vibrators and bullets are excellent for beginners, but eventually, you’ll probably be ready to graduate to something bigger and more powerful. That’s where wand vibrators come in.

We love our wands because of their power-packed charge and long handles that make masturbation easy. You can hold the handle at chest-height and reach the clitoris without moving a muscle.

The head has a lot of girth so it provides all-over clitoral stimulation without having to do much in the way of maneuvering. For the brave amongst you, these same positive attributes can be utilized during partner play. You may have cornered the wand as your solo-only toy, but its big head and long body make orgasms during intercourse even easier.

If you want to ease your partner into it, start by having them watch you use it on yourself. (This can be a huge turn-on!) Seeing how you make yourself orgasm could be just the push your partner needs.

How to Use a Wand Vibrator: The Best Positions

Starting out with wand play means finding the right positions that are both comfortable and orgasmic for you. For now, stick to these three basic positions to get placement in order. Don’t worry if it feels awkward at first – all new sex things can feel strange in the beginning.

Missionary: Your wand can seriously spice up this go-to position. When you’re in missionary, slip the wand between you and your partner. If they are able to stay propped up on their arms, it will help make some extra room for the wand. Hold the wand like you would while masturbating on your back.

Open-Legged Spoon: Lie on your back and spread your legs, bent at the knee. Have your partner enter you from below, perpendicular to your body. Drape your knees over their side. You can align bodies as you would in a classic spoon for more intimacy. Grab your wand and rest it on the clitoris. This is an ideal lazy-girl sex position. You have total access to your clitoris, while your partner penetrates you.

Doggy Style: For those of you who enjoy masturbating on all-fours with a wand, this will be your bread and butter. Lie on your stomach, sticking two or three pillows or a Liberator cushion under your hips. Prop your wand against the pillows so you can angle your vulva against the top. Have your partner enter you with either their penis, fingers or dildo from behind. A wand is amazing for doggy style because you get to ride it while your partner is riding you.

Queening: This position is great for everyone but works especially well for same-sex couples. Lean your back against a throne of pillows like a queen. Grab the wand and hold it against your glans clitoris while your partner uses their tongue on the rest of your vulva. The vaginal opening is full of nerve endings and is amazing for exploration.

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Sexology 101

Did You Know That Women Masturbate These 5 Ways? These Techniques Aren't As Unusual As You Might Think!

When you think of female masturbation, you might picture manual stimulation, or perhaps a vibrator. But there are actually many more ways women masturbate that are just as valid and as fun. Some women feel embarrassed if they masturbate in a way that’s not typically discussed, but these techniques aren’t as unusual as people think.

It doesn’t matter how you reach orgasm, whether it’s physically or mentally – there is no right or wrong way. Many women think that the way they masturbate is ‘weird’ or ‘unusual,’ so hearing about ways that other women masturbate can help us all feel less alone.

Here are five ways women masturbate that are more common than you might realize.

Women Masturbate by Grinding Against Furniture

A lot of women first learn to masturbate by grinding on objects like furniture, because it provides edges for the clitoris to rub against. Whether you sit on the padded arm of your couch or rub your pubic bone against the edge of the bed or chest of drawers, you’re not alone. When you grind on the outside, you stimulate the clitoral shaft and bulbs underneath.

Some Women Masturbate by Humping Pillows

Another technique women often learn early is humping pillows or other soft objects that stimulate the clitoris. Because they’re softer, many women find they can be rougher with them. You can lie on top or wrap your legs right around it — either way, it gets the job done.

Rubbing a Sheet Between Your Legs

When you’re lying in bed, you might find that rubbing your sheet or blanket between your legs provides a surprising amount of pleasure. You may have noticed that squeezing your legs together during intercourse feels good, and it can feel good around a bed sheet, too, as it provides friction and pressure against your lips and clitoris.

Watching Movie Sex Scenes or Porn

Many women find that visual imagery helps them to be more present and heighten arousal. Aside from mainstream porn, many women enjoy watching movie sex scenes, and when it comes to sexy videos and photos, the internet knows no limits!

Using Bath Faucets, Shower Heads, or Bidets

The bathroom is many women’s favorite room to masturbate in, and for good reason. Shower heads, bath faucets, and bidets provide pressure that’s ideal for many clitorises.

If you masturbate using any of these techniques, rest assured that you’re not alone. And if you haven’t, you might want to switch up your routine and give them a try.

A lot of women masturbate using toys. If you want help choosing sexy toys, we have the best sex toys, fetish toys and any other adult products. Stop by the best adult store Tampa today to see our complete selection of adult toysadult apparel (including a wide variety of lingerie and dancewear), adult gamesadult furniture, and more!

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Sexology 101

It’s time to celebrate National Masturbation Month!

May is National Masturbation Month, and we’re celebrating all month long! (Not that we need a reason.) In honor of this deliciously sexy celebration, we’re sharing four very sexy health benefits of going solo!

It’s all-natural.

First and foremost, masturbation is one of the most natural acts that we, as humans, perform. Our bodies have the power to feel massive amounts of pleasure, all from some simple motions you can do with your hand or favorite sex toy. That’s pretty impressive!

There’s so much to learn during Masturbation Month!

Masturbation does many wonderful things, but an especially important one is that it helps us learn what we like and how we like it. There’s nothing more enlightening than active exploration, and knowing how to get to that place means powerful and intense orgasms.

Let’s face it: most men don’t need any encouragement to explore themselves for National Masturbation Month. Everyone suffers when society has taboos against perfectly natural urges, but it’s a fact that women have faced much more distress at the negative perception about masturbation. That’s why it’s even more important than ever to embrace self-love in honor of National Masturbation Month.

Fun fact: Women are more than twice as likely as men to listen to music while masturbating. In fact, Cosmopolitan Magazine put together a list of the 30 all-time greatest songs to masturbate to.

Some surveys suggest that up to 50% of women use vibrators or are open to the idea of trying them. To those who have been curious about checking out how a sex toy can enhance your sex life, National Masturbation Month provides the perfect opportunity. With the wide variety of toys available, everyone is sure to find one they feel comfortable with.

Another benefit to using masturbation as a tool to explore your own body is that when you know what you want, you can share it with your partner. After all, the key to a satisfying sex life is open and honest communication, and masturbation can definitely help you strengthen your sexual bond with your partner.

You can do it together.

Many couples enjoy watching each other pleasure themselves as part of foreplay and doing it at the same time creates mutual masturbation! Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with masturbating while in a relationship, as it can allow you to get off on fantasies that you normally wouldn’t actually act on and it can help keep you both sexually satisfied during those periods of declining desire that everyone experiences at some point.

It’s healthy!

There are also many wonderful health benefits of masturbation, including:

  • Relief from menstrual cramps;
  • Reduced levels of stress;
  • Strengthened immune system;
  • Better-quality sleep;
  • Strengthened muscles in pelvic areas. (To learn more about this, check out our blog post on Kegel exercises.)

National Masturbation Month is a necessary reminder that self-satisfaction is a healthy form of pleasure enjoyed by almost everyone, of every gender and relationship status, throughout their lives. It’s relaxing and allows people to learn more about their own sexual response.

So masturbate away…May has cum and so should you!

Sexology 101

8 Masturbation Tips to Ensure a Great Experience Let’s dive into a few things to remember as we reacquaint ourselves with…ourselves!

Masturbation can be totally unnerving. Even if you’ve been doing it for years, you may be having trouble reaching orgasm or wonder if your technique could use some fine-tuning. Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated about masturbation, too, and you’re looking for a way to get into it or enjoy it more. Maybe you already masturbate, but you’re not feeling satisfied with your practice. (Masturbation Tips for Women.)

With that said, let’s dive into some masturbation tips!

  1. There’s more than one way to stimulate yourself. We all like being touched different ways, and sometimes, we’re not even sure what they are. When we take the time to explore on our own, both our solo and partnered sex lives benefit. You may be frustrated with masturbation simply because you’ve been trying the same method over and over with no luck. No two people like the same things. You might prefer rubbing, pinching, tickling, circular motions, up-and-down or side-to-side strokes, or even light smacking, but you’ll never know until you try them all.
  2. Give yourself pressure-free time to explore. If you know types of stimulation that you don’t enjoy, you’re already on your way to figuring out what you do. The process of elimination takes courage, determination, and patience, and sometimes it takes a few misses to find a hit. Allow yourself some uninterrupted time to explore your body, and don’t pressure yourself to reach orgasm by the end. If it happens, great; if not, you’re gathering valuable information about how to make yourself feel great.
  3. Use a tool or two. Solo sex can absolutely involve toys! After all, no human has vibrating hands or genitals. Vibrators use rotary motors to create rumbly, buzzing sensations that can feel delicious internally and externally. They can even stimulate deeper portions of the clit if you apply enough pressure or have a very strong vibrator. At the end of the day, you should absolutely use a toy if that’s the type of stimulation you crave. Dildos and vibrators are also self-affirming tools, like physical tokens to both remind you your pleasure is important and to help you get it.
  4. There’s no such thing as too much lube. No matter what kind of stimulation you like, lube is a must-have. Even if you self-lubricate in mass quantities, a good lube will allow you to maintain frictionless glide so you don’t feel sore or rug-burned after playtime. Water-based lube is compatible with all materials and is mess-free. (Read: How to Choose a Lubricant for Both Pleasure and Safety.

Half Way There…More Masturbation Tips!

  1. Start outside and work your way in. Which part of ourselves should we begin exploring? There’s a lot of hype over the sensitive front wall of the vagina, also known as the G-spot. If you have yet to find what your body craves, though, the G-spot isn’t the most intuitive place to start. Let’s consider the clit, the only human organ devoted solely to pleasure. The spongy erectile tissue of the G-spot is found about two inches into the opening of the vagina, but you may not really be able to feel it before you’re aroused and the tissue swells. You may even have trouble finding your clit when you’re not aroused, for that matter! However, unlike G-spot stimulation, clit stimulation usually produces yummy sensations instantly. (Read:  How to Find Your G-Spot.)
  2. Mix up your stimulation. Pulling back the clitoral hood and directly touching the external clit can be too much stimulation, just like it can be painful to directly stimulate the “head” of the penis after yanking back the foreskin. One of the many beauties of a clitoral hood (and foreskin) is the ability to indirectly stimulate the glans.Using two or three flat fingers or even your palm disperses the pressure, and separating your pointer and middle fingers and pressing them alongside the vaginal opening can stimulate the deeper tissues of the clitoral legs. Experiment with back-and-forth, up-and-down, or circular movements, and go wherever your intuition takes you.
  3. Remember that the pleasure conversation should go beyond the bedroom Sex is touted as being penetration-centric and penis-in-vagina-focused. The thing is, that kind of sex usually does a lot more for the penis owner. Some people with vaginas fear they are broken if penetrative intercourse doesn’t do the trick for them, but guess what? Most vagina owners need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm.
  4. Unfortunately, masturbation isn’t something that we’re encouraged to talk about. Even the most comprehensive sex education class can fail to leave out the actual steps to achieve pleasure. Even if you’re comfortable talking to a parent or mentor about sex, you probably aren’t keen on asking them for their personal tips for solo sex. Sometimes, our roadblocks stem from something other than a lack of self-exploration, and it’s helpful to speak with a therapist about other things that might be getting in our way.

Most importantly, be gentle and kind with yourself, and move away from goal-oriented thinking in your masturbation. Any form of self-love and exploration that makes you feel good is a wonderful thing.

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Sexology 101

7 Masturbation Techniques You Need to Try If you haven't already!

If you’ve watched even one episode of Sex and the City, you know that a vibrator is a girl’s best friend. And if you masturbate regularly, you’ve likely gotten into a comfortable routine and probably don’t bother changing it up anymore. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to shake up your orgasms, these masturbation techniques are definitely worth trying.

Masturbation Techniques: Find Your G-Spot

You’ve probably heard about the female G-spot, but have you successfully located yours? Most women get hooked on their clitoral pleasure from a young age, which prevents them from unlocking their vaginal orgasm during sex. In order to reverse this thinking, try exploring your elusive G-spot during masturbation. While it varies from woman to woman, you can usually find your G-spot on the anterior wall of the vagina about two to three inches inside. The key to locating your G-spot is to already be aroused; otherwise, it will hide from you.  Shop G-Spot Vibrators.

Masturbation Techniques: Complete a 30-Day Masturbation Challenge

If you’re up for it, why not try a 30-day masturbation challenge?  It’s a self-care routine that will not only improve your sex life, but it can also improve sleep and decrease stress and anxiety. There really is no better way to practice self-care than to masturbate.

Masturbation Techniques: Use Kegel Balls

You know those silver balls you saw Anastasia Steele use in Fifty Shades Darker? You can use these toys by yourself or to get turned on before having sex with a partner. The key is to put them in 10-15 minutes before sex in order to give yourself time to get aroused. Not only can Kegel balls lead to more intense orgasms, but they also work to strengthen the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor.  Read: How to do Kegel exercises the right way!

Masturbation Techniques: Try A Two-Pronged Vibrator

Using a two-pronged vibrator to masturbate with is the best way to stimulate your clitoris and your G-spot at the same time. If you want to achieve a powerful orgasm, invest in toy that provides dual stimulation. These 9 positions will delight your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously.

Masturbation Techniques: Watch Porn

Everyone needs something different to get in the mood. If you’re a visual person, watching erotic scenes on your laptop is nothing to be ashamed of. Porn can work to educate its viewers about sex, for better or for worse.

Masturbation Techniques: Read Erotic Fiction

If you’re more into words than images, try reading erotic fiction. There are many websites that offer sensual stories and explicit content. Even if you don’t think you’re much of a reader, erotica can be a huge turn on. And there is a whole world of erotic stories out there, from short scenes to lengthy chapters.

Masturbation Techniques: Get Yourself in The Mood

Believe it or not, you don’t always have to be “in the mood” to masturbate. Oftentimes, women are so busy that they put taking care of themselves on the back burner. However, we often find that after we go through some of those initial masturbatory motions, we relax enough to enjoy the experience. Sometimes pushing yourself may end up being exactly what you needed.  Read: How to Masturbate.

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