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The Dos and Don’ts of Giving Sex Toys at Christmas

Sure, there are plenty of ways to spice up your holiday…but for couples looking to introduce some excitement into their romantic lives this season, giving sex toys at Christmas may just be the way to go.

Partners can definitely benefit – both emotional and physically – from igniting some sexual novelty and excitement. And as we get older it takes more physical stimulation to get excited because our blood flow decreases and our hormones can wreak havoc on our sex levels. Sex toys given as gifts at Christmas can enhance erotic stimulation by adding in novelty.

But before you head down to our store – the premier adult toy store in Tampa – to discuss gift wrapping options, there are a few things to consider first, so today we’re going to share the dos and don’ts of naughty gift giving.

DO discuss both of your and your partner’s sexual desires.

Engaging your partner in conversation about your sex lives – and how to enhance it – is a step that should be taken before your mind turns to handcuffs and flavored lubricants and oils. Pay attention for clues about things your mate has been wanting to try.

DON’T ignore your partner’s sexual boundaries.

While it’s great to ramp up your bedroom routine, it’s essential that you respect your partner’s personal limitations at all times. Remember, this is a gift for your partner for both of you to enjoy together – not an excuse to indulge in your own fantasies.

DO take your partner’s feelings into consideration when making your purchase.

If you are going to gift a sex toy at Christmas you definitely want to let your partner know that it’s something that you’re doing for them and for your relationship. This type of gift could be mistaken as an unintentional message of judgment and dissatisfaction. At gift giving time, perhaps say something like “‘I thought this would be really fun,’ or ‘I’ve always thought it would be fun to try a vibrator and I would love to explore it with you.’”

DON’T believe that sex should just happen.

As you age, sex doesn’t look or feel like what it was when you were younger. Because of this, it does require some conversations to have the kind of sex life you both want.

DO ease into experimentation to avoid intimidating your partner.

If you’re in a new relationship or haven’t introduced toys in the past, start slowly with sensual massage products or a sexy game that encourages partners to talk about and acting on desire.

DON’T have your partner unwrap his gift in a public setting.

Giving your naughty gift should be as intimate as the gift itself. Keep it between you and your partner. Perhaps present it wearing some sexy lingerie!

With these dos and don’ts in mind, you may have more than a kiss waiting for you underneath the mistletoe. It takes a bit of courage, but recognize what the purpose of it is, which is to have more intimacy, to share your desire with your partner and to take your sex life and your intimacy to a whole new level.

It may be a good way to open up a conversation that may be difficult, but will also be beneficial and create more intimacy.

At Everything Sexy 4Play, our expert staff is looking forward to helping you with your Christmas gift list!

Sexology 101

Fill Up On These Sexy Thanksgiving Foods Tomorrow!

When most of us think of Thanksgiving, we’re reminded of food-coma inducing Thanksgiving dinners at the family table. This year, why not start your own traditions, emphasizing the sexy side of Turkey Day, armed with the knowledge that many of your favorite holiday foods have aphrodisiac properties?

Take a look at this list and share your knowledge at the Thanksgiving table.

Rosemary:. Rosemary is high in calcium, iron and vitamin B6, a known a stress-reducer that will put you in a relaxed mood, ready for romance. Poke a few fresh or dry leaves under the surface of the turkey’s skin, and throw a bundle of sprigs with a whole lemon cut in half and squeezed well into the interior cavity along with the stuffing. It’s a potent herb, so a little goes a long way to make your whole house smell intoxicating.

Pumpkins: The aroma of pumpkin pie increases blood flow to the genitals in men and women. Pumpkins are healthy and tasty, and also contain many libido-increasing vitamins. Counted among the secret weapons of pumpkin seeds are potassium, niacin, calcium and phosphorous, all of which contribute to our sex drives. High levels of zinc in pumpkin seeds keep men’s testosterone levels normalized by stopping the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen in men.

Cranberries: Bright red, tart and delicious, these colorful symbols of fall add that special zest to the Thanksgiving table. They moisten and enhance the flavor of turkey meat and accompany stuffing, potatoes and greens with equal flair. But did you know that they are packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and anti-oxidants that keep your sex glands running smoothly?

Nutmeg & Cinnamon: The heady fragrance of these two spices conjures up holiday memories. You can toss them into a pot with red wine to make mulled wine; you can bake with them, and even use them for part of a centerpiece decoration on your table. They also have aphrodisiac properties when ingested in moderation. Nutmeg sweetens the breath (great for kissing), increases body temperature and creates a sense of wellbeing, all properties conducive to getting into a romantic mood.  Cinnamon possesses anti-inflammatory properties and helps with indigestion and preventing flatulence, which can definitely help your confidence with romance after a big meal!

Celery: Celery contains a male hormone that causes arousal in women. It also stimulates the pituitary gland, which releases sexual hormones, so this one-two punch can send out pheromones through the sweat glands and aid in sexual attraction! Chop up a handful of celery stocks into your stuffing this year, to keep it moist and add a secret dash of sexy!

It’s time to create your own traditions and get the most romance out of your holiday table. Stock up on all your favorite festive foods this season knowing that they are packed with added value for your sex life!