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Boy Short Strap On Harness

Your new Boy Short Strap On Harness gives you full coverage comfort. Features two inner pockets to put average size vibrating bullets in. Boy Short Strap On Harness has a silicone O-ring that handles small to average size strap on dildos as well as packers with ease. Made from soft, stretchy and comfortable cotton/spandex. Also… read more »

Heather September 27th, 2018

Furplay Harness

Furplay Harness and Mask Set is a 2-piece matching animal print strap on harness kit. Harness features a metal ring that accommodates most dongs. Furplay Harness also has adjustable waist and thigh straps designed for anatomically correct positioning. Harness waist adjusts up to 58 inches. One size fits most.

Heather September 27th, 2018

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