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Oral Sex Tips: Go Down On Her Like A Pro Be prepared with all the information you need!

Whatever your term for it, this sex act has the potential to create an intensely pleasurable experience for your partner, as long as you’re equipped with the right information. So today we’re sharing some of our best oral sex tips. As you’re reading them, keep in mind that these are general tips that apply to… read more »

Chained Nipple Clamps

Chained Nipple Clamps feature rubber coated tips for comfort, as well as tension adjustments for intensity. The amount of pressure you apply to the nipple is adjustable by turning the screw. Chained Nipple Clamps chain also provides subtle stimulation with each movement. The clamps are connected by a nickel-free 13-inch chain. At only 1.1 ounces,… read more »

es4p_admin April 2nd, 2019

Blackout Mask

Blackout Mask softly curves to conform comfortably to the face.  This effective Mask instantly ups the pleasure of all kinds of sexy scenarios. Completely concealing the eyes and upper part of the face, the Mask eliminates both light and sight. This mask will create a delicious thrill of the unexpected while heightening the senses to… read more »

es4p_admin June 13th, 2019

Beginner’s Ball Gag

Beginner’s Ball Gag is a great way to begin your journey to new pleasure of being controlled! Adventure into a new world of submission, or becoming a Dom. Beginner’s Ball Gag will give your partner control while taking yours away. Comes in Black as well as Red. Enjoy the included FREE Love Mask.

es4p_admin March 29th, 2019

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