Sexology 101

Clit Clamps: A Beginner’s Guide Intensify even the slightest of sensations!

Created to arouse the most sensitive part of the body, clit clamps can be worn to enrich solo sex play, shared pleasure or to elevate sensitivity for superior sensation play!

Extremely versatile, these sex toys intensify even the slightest of sensations upon removal. But be sure to give yourself a few moments before applying any sort of stimulus!  How you choose to take advantage of the increased sensitivity is completely up to you – will it be punishment or pleasure?

Even gently blowing on the clit after clamping can have the wearer on the brink of climax. Most are ergonomic in design and incredibly easy to use. They squeeze that sensitive spot at either side to apply perfect pressure. With rubber -dipped grips for optimal comfort, they are designed with sadism and safety in mind!

Why Should You Try Clit Clamps?

Free your mind and experience pure pleasure. When pressure is applied to the clit, the body reacts as if it is in pain by releasing a flood of endorphins. These endorphins have a similar effect as morphine and codeine. The end result is an intense sensation that is slightly similar to ‘runner’s high’. At times it’s so extreme that it can lead to an altered and euphoric state of consciousness.

Add a pinch of nerve stimulation to your play. Attaching a clit clamp stimulates the major nerve that supplies the genitals, increasing blood flow and causing the clitoris and surrounding area to become puffed-up. In reaction, the body releases adrenaline, which causes that sensitive spot to swell even more. Applying more pressure at the point of climax will make it even more explosive.

Get a rush from increased sensitivity. When the clamp is removed, all of the blood quickly rushes back to the clitoris, which in itself is supremely satisfying. It also makes the area extremely sensitive, magnifying every single touch, stroke, lick and kiss.

Add a little bling to your thing. In addition to feeling amazing and delivering an unequaled orgasmic experience, they are also designed to look great. Adorn with jewels and clips to add a little beauty to your antics. Or get that perfect pierced look without permanently disfiguring your sensitive spot.

Squeeze in some time for supreme satisfaction. Add a pinch of BDSM to your play with clit clamps and you won’t regret it. Allowing a partner to have complete control over your sensations is extremely gratifying. This is what is basically happening when you give someone permission to clamp your clit. It inspires feelings of amazing anticipation and enables bottoms to completely relax into their experience.

An emotional experience that will drive you wild. This sort of play tugs on the heartstrings as well as the clitoris. For two people to play with clamps requires a great deal of trust. Boundaries are pushed but must never be disregarded. It is incredibly symbolic and can strengthen the way you feel about one another. Watching each other in these new roles is also extremely exciting and will activate intense psychological responses in the brain.

Dos and Don’ts of Clit Clamps


  • Remove the clamp immediately if you notice any skin discoloration, swelling or a temperature drop
  • Check the area every few minutes to ensure optimum circulation
  • Start light and gradually increase pressure
  • Use water-based lube to enhance sensation and reduce chafing
  • Test your clamp on a less sensitive part of the body before applying to the clit
  • Remove slowly and extremely carefully


  • Leave a clamp on for longer than 10-15 minutes
  • Apply stimulus immediately after removal – allow a couple of moments to become accustomed to the intensity
  • Use lube when removing the clamp – it can cause it to slip and clamp back down on the skin

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