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Average Joe Vibe

The Average Joe line of dildos are great for anyone who craves a realistic feeling dildo. From the perfectly shaped head, to the vein covered shaft, and even down to the life-like balls, you’ll swear when you have this dildo in you that it feels just like the real thing. All of our Average Joe… read more »

Heather December 7th, 2017

Blush Purity 2

Purity 2 Silicone G-Spot dildo is a design masterpiece for your personal intimate pleasures. Pleasing to the eye and a pleasure to use, the seductively contoured curves will please you in every way. Smooth and supple feel is designed to stimulate your most intimate regions for complete satisfaction. Harness compatible dong has a unique smooth… read more »

Heather December 7th, 2017

Average Joe Vibrating Realistic

Average Joe Vibrating Realistic line of dildos and vibrators aren’t average by any means! They have more realistic length and girth. You will find that their design and quality are second to none. Available in a variety of colors. Whether your fantasy is a carpenter, engineer, musician, or firefighter, there is an Average Joe for… read more »

Heather June 6th, 2018

Blush CiCi

Blush CiCi is a pure silicone dong with a satin smooth finish that is hypoallergenic. This beautifully hand sculpted G-spot searching dong has subtle ridges and a bulbous head. You will discover the utmost g-spot pleasure the Cici is designed to give you. The base is perfect for a harness or to rest in between your fingers… read more »

Heather June 6th, 2018

Average Joe Dildos

The Average Joe Dildo line has true to life sized dildos that are 6 inches. These Dildos have a realistic tip and veined shaft, and also have realistic balls. Harness suitable suction cup base. Average Joe Dildos can also be attached to a wall in the shower or on a table. Treat yourself or your… read more »

Heather June 6th, 2018

American Whoppers Suction Cup Dong

American Whoppers Suction Cup Dong is a 6″ x 1.5″ dong with suction cup base. You attach the suction cup base to the wall, in the shower, or also on a table. American Whoppers Suction Cup Dong is also harness compatible. Your partner can be excited with the real feel of this toy. This toy… read more »

es4p_admin June 6th, 2018

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