Using a Large Dildo Safely The risks (and joys) to consider.

If you haven’t used a large dildo before, you may have wondered how on earth you’re meant to use them. These dildos are larger than average in girth and length, so they may be a bit intimidating. But they’re popular for a reason: they can be very pleasurable as they create a feeling of “fullness”, both vaginally and anally.

‘There are genuine concerns among some people that using large dildos will stretch them permanently, leaving them “loose.” But your body’s natural elasticity should prevent this from happening, and you will regain the tightness in your muscles within a day or two of use.

Now that’s cleared up, here’s everything you need to know to use a large dildo safely.

Make Sure The Large Dildo Is Clean

Your super-large dildo is going to be exploring your deepest internal regions, and a thorough clean will ensure that your experience is safe, hygienic and healthy. Even if it’s brand new, it’s still worth giving dildo a thorough wash in hot water or use a sex toy cleaner before you use it.

Use a High-Quality Lubricant

Lubricant makes anal and vaginal penetration much safer by reducing the risk of tearing and soreness. With large dildos, it’s safest to use a thick, long-lasting lubricant that won’t disappear within the first few minutes. If you’re planning to use the dildo anally, a thicker, long-lasting lubricant is essential.

Be Gentle

If you’re new to the world of big toys, it’s best to start with something smaller initially and then work your way up. You may find large dildos can be difficult to insert at first, so take it slowly and get into positions that allow you to spread out comfortably.


Once you’ve inserted the widest part of the dildo, your body should become more relaxed – this allows you to explore the sensations in your own time. The key rule is: if you start to feel any pain or discomfort, stop. So once you’re ready to explore, go ahead. Experiment with different motions and speeds, just always start off slow and steady and build your way up.

Listen To Your Body

If you pay close attention to what your body is telling you, then you should be able to enjoy every inch of your large dildo with ease and pleasure. The key rule is: if you start to feel any pain or discomfort, stop.

Choosing Your First Large Dildo

If you’re ready to buy your first large dildo but aren’t sure which would be best for you, always start off smaller than you think. It’s worth remembering when you are choosing your first large dildo (for you or your partner) that the body has its limits. Some people may not be able to manage a large dildo, especially vaginally because there’s only so far it can go.

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Sexology 101

The Cuffing Season is Almost Over, So Get Your Vibrators Tampa Ready! But not just any vibrator will do!

If you didn’t know, “cuffing season” is the term used to describe the period during autumn and winter months in which avid singles find themselves wanting to be “cuffed” or “tied down” by a serious relationship.  But with the season coming to an end, it’s time to get your vibrators Tampa ready!  (Read our blog:  It’s Time for Some Self-Love.)

The days are about to get longer and warmer, which signals the official end of cuffing season. The cuddle buddies we had for the winter can be turned loose, and we can get back to being fabulously single and ready to mingle.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we won’t need some amount of satisfaction and release, and for those moments when no one is around, vibrators Tampa can come through in a pinch.

It can’t be just any vibrator, however. There are different types of vibrators that serve different types of needs, and being familiar with them all will help you make your choice (or choices) on your next visit to the sex toy store Tampa.

Let’s get into it.

First of all, they’re not your mother’s vibrators Tampa anymore.

The clitoris contains 8,000 nerve endings. For many women, it is the center of vaginal pleasure. So it stands to reason that there would be many vibrators made specifically for clitoral stimulation.

In our mothers’ time, all the vibrators looked the same – boring. They were functional and operated on D batteries, which could make them very inconvenient if and when the batteries ran out.

Luckily, vibrators for clitoral stimulation have gotten more advanced.

For women who want more than a clitoral orgasm.

There are times, of course, when a girl wants more than a clitoral orgasm, and for those times, there are vibrators that provide both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

One part of the vibrator can be inserted in your vagina, and while that end is doing its job on the inside, the “rabbit” ears stimulate the clitoris.  (Read our blog:  What’s a Rabbit Vibrator?)

The vibrator is rechargeable, which again means that you don’t need batteries, and you can get hours of pleasure from it. The internal vibrator and the rabbit ears operate on two separate motors, which means you can control the speed of your orgasms so that one doesn’t happen before the other.  (Read our blog: The Evolution of the Rabbit Vibrator.)

If you want to play with a partner, there are vibrators for that too!

You don’t really have to kick your cuddle buddies to the side. Not all of us are going to do that, and if you want to engage in a little bit of couples play, there are vibrators for that, too.  (Read our blog: Why All the Hype Surrounding the Couples Vibrator?)

There are vibrating cock rings, and there are strap-on vibrators Tampa that include a small bullet vibrator for the person wearing the strap-on, so both partners can get pleasured at once.  (Read our blog:  How to Use a Strap-On.)

(Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it; that’s all we’re saying.)

Ready to get started?

Whichever type of toy you choose, whether you are going on a solo orgasmic journey or one with a partner, be sure to shop around and find the right one for the type of pleasure you are looking for. Also, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money on it.

Like bad sex, a bad vibrator is a frustrating and disappointing experience. No need to waste time or money on that.

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