Sexology 101

It’s Time for Some Self-Love…With Adult Toys Tampa Self-Love is in Order This Weekend!

Whether single or taken this weekend, self-love is in order. And let’s be honest – we can’t talk about love without talking about sex. It’s time to treat yourself to some self-love with adult toys Tampa.

Whether you’re a sex shop regular or new to the game, it’s always a great time to explore your sexuality with a new sex toy.

Somehow, sex toys are still sometimes considered to be taboo. At some places, they’re hidden at the back of stores and are too often the butt of bad jokes. Movies like “Fifty Shades of Grey” bring sex toys and BDSM into the public eye, but they also simplify the sexual practice and show a submissive woman in need of a man for pleasure.

The Benefits of Masturbation are Many

Masturbation is a healthy way to relieve stress and increase happiness, according to the Planned Parenthood website. Sex toys can make it more enjoyable. (Read: Benefits of Masturbation for Men and Women)

In addition to face masks and chocolates, masturbation is another way to show your body and mind some self-love. And you certainly won’t be alone. According to a November 2013 Brown Daily Herald article, around 80 percent of students at Brown University masturbate.

Make your masturbation session extra special this weekend by setting the scene with candles, sexy music, a silenced phone because nothing kills the mood like an email notification.

Don’t Forget Your Adult Toys Tampa!

Even if you’re spending this weekend with someone special, don’t push sex toys out of the picture. Toys and accessories can bring excitement to any relationship.

No matter your experience level, it’s important to communicate what you like, don’t like and want to try to make both you and your partner feel safe.

Dildos & dongs, vibrators, penis rings and much more are great additions to any collection of adult toys Tampa.  Magic wands have different attachments you can use without having to buy a whole new product.

But toys aren’t the only way to bring your sexual experience to the next level. You may want to try role-playing or BDSM. Adult stores offer kits that include a paddle, whip, cuffs and blindfolds, and are an easy beginner’s pack for BDSM.

Lingerie has potential, too, whether it’s a cute surprise for your partner or an excuse to fill your phone with sensual selfies. (Read: Dom/Sub: 6 Sexy Ideas)

This Weekend, Try Something New in The Spirit of Self-Love with Adult Toys Tampa

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