Sexology 101

It’s time to celebrate National Masturbation Month!

May is National Masturbation Month, and we’re celebrating all month long! (Not that we need a reason.) In honor of this deliciously sexy celebration, we’re sharing four very sexy health benefits of going solo!

It’s all-natural.

First and foremost, masturbation is one of the most natural acts that we, as humans, perform. Our bodies have the power to feel massive amounts of pleasure, all from some simple motions you can do with your hand or favorite sex toy. That’s pretty impressive!

There’s so much to learn during Masturbation Month!

Masturbation does many wonderful things, but an especially important one is that it helps us learn what we like and how we like it. There’s nothing more enlightening than active exploration, and knowing how to get to that place means powerful and intense orgasms.

Let’s face it: most men don’t need any encouragement to explore themselves for National Masturbation Month. Everyone suffers when society has taboos against perfectly natural urges, but it’s a fact that women have faced much more distress at the negative perception about masturbation. That’s why it’s even more important than ever to embrace self-love in honor of National Masturbation Month.

Fun fact: Women are more than twice as likely as men to listen to music while masturbating. In fact, Cosmopolitan Magazine put together a list of the 30 all-time greatest songs to masturbate to.

Some surveys suggest that up to 50% of women use vibrators or are open to the idea of trying them. To those who have been curious about checking out how a sex toy can enhance your sex life, National Masturbation Month provides the perfect opportunity. With the wide variety of toys available, everyone is sure to find one they feel comfortable with.

Another benefit to using masturbation as a tool to explore your own body is that when you know what you want, you can share it with your partner. After all, the key to a satisfying sex life is open and honest communication, and masturbation can definitely help you strengthen your sexual bond with your partner.

You can do it together.

Many couples enjoy watching each other pleasure themselves as part of foreplay and doing it at the same time creates mutual masturbation! Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with masturbating while in a relationship, as it can allow you to get off on fantasies that you normally wouldn’t actually act on and it can help keep you both sexually satisfied during those periods of declining desire that everyone experiences at some point.

It’s healthy!

There are also many wonderful health benefits of masturbation, including:

  • Relief from menstrual cramps;
  • Reduced levels of stress;
  • Strengthened immune system;
  • Better-quality sleep;
  • Strengthened muscles in pelvic areas. (To learn more about this, check out our blog post on Kegel exercises.)

National Masturbation Month is a necessary reminder that self-satisfaction is a healthy form of pleasure enjoyed by almost everyone, of every gender and relationship status, throughout their lives. It’s relaxing and allows people to learn more about their own sexual response.

So masturbate away…May has cum and so should you!

Sexology 101

Dom Sub: 6 Sexy Ideas Domination and submission are wide categories, and mean different things to different people.

We’re always hearing that we could be having better sex, a better orgasm or a better relationship. But how often do we hear how we can better understand our deepest desires and most embarrassing questions like those in a Dom sub relationship?

As a reminder, domination and submission are pretty wide categories, and mean different things to different people. Some of the games on this list might sound really hot; some may feel like they cross the line. Talk through each of these suggestions together and see which ones seem safe and sexy to the two of you.

Of course, don’t forget to discuss boundaries and safe words. You can’t play these types of games unless you and your partner are great communicators who are willing to talk about the ins and outs of sexual safety!

Dom Sub Tampa: Our Suggestions

  1. The Guessing Game. This is an incredibly hot game that can be adjusted for all different levels. The Dom blindfolds the sub or makes them promise to keep their eyes closed. Once the sub can’t see, the Dom collects a series of items to stimulate the sub’s body with (make sure to agree on the specific items beforehand, or at least agree on whether or not pain will be involved). As they’re being touched with each item, the sub has to guess what the item is. A correct guess might elicit a reward, while an incorrect one might earn a “punishment”.
  2. Sensory Deprivation. You can take any of your Dom/sub play to the next level by cutting off one or more of the sub’s senses at a time. The sub will feel even more at the mercy of their Dom, as when one sense is eliminated, the others get heightened. Try blindfolding the sub or have them wear earplugs or headphones, so they can’t hear any of the Dom’s movements.
  3. Clothes Control. An easy Dom/sub game to play is to allow the Dom to pick what the sub wears. You can limit it to a play session, or a specific day, or you can try longer periods of time. The Dom can choose sexy lingerie, accessories, role-playing outfits or demand that the sub be naked all day.
  4. Hidden Signs. It’s one thing for the Dom to exert influence over their sub within the confines of their own home, but another to take it out in public. Have the Dom pick something that the sub has to wear out and about. Some hot possibilities are a collar or harness that can be hidden under clothing. Or try a sex toy, like a pair of Ben-Wa balls.
  5. Surprise Demands. There are a million different ways to play this game, but the basic idea is that the Dom surprises their sub with a specific set of personal requirements that have to be fulfilled by the time the Dom gets home. The Dom can leave a list in a place where the sub will find it, or can send text or an email. The Dom can make it as simple or as elaborate as they please. It can even be set up like a treasure hunt, with specific clues to follow.
  6. Remote Domination. Long-distance lovers can get in on the Dom/sub action too, thanks to all of the Bluetooth-enabled sex toys flooding the market these days. The Dom can instruct the sub to insert the toy and wait until the Dom decides to turn it on. The Dom can tease their sub by only giving them little tastes of vibratory pleasure. The sub can also be given specific instructions not to orgasm, even as the Dom goes to town with the controls.

Ready to get started with a Dom Sub Relationship?

Before you do, stop by the best adult store Tampa to shop our complete line of adult products, including adult apparel, adult toys, and complete line of fetish toys.  Throw some sexy lingerie into the mix!


Sexology 101

10 Reasons We Love Masturbation Tampa

Did you know that May is National Masturbation Month? In order to get you ready for the celebration – which is only weeks away – we’re sharing the top 10 reasons why we love masturbation Tampa!

It has known health benefits.

One of the health benefits of masturbation is the release of endorphins, which are the same chemicals released by your body following sex that make you feel so good. It’s also great exercise for your pelvic muscles, which can create better orgasms.

It’s a stress reliever.

No one can deny how much stress effects our daily lives, from the little things like meeting deadlines to dealing with family events and meeting personal goals. Help yourself stay calm by indulging in the stress-relieving benefits of masturbation Tampa.

It’s fun with a partner or alone.

Not only is mutual masturbation seriously underrated, but the ability to masturbate together or in front of each other is also a breakthrough when it comes to the comfort and intimacy of your relationship. There’s nothing quite like being confident enough to put on a sexy solo show live for your partner.

It just feels incredible.

Let’s face it, when you discover orgasms, you discover the power to experience pleasure unlike anything else in the world throughout your entire body at your own hands.

Masturbation Tampa leads to better sex.

The more you know about what you like, the better you can share with your partner what you want. So the better you are at turning yourself on, the better you can communicate to your partner how to turn you on – and vice versa – creating lasting, positive effects that will nurture your best sex ever.

With many types of toys come many types of pleasures.

From G-spot vibrators to anal toys and everything in-between, you can find a unique sex toy to offer the exact type of pleasure you crave. Many women love clitoral vibrators because they get right to the point, while realistic dildos offer an experience that may be more lifelike. With fetish toys, you can indulge in your S&M desires.

Practice makes perfect.

The educational component to the benefits of masturbation is vital. Your mind might know what turns it on, but your body often isn’t nearly as transparent. Experimenting with touches, sensations, and pressures will help you learn what does and doesn’t feel good to you.

It teaches you about more than just what feels good.

Masturbation Tampa can also help you connect with yourself on numerous levels. One of the benefits of it is that it gives you an opportunity to pay attention to yourself and your body, to better understand what it’s saying to you and why.

New technology provides new pleasures.

One reason to especially love masturbating today is that there are now more options than ever before in a technological sense. For example, the We-Vibe Couples 4 Plus, has remote control stimulation, so you can play from far, far away.

You can enjoy blended orgasms.

By enhancing your own solo skills, you can become more skilled at blended orgasms, which come from stimulating multiple erogenous zones at once. Practicing solo first also helps you achieve blended orgasms when you’re having sex with your partner.

The benefits of masturbation Tampa are quite obvious – whether your hand is your best friend or you have a favorite bullet or rabbit vibe. A healthy dose of masturbation can be as beneficial to your life as regular exercise and mental stimulation. Stop by the best adult store Tampa today and let our expert staff make some recommendations just for you!


How To Use Ben Wa Balls They have been used in various forms by women throughout history.

Ben Wa balls — also referred to as love balls, smart balls, or Kegel balls — are weighted balls meant to be worn inside the vagina. They’re an ancient method used to train the pelvic muscles. They have been used in various forms by women throughout history. It’s believed they were originally created by Japanese women before they spread to China, India, Vietnam and then into Europe before becoming known worldwide.

They were traditionally made of two hollow brass balls, one of which was empty and the other containing either mercury or a smaller heavy metal ball. The empty ball was inserted first, all the way back to the cervix, followed by the second “loaded” ball until they make contact.

When the balls are in place, even slight movements of the hips or thighs will cause the contents of the loaded ball to move or roll producing a pleasant vibration. A common example of their use is to insert the balls as described above then gently rock in a rocking chair or a swing.

You can perform Kegels to help hold them in and to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve the elasticity of the vagina. Ben Wa balls predate our more modern concept of Kegel exercises but many believe they were used historically to provide many of the same benefits that Kegel exercises aim to achieve.

Want to know how to do Kegel exercises the right way? Read our blog.

Inserting Ben Wa Balls

Inserting the balls is a relatively straightforward process, but it can vary a bit depending on what type of balls you’re using. To that end, here are some tips along with step-by-step instructions.

  1. Use lubrication on the balls to help them glide in.
  2. Lay down (if you haven’t done this before), then insert the ball (or balls) into the vagina while in a relaxed position.
  3. Hold the balls inside the vagina by tensing your leg muscles together and doing Kegel exercises.
  4. Once they’re in you can sit up or move around depending on your ability. Women with more experience can insert them without having to lay down and keep them in while moving around the house.

Quick Tips for Using Ben Wa Balls

  • It’s not uncommon to find women on the internet claiming to wear them in public, many of them probably do. If that sounds like something you’d be into then be sure to wear them at home until you’re very comfortable with them and can hold them in for a very long time.
  • Metal or glass balls can be more difficult for beginners to hold onto, so you might want to start with plastic or silicone Ben Wa balls.
  • It will help them slide in easier if you use lubrication, but keep in mind that the easier they go in the easier they’ll come out too. Find a good balance when it comes to how much lube you use.
  • Thoroughly wash the balls with warm soapy water before and after each use. If you’re using balls that are attached via a string or silicone coating, take the time to disassemble them as much as possible and thoroughly wash around the connections.
  • Don’t panic if you have trouble getting them out or if they get stuck. They can’t get lost in there so relax, add some more lube, move around or squat and bear down. They’ll come out.

Questions? Come by and let our expert staff answer your questions and show you our complete line of Ben Wa balls for your pleasure.

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Sexology 101

Our Shame-Free Guide to Buying Sex Toys in Tampa The best adult store in Tampa has you covered!

In the post-sexual revolution world, you’d think a group of young, sexually active women wouldn’t be embarassed at the mention of using sex toys. Didn’t cultural phenomena like Sex and the City and 50 Shades of Grey shed the awkwardness and prepare us for this?

Sure, plenty of women have already tried sex toys (44 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 60, to be precise) but what about the silent, intrigued majority who don’t know where to start?

The first rule of shopping for sex toys in Tampa is to loosen up and enjoy the ride.

If tawdry, in-your-face fetish stores scare you off, rest easy that you can find a sex toy shop in Tampa such as ours that feels more like a high-end fashion boutique.

Many of our customers are looking for something to share with their partner such as the best-selling We-Vibe 4, a two-pronged vibrating sex toy that’s supposed to help with simultaneous orgasms. You can even sync it with your smart phone!

Obviously, there’s quite a bit to sift through, so here’s what you need to know.

If you’re curious about sex toys in Tampa, you need to get over your insecurities and fears.

Each person’s insecurities and fears about sex toys are unique. For some women, the idea that “it’s not natural” bogs them down when it comes to sex toys, only a living, breathing partner is supposed to make you orgasm. Others are embarrassed or worried that a high-powered sex toy will make them desensitized to the human touch, rendering them only able to achieve orgasm with a toy. Men, on the other hand, tend to be threatened: Don’t I satisfy you? Am I not a good enough lover that we need something else?

Men, don’t worry – a sex toy can’t cuddle or kiss or give compliments, but it can add orgasmic intensity for a woman by stimulating key erogenous zones that a man doesn’t always find or doesn’t always know exist, such as the U-spot, the G-spot or the the P-spot.

At the best adult store in Tampa, we find that vibrator beginners tend to get caught up in the mechanics of toys and whether they’ll get something wrong, so you might want to start with a small clitoral vibrator without any bells and whistles that can be easily stashed away.

The only way you will know what you like is if you start and experiment with your sex toys.

Simple sex toys, like blindfolds, can empower women and actually distract them from any hang-ups they may have with their bodies. It’s even better for the ladies to blindfold their men, because that gives women more confidence. Once they blindfold their lover, they can do things and say things and they become 10 times bolder than they’ve ever been. It’s very liberating!

It’s better than going on a bad date, and it’s safer than a one-night stand.

Once you’ve decided you’re willing to try sex toys in Tampa a go, let your turn-ons get you started.

Want to test the waters? Start with massage candles. Into the 50 Shades craze? Try a blindfold (or a ben wa ball if you’re adventurous). But a lot of women want to go straight to vibrators — perhaps the infamous “rabbit” episode of “Sex and the City” piqued their interest? Sex toys for men? Why not try a c-ring?

At some point, most women discover that they are more likely to orgasm from clitoral stimulation than from vaginal, so products with vibration focused on that specific areas have become very popular.

Next, think about how strong you want your vibrations. If it takes a while for you to get off with your hand or you need a shower massager, go for more powerful vibrators. You should also look for quality construction and body-safe materials, like silicone.

Then, throw any rational thinking aside and pick the one that tickles that sexy part of your imagination,” she said.

Going into an adult store in Tampa, rather than shopping online, is the best way to go.

Our expert female sales team can be invaluable in the quest for a sex toy, whether you’re alone or with a partner. It can be done online, but going to an adult store can be an adventure and something outside what couples typically do. In fact, shopping together makes for a great date night.

Couples often start out by experimenting with anything from vibrators to cock rings to basic S&M kits. Buying something really innovative that opens up conversation is probably better than just buying a dildo, which can be intimidating for the man and for the woman.

But whatever you decide to buy, our biggest piece of advice about buying sex toys in Tampa is to have fun, relax and don’t judge yourself. It may be a bit awkward, but there’s absolutely no reason to be ashamed.



Sexology 101

Your Anal Sex Questions Answered!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try it but feel nervous about taking the plunge. Or maybe anal is already part of your sex routine and you’re looking for tips to make it even hotter. Or maybe you’re just curious to know what backdoor sex is really like.

Whether you’re an anal virgin or a die-hard fan, you’ll want to keep reading because we’re answering the most common questions and offering some tips.

Isn’t it Kind of…Gross?

The biggest misconception about anal sex is that it’s disgusting and dirty. For some people, that can be true. But everyone should know anal sex can be an extremely erotic, exciting activity. If you’re willing to try it, you might find it an unexpectedly fun addition to your sexual repertoire.

But Does It Hurt?

Research suggests that pain is common, especially in the beginning. But with adequate relaxation and arousal, it should feel good for both parties. If you find insertion painful or difficult, stop and go back to the drawing board.

How Do I Get Started?

The most important thing is feeling comfortable—you can even wash beforehand if that will help. Then it’s all about starting slowly. You can begin with inserting a finger first and using lube to get comfortable with the pressure in your rectum.

Beginner’s Tip: Try Solo Play First

Your two sphincter muscles are not only essential to anal health but also to pleasure. These ring-like structures control what goes in and out of your butt, so you need to become familiar with their functioning and learn to exercise control over them.

Beginner’s Tip: Breathe Deeply

Holding your breath interferes with muscle relaxation, which is essential to anal sex. As you breathe deeply, your inner sphincter muscle will relax to facilitate penetration.

Beginner’s Tip: Use Lube

Most people prefer silicone-based lube for anal sex. But no matter what type you choose, lube is a non-negotiable when it comes to anal play.

Pro Tip: Double Your Pleasure

If you have a vagina and a clit, use them. Insert a toy into your vagina during anal in order to press against the little space along the lower/back wall of your vagina, between the cervix and the vaginal wall. Some women attribute orgasm from anal sex to this hot spot.

Pro Tip: Try the “Lap Dance” Position

The penetrative partner sits on a chair, and their partner stands over them as though they’re giving a lap dance. This not only provides a sexy view, but it also allows the standing partner to exercise total control.

Pro Tip: Incorporate Some Toys

If you really want to amp up the sensation, play with a sex accessory, like a vibrating penis ring.

No Matter What, Always Be Safe

The anus is sensitive and prone to tearing and infection, so be sure to practice safer sex with lube and condoms. It’s also important not to cross-contaminate – you never want to put an object in your bum and then back into your vagina.

If you’re not into anal sex, that’s okay too – you don’t have to create a sexual bucket list and cross off every item in order to enjoy a fulfilling sex life—you simply need to keep an open mind.

Sexology 101

Where Did Your Favorite Sex Toys Come From?

Pop culture makes it appear that sex didn’t actually become fun until the 1960s, but we know that our ancestors were engaging in it long before that. And as it turns out, they were light-years ahead of us in the pleasurable sex department, thanks to inventions like the following. Read on and have fun learning about the ancient origins of your favorite sex toys.

Pornography (Origin: 33,000 B.C.) Archaeologists uncovered a prehistoric statue that was carved from mammoth tusk and featured a female torso with exaggerated sexual parts. Estimates put it at being over 35,000 years old, which means it may even have preceded religion.

The Dildo (Origin: 23,000 B.C.) The dildo may well be most durable invention, as only fire, weapons, clothing and beads seem to have been around longer. The oldest known dildo – an eight inch stone beast discovered in Germany – dates back 26,000 years, but archaeologists advise that there’s no reason to assume there aren’t older models out there.

Lube (Ancient Greece) It’s no surprise that the Greeks were into lube, given its reputation for assisting in areas that don’t naturally lubricate. By 350 B.C., olive oil was big business and in Aristotle’s History of the Animals he makes a passing reference to it, suggesting that wetter sex made pregnancy less likely.

Penis Enlargement (Third Century A.D.) The author of the Kama Sutra introduced an ‘Apadravyas’ made of gold, ivory, silver or wood to enhance the length or thickness of a man’s penis. That means that before the invention of porcelain, the introduction of the number zero, or the fall of Rome, our ancestors had founded the strap-on.

Geisha Balls (A.D. 500) All we know about Geisha Balls (or Ben Wa balls) is that they were introduced in the Orient sometime around A.D. 500 to pleasure men. When women caught on to the benefits of the device, their popularity went through the roof when used to increase pleasure during sex, or facilitate some good old-fashioned self-pleasure.

The Penis Ring (A.D. 1200) As part of ancient Chinese nobility, men were expected to sexually service their wife, mistresses and concubines on a regular basis and if there wasn’t an heir, it was a good bet that some unknown prince was going to surface. To aid performance during stressful circumstances, they fashioned penis rings from the eyelids of a goat, with the eyelashes still intact, to help the impregnation process for hours on end.

Condoms (Around 1560) By modern definition, the first reliable record of condoms for contraceptive use doesn’t appear until the 1560s when they were created for a way for people to have sex without the threat of death from syphilis. The first successful version was a linen sheath soaked in chemicals and left to dry and it worked quite well.

The Vibrator (1869) During the Victorian period, female hysteria was a recognized illness, and was treated by a doctor rubbing the patient’s private parts until she reached orgasm. This led to the invention of the first steam-powered vibrator, followed by an electrochemical design that drove women mad. The ‘massager’ was accepted by society so long as it was referred to a medical, rather than sexual aid.

Butt Plugs (1892) Developed in 1892, the original ‘Rectal Dilator’ was 4-½” of pain designed to go in anal orifices. Originally touted as a medical device, the suggestive instruction manual included with each order was a contradiction and for the next 40 years they were banned for “false advertising”.

Blow Up Dolls (1904): These lady-like substitutes are chronicled as far back as the seventeenth century, when French sailors compiled a collection of curvaceous rags to resemble a woman. But it wasn’t until converted rubber was patented that the more familiar model came about.

Pretty interesting…right? Now come on in and see the newest versions of your favorite toys. You won’t believe the technology!

Sexology 101

Think You Know About Female Orgasms?

Female orgasms are a beautiful and magical thing – but not every woman is having them, and that’s just not right. Whether it’s because they’ve never felt confident enough to express what works for them, or they’ve never taken the time to figure out what their own bodies need, too many women are faking orgasms. This is not good for women, but it’s also not good for their partners who may think they’ve been blowing her mind when they’re really not.

In the spirit of promoting female orgasms for every woman out there, we’ve put together a little guide on female orgasms. From the adult sex toys that can help you get there, we have the scoop on all things orgasmic.

  1. Never underestimate the importance of lube. It’s a fact: moisture makes female orgasms easier to achieve. If your own body doesn’t produce enough, and this can definitely be the case no matter how turned on you are, some lubricant will do the trick. Find the kind that works best for you, and keep a bottle in your nightstand drawer.
  1. Don’t forget to breathe. Take a tip from the world of yoga and remember to breathe when you’re about to climax. Experts suggest your pleasure will be deeper and more intense if you thoroughly inhale and exhale during sex.
  1. Remember your Kegels. Doing Kegels (squeezing and releasing the muscle of the pelvic floor) is an incredibly simple exercise any woman can do at any time in order to gain better control of her orgasms. The more you practice, the better you will get. Squeeze during sex for intensified female orgasms. Kegel exercisers and Ben Wa balls are another way to work these muscles.
  1. Focus on your whole body. An orgasm is a full-body experience, so take another tip from those who practice yoga and focus on how you feel everywhere. When you feel the energy of being with your partner coursing all throughout you, you begin to open yourself up to the possibility of greater intensity. Let yourself go, and the climax will surely follow.

The clitoris is typically the key to female orgasms, and this type of orgasm is sure to send most women flying sky high to the moon. But don’t worry if it doesn’t for you! Every woman is different, every body is different, and what works for some people isn’t always guaranteed to work for others.

Get in touch with your body, express your desires to your partner, and orgasms are sure to come. That being said, the chance of orgasm increases if you don’t head straight to the clitoris. Touch and caress all around the area, and absolutely do not forego oral. To make things a little more interesting, you can bring in adult sex toys.

Practice with G-spot vibrators and vaginal orgasms will come quickly. First things first: you must locate the spongy area inside the vagina, along the front wall. Once you’re become familiar with the G-spot, direct your partner to aim his thrusts there.  Deeper and more targeted thrusting will better stimulate the G-spot, making the likelihood of female orgasms far higher.

So…how much did you really know about female orgasms?



Sexology 101

How Kegel Exercises Can Enhance Your Sex Life!

When it comes to Kegel exercises, benefits for women are typically pointed out. And while it’s true that they’re a specific benefit to women in many ways, these exercises can benefit men as well. Today we’re discussing what to do, how to do it, and the sex toys that can help you try out these uniquely beneficial exercises!

More Intense Orgasms: While it may appear obvious that Kegel exercises would result in stronger orgasms, no decisive studies have been conducted to prove the connection. But people who perform Kegel exercises regularly report stronger and more intense orgasms, as well as an increased probability of multiple orgasms.

Kegels enhance and promote blood circulation in the vaginal region, so they also increase lubrication and the potential for arousal. Some people can even experience hands-free orgasms by contracting these muscles! In addition, Kegel exercises benefits include the fact that strengthened pelvic muscles can help some women experience vaginal orgasms, as well as increase clitoral stimulation.

Benefits For Men: What most people don’t realize is that stronger pelvic muscles are another way for men to stay on top of their sexual health. Kegel exercises benefits for men include setting themselves up for both good prostate health and better and stronger erections and orgasms.

Kegel exercises for men are quite similar to Kegels for women. The first step is to find the kegel muscle; the easiest way for a man to do this is to stop peeing midstream and place two fingers behind his testicles. When he resumes peeing, he’ll feel his PC muscle contract.

Tighten the muscle, hold it for 3 seconds, and then relax for 3. That’s it! Try 20 simple Kegel exercises a day to start building pelvic muscle strength. Try them while sitting, standing, or even walking.

Kegel Foreplay Moves: Following are two of the most popular ones.

The Tent-Pitcher: This move gives the man an opportunity to show off, which means he’s sure to love it. Have a little fun together getting him hard, and then place a small piece of cloth over his penis. He should move it up and down 5-10 times for one rep.

The Mini-Thrust: To be performed during sex, this move is for both of you. Simply take turns doing Kegel exercises while one partner is inside the other. One stays still while the other contracts, which will provide the still partner with a sexy little thrust. Repeat until you can’t stand it any longer and feel the buildup in the intensity of the subsequent orgasms!

Exercise and Play With Kegel Toys: While Kegel exercisers and massagers are typically designed for women, men can certainly appreciate their use – and incorporate them into foreplay. Get inspired with some of our most popular Kegel products.

Geisha balls: The usage of Geisha balls is simple and clear. There are 4 balls in the package, every ball having different weight, including the lightest and the heaviest balls on the market. The idea of training is to start with the lightest balls and then gradually increase the weight.

Weighted Pleasure System: When using a vibrator is just not adventurous enough, add a little flavor to your sexual encounters with the L’Amour Premium Weighted Pleasure System. This fun little gadget features two connected balls that are made for easy access. The balls are rounded with a raised lip around the sides for extra sensation, and can be activated to vibrate and move around. No one has to know that you you’re even using them!

Get in the mood with erotic lingerie and adult sex toys whenever the urge strikes and put those Kegel muscles to work!



Sexology 101

What Makes Sex Great?

People always seem to be in search of great sex. Magazine and blogs are filled with articles detailing the supposedly few simple things that people can do to make it happen. And sometimes these sex tips are promoted as if there is some secret information that can be shared and you will magically start having great sex. The problem is that the idea of great sex is subjective and changes from person to person.

While we’re all unique, there are some common feelings as to what constitutes great sex. Is the length and intensity of the orgasm, or could it be the number of orgasms that defines great sex?

Maybe great sex relates to how much we’re turned on. Or maybe it’s because of the spontaneity factor, the break from the normal routine or the fact that you’re having it with a new partner that makes it so good. So what makes great sex great?

It all starts with passion, desire and enthusiasm! If you’re ‘into’ someone (whether it’s love, lust or simply infatuation) and you’re turned on, then you’re on your way towards great sex. But it all needs to start with passion that is similar to youthful exuberance.

Unlike men, women typically need an emotional connection in order for them to enjoy great sex. Without an emotional connection, it simply comes down to lust, and at times that’s simply not enough. Sure most of us have probably had great sex with a stranger, a one-night stand or a friend with benefits, but this is not the norm.

Sometimes the first few times a couple has sex it can be uncomfortable or even awkward. And it’s not because they’re not turned on; it’s usually because they’re trying too hard. In some cases, one or both partners aren’t aware of what really turns their partner on or what leaves them quivering in ecstasy.

With time and communication (both verbally and with body language), they learn what the other needs for maximum sexual pleasure. Many couples find that the ability for great sex increases as the relationship matures.

Think of it like fine wine. Over time, and in the right conditions some wines get better after a few years. Unfortunately, however, it can plateau over time and from there it’s all downhill. There’s not much you can do when this starts happening to the wine you’ve had in your cellar for a few years other than quickly drink it, give it away or watch it depreciate even more. Fortunately when your sex life hits a plateau, you can stop the decline and get it back on track to the point of once again being great.

Can you have great sex alone with masturbation or using sex toys? Absolutely! In fact, sometimes it’s just what’s needed. Can sex be great sex without actual penetration? Sure! Oral sex, sexless sex and mutual masturbation can all be great sex!

The bottom line is that there are no rules as to what defines great sex. You and your partner just have to explore and experience your way to ecstasy!