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Our Suggestions for Having Better Sex in 2019 How about a resolution for having better sex?

From losing weight to quitting smoking, many of us make resolutions going into the New Year. But how about a resolution for having better sex? Last week we shared tips for having kinkier sex, but today we’re sharing eight scientifically-backed suggestions to make sure you are having better sex in 2019.

Be more vocal during sex.

Studies have shown that people who make the most noise in bed tend to be more sexually satisfied. Moaning and groaning help convey what you like and what feels good, and by communicating this information to your partner, it increases the odds that you’ll get what you want. These noises signal appreciation for a partner’s efforts, and they have the potential to enhance your partner’s sexual arousal.

Experiment with sex toys for having better sex in 2019.

Experimenting with sex toys boosts not only sexual satisfaction but also sexual functioning. This is probably due, in part, to the fact that vibrators and other sex toys are an easy way of interjecting novelty and excitement into sex.

Do your Kegels.

Surprisingly, Kegel exercises, which involve strengthening your pelvic floor, can actually be carried out by men as well as women. Research suggests that Kegels also have the potential to both treat and prevent numerous sexual difficulties. (Read: How to Do Kegel Exercises the Right Way)

Limit your alcohol consumption.

Another common resolution, limiting how much you drink, could help to boost your sex life. Too much booze is a recipe for sexual problems. Being drunk can create a range of temporary sexual difficulties, such as making it harder to become – and stay – aroused and to reach orgasm. Excessive alcohol consumption can also impair sexual communication.

Spoon after sex.

Instead of going straight to sleep after sex couples should spoon instead. Research has found that, regardless of gender, the more time people spend on after-sex affection, the happier they are with both their sex lives and relationships. This reveals that it’s not just what you do during sex that matters –  what you do afterward is clearly very important, too.

Focus on quality, not quantity of sex.

While you might think that having more sex would make you happier, this isn’t the case in reality. It’s not good when sex starts to feel like a chore, so don’t get too hung up on sexual frequency. Instead, focus more on making sure that the sex you’re having is good, which is something you can accomplish by adopting the other suggestions on this list.

Touch each other more often.

Non-sexual, intimate touch can also help to boost your sex life. This kind of touch has been shown to promote relaxation, boost your bonding, and enhance communication.

Talk about your sexual fantasies.

Research has found that couples who talk about and act on their sexual fantasies are more sexually satisfied. Likewise, research also reveals that women who share and act on their fantasies have more orgasms, which suggests that getting in touch with our fantasies just might help us to close the orgasm gap!

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It’s time to celebrate National Masturbation Month!

May is National Masturbation Month, and we’re celebrating all month long! (Not that we need a reason.) In honor of this deliciously sexy celebration, we’re sharing four very sexy health benefits of going solo!

It’s all-natural.

First and foremost, masturbation is one of the most natural acts that we, as humans, perform. Our bodies have the power to feel massive amounts of pleasure, all from some simple motions you can do with your hand or favorite sex toy. That’s pretty impressive!

There’s so much to learn during Masturbation Month!

Masturbation does many wonderful things, but an especially important one is that it helps us learn what we like and how we like it. There’s nothing more enlightening than active exploration, and knowing how to get to that place means powerful and intense orgasms.

Let’s face it: most men don’t need any encouragement to explore themselves for National Masturbation Month. Everyone suffers when society has taboos against perfectly natural urges, but it’s a fact that women have faced much more distress at the negative perception about masturbation. That’s why it’s even more important than ever to embrace self-love in honor of National Masturbation Month.

Fun fact: Women are more than twice as likely as men to listen to music while masturbating. In fact, Cosmopolitan Magazine put together a list of the 30 all-time greatest songs to masturbate to.

Some surveys suggest that up to 50% of women use vibrators or are open to the idea of trying them. To those who have been curious about checking out how a sex toy can enhance your sex life, National Masturbation Month provides the perfect opportunity. With the wide variety of toys available, everyone is sure to find one they feel comfortable with.

Another benefit to using masturbation as a tool to explore your own body is that when you know what you want, you can share it with your partner. After all, the key to a satisfying sex life is open and honest communication, and masturbation can definitely help you strengthen your sexual bond with your partner.

You can do it together.

Many couples enjoy watching each other pleasure themselves as part of foreplay and doing it at the same time creates mutual masturbation! Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with masturbating while in a relationship, as it can allow you to get off on fantasies that you normally wouldn’t actually act on and it can help keep you both sexually satisfied during those periods of declining desire that everyone experiences at some point.

It’s healthy!

There are also many wonderful health benefits of masturbation, including:

  • Relief from menstrual cramps;
  • Reduced levels of stress;
  • Strengthened immune system;
  • Better-quality sleep;
  • Strengthened muscles in pelvic areas. (To learn more about this, check out our blog post on Kegel exercises.)

National Masturbation Month is a necessary reminder that self-satisfaction is a healthy form of pleasure enjoyed by almost everyone, of every gender and relationship status, throughout their lives. It’s relaxing and allows people to learn more about their own sexual response.

So masturbate away…May has cum and so should you!

Sexology 101

7 Masturbation Techniques You Need to Try If you haven't already!

If you’ve watched even one episode of Sex and the City, you know that a vibrator is a girl’s best friend. And if you masturbate regularly, you’ve likely gotten into a comfortable routine and probably don’t bother changing it up anymore. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to shake up your orgasms, these masturbation techniques are definitely worth trying.

Masturbation Techniques: Find Your G-Spot

You’ve probably heard about the female G-spot, but have you successfully located yours? Most women get hooked on their clitoral pleasure from a young age, which prevents them from unlocking their vaginal orgasm during sex. In order to reverse this thinking, try exploring your elusive G-spot during masturbation. While it varies from woman to woman, you can usually find your G-spot on the anterior wall of the vagina about two to three inches inside. The key to locating your G-spot is to already be aroused; otherwise, it will hide from you.  Shop G-Spot Vibrators.

Masturbation Techniques: Complete a 30-Day Masturbation Challenge

If you’re up for it, why not try a 30-day masturbation challenge?  It’s a self-care routine that will not only improve your sex life, but it can also improve sleep and decrease stress and anxiety. There really is no better way to practice self-care than to masturbate.

Masturbation Techniques: Use Kegel Balls

You know those silver balls you saw Anastasia Steele use in Fifty Shades Darker? You can use these toys by yourself or to get turned on before having sex with a partner. The key is to put them in 10-15 minutes before sex in order to give yourself time to get aroused. Not only can Kegel balls lead to more intense orgasms, but they also work to strengthen the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor.  Read: How to do Kegel exercises the right way!

Masturbation Techniques: Try A Two-Pronged Vibrator

Using a two-pronged vibrator to masturbate with is the best way to stimulate your clitoris and your G-spot at the same time. If you want to achieve a powerful orgasm, invest in toy that provides dual stimulation. These 9 positions will delight your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously.

Masturbation Techniques: Watch Porn

Everyone needs something different to get in the mood. If you’re a visual person, watching erotic scenes on your laptop is nothing to be ashamed of. Porn can work to educate its viewers about sex, for better or for worse.

Masturbation Techniques: Read Erotic Fiction

If you’re more into words than images, try reading erotic fiction. There are many websites that offer sensual stories and explicit content. Even if you don’t think you’re much of a reader, erotica can be a huge turn on. And there is a whole world of erotic stories out there, from short scenes to lengthy chapters.

Masturbation Techniques: Get Yourself in The Mood

Believe it or not, you don’t always have to be “in the mood” to masturbate. Oftentimes, women are so busy that they put taking care of themselves on the back burner. However, we often find that after we go through some of those initial masturbatory motions, we relax enough to enjoy the experience. Sometimes pushing yourself may end up being exactly what you needed.  Read: How to Masturbate.

May is National Masturbation Month, so it’s a great time to try these masturbation techniques! Need help choosing masturbation toys in Tampa?  Stop by the best adult store Tampa today to see our complete selection of adult toysadult apparel (including a wide variety of lingerie and dancewear), adult gamesadult furniture, and more!

Read: 10 Reasons We Love Masturbation Tampa


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Dom Sub: 6 Sexy Ideas Domination and submission are wide categories, and mean different things to different people.

We’re always hearing that we could be having better sex, a better orgasm or a better relationship. But how often do we hear how we can better understand our deepest desires and most embarrassing questions like those in a Dom sub relationship?

As a reminder, domination and submission are pretty wide categories, and mean different things to different people. Some of the games on this list might sound really hot; some may feel like they cross the line. Talk through each of these suggestions together and see which ones seem safe and sexy to the two of you.

Of course, don’t forget to discuss boundaries and safe words. You can’t play these types of games unless you and your partner are great communicators who are willing to talk about the ins and outs of sexual safety!

Dom Sub Tampa: Our Suggestions

  1. The Guessing Game. This is an incredibly hot game that can be adjusted for all different levels. The Dom blindfolds the sub or makes them promise to keep their eyes closed. Once the sub can’t see, the Dom collects a series of items to stimulate the sub’s body with (make sure to agree on the specific items beforehand, or at least agree on whether or not pain will be involved). As they’re being touched with each item, the sub has to guess what the item is. A correct guess might elicit a reward, while an incorrect one might earn a “punishment”.
  2. Sensory Deprivation. You can take any of your Dom/sub play to the next level by cutting off one or more of the sub’s senses at a time. The sub will feel even more at the mercy of their Dom, as when one sense is eliminated, the others get heightened. Try blindfolding the sub or have them wear earplugs or headphones, so they can’t hear any of the Dom’s movements.
  3. Clothes Control. An easy Dom/sub game to play is to allow the Dom to pick what the sub wears. You can limit it to a play session, or a specific day, or you can try longer periods of time. The Dom can choose sexy lingerie, accessories, role-playing outfits or demand that the sub be naked all day.
  4. Hidden Signs. It’s one thing for the Dom to exert influence over their sub within the confines of their own home, but another to take it out in public. Have the Dom pick something that the sub has to wear out and about. Some hot possibilities are a collar or harness that can be hidden under clothing. Or try a sex toy, like a pair of Ben-Wa balls.
  5. Surprise Demands. There are a million different ways to play this game, but the basic idea is that the Dom surprises their sub with a specific set of personal requirements that have to be fulfilled by the time the Dom gets home. The Dom can leave a list in a place where the sub will find it, or can send text or an email. The Dom can make it as simple or as elaborate as they please. It can even be set up like a treasure hunt, with specific clues to follow.
  6. Remote Domination. Long-distance lovers can get in on the Dom/sub action too, thanks to all of the Bluetooth-enabled sex toys flooding the market these days. The Dom can instruct the sub to insert the toy and wait until the Dom decides to turn it on. The Dom can tease their sub by only giving them little tastes of vibratory pleasure. The sub can also be given specific instructions not to orgasm, even as the Dom goes to town with the controls.

Ready to get started with a Dom Sub Relationship?

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10 Reasons We Love Masturbation Tampa

Did you know that May is National Masturbation Month? In order to get you ready for the celebration – which is only weeks away – we’re sharing the top 10 reasons why we love masturbation Tampa!

It has known health benefits.

One of the health benefits of masturbation is the release of endorphins, which are the same chemicals released by your body following sex that make you feel so good. It’s also great exercise for your pelvic muscles, which can create better orgasms.

It’s a stress reliever.

No one can deny how much stress effects our daily lives, from the little things like meeting deadlines to dealing with family events and meeting personal goals. Help yourself stay calm by indulging in the stress-relieving benefits of masturbation Tampa.

It’s fun with a partner or alone.

Not only is mutual masturbation seriously underrated, but the ability to masturbate together or in front of each other is also a breakthrough when it comes to the comfort and intimacy of your relationship. There’s nothing quite like being confident enough to put on a sexy solo show live for your partner.

It just feels incredible.

Let’s face it, when you discover orgasms, you discover the power to experience pleasure unlike anything else in the world throughout your entire body at your own hands.

Masturbation Tampa leads to better sex.

The more you know about what you like, the better you can share with your partner what you want. So the better you are at turning yourself on, the better you can communicate to your partner how to turn you on – and vice versa – creating lasting, positive effects that will nurture your best sex ever.

With many types of toys come many types of pleasures.

From G-spot vibrators to anal toys and everything in-between, you can find a unique sex toy to offer the exact type of pleasure you crave. Many women love clitoral vibrators because they get right to the point, while realistic dildos offer an experience that may be more lifelike. With fetish toys, you can indulge in your S&M desires.

Practice makes perfect.

The educational component to the benefits of masturbation is vital. Your mind might know what turns it on, but your body often isn’t nearly as transparent. Experimenting with touches, sensations, and pressures will help you learn what does and doesn’t feel good to you.

It teaches you about more than just what feels good.

Masturbation Tampa can also help you connect with yourself on numerous levels. One of the benefits of it is that it gives you an opportunity to pay attention to yourself and your body, to better understand what it’s saying to you and why.

New technology provides new pleasures.

One reason to especially love masturbating today is that there are now more options than ever before in a technological sense. For example, the We-Vibe Couples 4 Plus, has remote control stimulation, so you can play from far, far away.

You can enjoy blended orgasms.

By enhancing your own solo skills, you can become more skilled at blended orgasms, which come from stimulating multiple erogenous zones at once. Practicing solo first also helps you achieve blended orgasms when you’re having sex with your partner.

The benefits of masturbation Tampa are quite obvious – whether your hand is your best friend or you have a favorite bullet or rabbit vibe. A healthy dose of masturbation can be as beneficial to your life as regular exercise and mental stimulation. Stop by the best adult store Tampa today and let our expert staff make some recommendations just for you!


How To Use Ben Wa Balls They have been used in various forms by women throughout history.

Ben Wa balls — also referred to as love balls, smart balls, or Kegel balls — are weighted balls meant to be worn inside the vagina. They’re an ancient method used to train the pelvic muscles. They have been used in various forms by women throughout history. It’s believed they were originally created by Japanese women before they spread to China, India, Vietnam and then into Europe before becoming known worldwide.

They were traditionally made of two hollow brass balls, one of which was empty and the other containing either mercury or a smaller heavy metal ball. The empty ball was inserted first, all the way back to the cervix, followed by the second “loaded” ball until they make contact.

When the balls are in place, even slight movements of the hips or thighs will cause the contents of the loaded ball to move or roll producing a pleasant vibration. A common example of their use is to insert the balls as described above then gently rock in a rocking chair or a swing.

You can perform Kegels to help hold them in and to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve the elasticity of the vagina. Ben Wa balls predate our more modern concept of Kegel exercises but many believe they were used historically to provide many of the same benefits that Kegel exercises aim to achieve.

Want to know how to do Kegel exercises the right way? Read our blog.

Inserting Ben Wa Balls

Inserting the balls is a relatively straightforward process, but it can vary a bit depending on what type of balls you’re using. To that end, here are some tips along with step-by-step instructions.

  1. Use lubrication on the balls to help them glide in.
  2. Lay down (if you haven’t done this before), then insert the ball (or balls) into the vagina while in a relaxed position.
  3. Hold the balls inside the vagina by tensing your leg muscles together and doing Kegel exercises.
  4. Once they’re in you can sit up or move around depending on your ability. Women with more experience can insert them without having to lay down and keep them in while moving around the house.

Quick Tips for Using Ben Wa Balls

  • It’s not uncommon to find women on the internet claiming to wear them in public, many of them probably do. If that sounds like something you’d be into then be sure to wear them at home until you’re very comfortable with them and can hold them in for a very long time.
  • Metal or glass balls can be more difficult for beginners to hold onto, so you might want to start with plastic or silicone Ben Wa balls.
  • It will help them slide in easier if you use lubrication, but keep in mind that the easier they go in the easier they’ll come out too. Find a good balance when it comes to how much lube you use.
  • Thoroughly wash the balls with warm soapy water before and after each use. If you’re using balls that are attached via a string or silicone coating, take the time to disassemble them as much as possible and thoroughly wash around the connections.
  • Don’t panic if you have trouble getting them out or if they get stuck. They can’t get lost in there so relax, add some more lube, move around or squat and bear down. They’ll come out.

Questions? Come by and let our expert staff answer your questions and show you our complete line of Ben Wa balls for your pleasure.

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4 Benefits from Using Sex Toys After Having a Baby From pelvic floor muscles to getting back in the swing of things with your body again, sex toys can be the solution to a number of worries.

Sex toys are obviously great for a number of reasons, from upping your masturbation game to promoting body confidence. And, it turns out that they can also be beneficial to people who’ve just given birth.

Love, fear, joy and fatigue are some of the things new parents are feeling in the weeks and months after having a baby. After all, you have just squeezed something the size of a watermelon out of your vagina, so it’s not hard to understand the complete rollercoaster of emotions that comes with the aftermath of pregnancy.

From pelvic floor muscles to getting back in the swing of things with your body again, sex toys can be the solution to a number of worries.

Sex toys can help you get to know your body again.

If you’re struggling with positive self-image and reconnecting with your body, easing yourself back in to feeling like a sexual being again with lubricants and bullet vibrators is a good place to start. A body wand can be used on a gentle setting with some vitamin E cream on stretch marks and bruising and help bring about circulation and healing to the area.

Sex toys can prepare your mind (and body) for sex with a partner again.

After having a child, things may feel different between you and your partner, plus, you’re full of hormones telling you to be happy one minute and sad the next. However, once your body is on the mend, you can focus on physically bonding with your partner again.

This doesn’t have to include penetrative sex; after all, some couples will wait a few months before attempting to have penetrative sex again. Instead, manual and oral sex and picking out toys together can help you and your partner bond sexually. Experimenting with how you respond to the different stimuli on different parts of your body will help you reconnect with your partner, both mentally and physically.

(Read:  How to Choose a Vibrator)

Sex toys can help reduce initial pain after childbirth.

While it’s not uncommon to experience pain during the first few attempts at sexual intercourse, beginning with a simple, bullet vibrator can help. Using it directly on your clitoris should help you get back into it.  Then progress to a slim vibrator to ease any initial pain. Using a vibrator can help to improve the tone and elasticity of the vaginal walls, improving sexual sensation for both yourself and your partner. (Read:  How to Use a Vibrator for the First Time)

Sex toys can help strengthen the vaginal walls and pelvic floor muscles. 

After childbirth, the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles can weaken, making experiencing an orgasm a little tricky or uncomfortable. Without any kind of pelvic floor training, this is likely to continue to be an issue. Sex toys can be used to keep the vaginal tissue flexible, preventing it from becoming too tight and promoting blood flow to the area to aid healing. (Read:  How to Do Kegel Exercises the Right Way)

You may already know what Ben Wa Balls are (if you’re a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey series).  They are perfect for strengthening pelvic floor muscles; sex games aside.

The small, marbled-shaped balls are weighted to be held in place by your pelvic muscles. If your muscles are weak, the balls may fall out, but as you start to retrain your muscles, you will be able to hold them in longer, and this will result in stronger muscles.  (Read: Ultimate Guide to Ben Wa Balls)

Questions?  Read the answers to post-birth sex questions.

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Make It a Fifty Shades Valentine’s Day!

If you’re a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, you’ve probably been chomping at (or on) the bit waiting for the last installment, Fifty Shades Freed, which premiered this weekend just in time for Valentine’s Day! And at the best adult store in Tampa, we’re here to help you have your own Fifty Shades kink fest with our complete line of Fifty Shades of Grey products!

Because of the subject matter of the trilogy, many of these sensual toys have a BDSM theme. For couples that wish to play with power exchanges and bondage, there are a variety of cloth, metal and leather restraints available. Blindfolds are also featured in the collection and can be used to heighten one partner’s senses, making pleasure more intense.

Some men and women find that different types of sensation add to their sexual pleasure, and the Fifty Shades of Grey collection features toys to help couples explore these desires. Consenting partners who get pleasure from giving and receiving mild pain will also find safe toys for BDSM play.

The line of toys inspired by “Fifty Shades of Grey” also includes items that are great starter toys for couples that are new to using tools to enhance foreplay and lovemaking.

Fifty Shades of Grey Silver Kegel Balls: Experience Fifty Shades of excitement with these sensual silver Delicious Pleasure Kegel balls! Encased in a silky-soft black silicone holder, these weighted Ben Wall balls slip smoothly inside your body. Just move around to feel the rolling weights inside each ball give you a self-powered sensual massage! A stretchy silicone removal cord makes taking them out very easy.

Fifty Shades Secret Touching Finger Massager: What if the touch of a fingertip could cause an erotic explosion? This silky-smooth and powerful silicone vibe slips onto your finger, instantly transforming you into a powerhouse of stimulation. Beckon, stroke, and tease with the smooth sides or textured tip and drive your lover wild.

Fifty Shades Over Door Restraints: Take your bondage play to a whole new level with the stand-to-attention restraint, which secures over your door to give your partner uninhibited access to your body. Explore a face-to-face erotic experience, or face the door to expose your bottom.

Fifty Shades Jiggle Pleasure Plug: Add pleasuring internal intensity to each slightest movement with the Primal Attraction jiggle butt plug. It was designed for women and men to wear for out-of-bed activities to accentuate the effect of the pleasuring jiggle and boost arousal before playtime. The free-roaming internal weighted steel ball provides extra stimulation whose intensity echoes the magnitude of your movements.

Fifty Shades Feel it Baby Cock Ring: This smooth and stretchy ring is made for couples to share!  The snug-fitting ring fits around the base of his penis, isolating and limiting the flow of blood during sex. This causes blood to gather in his shaft, artificially boosting his length and girth. The ring’s tight fit also makes it harder for him to orgasm for longer-lasting sex.

Fifty Shades At My Mercy Nipple Clamps: Whether you’re one of those lucky people who can climax from nipple stimulation alone, or you’re someone who’s still discovering the full potential of nipple play, nipple clamps are the quickest and easiest way to start your journey to nipplegasm heaven.

Check out our entire line of Fifty Shades of Grey and fetish products, and then come on by the best adult store in Tampa to get you Fifty Shades fest on!





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10 Secrets Guys Won’t Tell You About Sex Toys Tampa You might be surprised to know what he's hesitant to talk about!

Guys are often less likely to discuss sex toys than their female counterparts.  Today we’re breaking down the top 10 things that men typically don’t want to talk about with their partner when it comes to sex toys Tampa.

  1. If he even owns a sex toyThere’s a double standard in place here. Guys might less comfortable owning or talking about sex toys Tampa, but vibrators and dildos don’t have that same stigma for women. And it’s rather unfair for men in the long run, because there’s a lot of sex toys for men that can make sex a lot more fun. So don’t be surprised if this isn’t something that comes up – it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not into it.
  2. He might be a little skeptical about bringing them into the bedroom. Since guys generally have less experience with adult toys, it’s possible he could be shy to start throwing anal beads and cock rings around your bed. Be prepared for him to start feeling self-conscious, and remember that it might be best to introduce them to him slowly with some small stuff before breaking out the big guns.
  3. He might be jealous of your vibrator.He knows how strange this sounds, but sometime you can’t justify a feeling. Plenty of guys don’t care how you get off when they’re not around, but when they come face-to-face with plastic that can do what they do and recharges, it’s easy to feel a little threatened. It’s especially true if he has a hard time getting you off in the first place. Deep down he knows nothing can replace a thoughtful, giving partner, but it’s helpful to remind of him.
  4. He might also see it as a way to “cheat” at sex. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he might love incorporating your vibrator if he’s feeling lazy. This is the first step on the path to truly embracing your vibrator.
  5. He’s curious how you clean all this stuff. Is it dishwasher safe? Do you give it a good soak? Do you just not clean it? Are there special wipes involved? And what about upkeep? What goes into that? (Have him read our blog: How to Clean and Maintain Your Sex Toys. Then send him in to buy some of our Toy Cleaners!)

Five More Things Men Won’t Discuss About Sex Toys Tampa

  1. And the ceremony behind it.Guys typically begin masturbating when they’re hanging around and realize their hand is already down their pants. It’s very spontaneous, nut it seems like there’s a very deliberate action in getting out your vibrator. Do you go right into that? Do you warm yourself up and then decide it’s time? He has a lot of questions.
  2. He probably doesn’t want to be “surprised” mid-session. It’s not the best idea to surprise your partner with a sex toy, especially if you plan on using it on him. Talk it out first to make sure he’s into it.
  3. He thinks you masturbating is hot. You may not have thought much about how he self-pleasures, but you’d be surprised at how much he’d be into just watching you. Seeing how turned on a sex toy makes you should be all the motivation he needs to get on board, fast.
  4. He’s curious how deep the practice of using sex toys Tampa will go.So you’ve got a vibrator? No big deal, that’s pretty common. But wait, are those nipple clamps? Is that a gag? Do I have the stamina for this?! He’ll probably be second-guessing himself a lot.
  5. People’s attitudes towards sex toys are all over the map. There are certain things that apply to that demographic in virtual totality, but with sex toys, some guys love them, some hate them, and some find them totally indecisive.

All the Adult Products You Need in One Place

There is no easy way to know what your guy is into unless you talk about it. So why not have a conversation about sex toys Tampa today? Our discreet, expert staff is here to help!  Stop by today to see our complete selection of adult toysadult apparel (including a wide variety of lingerie and dancewear), adult gamesadult furniture, fetish and more!

Do all your Valentine’s Day shopping here!  Be sure to check out our Fifty Shades of Grey toys Tampa before seeing Fifty Shades Freed this Valentine’s Day!



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11 Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Vagina

The human body is complicated in that it can simultaneously perform an endless number of roles at once without us having to do more than respond to any cues it provides, such as hunger.

And while most women are aware of how amazing their female parts are doesn’t mean we know everything there is to know. Today we’re sharing some interesting facts that you should know about your lady parts.

  1. Orgasms can provide pain relief. Orgasms have proven to be effective at blocking pain, including that from menstrual cramps, headaches, childbirth, arthritis, and even surgery. When we orgasm the body releases the hormone oxytocin, which creates all kinds of feel good things in the brain.
  2. The vagina can expand by 200 percent during sex or childbirth. The shape of the vaginal canal makes it a “potential space” where it sort of collapses if there’s nothing going on in there. It has the ability to expand and stretch, but it does have its limits, which is why we can experience pain if a penis goes too deep and pokes at our cervix.
  3. You could actually lift weights with your vaginal muscles. You can strengthen your kegel muscles just like any other. Attaching something egg-shaped to a weight makes it possible to stick it inside, grip, and lift weights. Some companies sell balls you can stick in the vagina and then walk around to work on strengthening those muscles.
  4. Your clitoris has two times more nerve endings than a penis. The penis has about 4,000 nerve endings, while the clitoris alone has more like 8,000. And that’s not even taking into consideration the rest of the vaginal canal. When stimulated, the clitoris can actually affect 15,000 other nerve endings that are located nearby in the pelvis area.
  5. Like other body parts, the vagina can sag. Your labia can wrinkle and sag as you age and lose collagen in the body. But rest assured those changes won’t affect how sex feels. To keep the vagina strong try kegel exercises.
  6. Your vagina discharges more than a gram over an 8-hour period. Vaginal discharges come from a few different places including the walls of the vagina, the cervical mucus, uterine and tubal fluid, secretions that come from glands in the vulva, oil and sweat from the vulvar glands, cells from the walls of the vagina, and some healthy bacteria it uses to clean up.
  7. You can be allergic to semen. It’s difficult to be in a situation where your body starts rejecting semen after developing an allergy to it, but it is possible. Most women who develop this condition experience itching and swelling in the vagina after sex, but for some people it can literally be life-threatening.
  8. The g-spot is still a mystery. Believers of the g-spot think it exists a couple inches into the vaginal canal on the front wall of the vagina, and that it can be identified by the slight change in texture to the area. Other researchers say not so much. Either way, most of the nerve endings in the vagina are found within the first couple inches of the vagina so it makes sense to focus on that area.
  9. The vagina cleanses itself. The vagina was actually designed to keep itself clean, which it does with the help of those natural discharges. The vagina has specific plans in place to keep itself clean using healthy bacteria and a balanced pH level, which is why it’s a good idea to keep things away from it like soaps and perfumed products that can irritate it and disrupt the natural pH levels.
  10. Confidence in your vagina = better orgasms. Research has shown that women who are comfortable with how their vaginas look and function report having more satisfying orgasms. If you’re confident about what’s happening, you’ll be more relaxed and in your bed instead of your head, which is where you need to be to experience a great orgasm. 
  11. Orgasms improve with age. Research has shown that women tend to have better orgasms as they get older. One could assume this change occurs because women tend to know their bodies better and have more confidence as they mature, as well as just technically knowing more about how to make sex satisfying.

We’re all about orgasms and feeling good – why not stop by today and do your vagina a favor by letting us help you choose a brand new toy?

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