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Spice Things Up In The Bedroom With Our Top 6 Tips Don't deal with a boring love life!

So, things haven’t been all that great in the bedroom lately and, in fact, it has become rather routine. Being intimate has become vanilla and boring. But your love story isn’t over, it just needs to be set on a different course. Here are our 6 top tips to help spice things up in the bedroom.

Change location to spice things up in the bedroom.

If you restrict lovemaking to just the bedroom, it’s time to explore all the other areas of the house. Try the kitchen counter, corridor, by the main door, on the balcony, the dining table, the shower, the couch, or even the sink. The possibilities are endless, so do it on every available surface in your house. Not knowing where you’re doing it next will be exciting and probably send your sex lives through the roof.

Take the lead to spice things up in the bedroom.

Although many people prefer being the dominant one, they also like being told what to do sometimes. Take the lead, undress your partner and cater to his or her needs first. Tell your partner what you want and how you want it. This trading of places has proven quite successful in bringing back the heat. Tell your partner to sit down and hush up, because you’re in control now.

Send some sexy text messages.

Never stop flirting with your significant other even if the two of you are together. When it comes to being intimate, the stimulation of the mind is a great component. Send your partner a risqué text – so risqué that if your mother sees it, she’ll pass out. Tell your partner how you can’t wait for them to get home and show them what they’ve been missing. Get as descriptive as possible, by the time he or she gets home, it’s game on!

Lingerie is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom.

Buy some sexy lingerie, some your partner has never seen before. Try some satin or lace – a sultry black and red usually does the trick, as does white. White is considered a sign of purity, but what is running through your partner’s mind as he looks at you in it is nothing close to pure.

Kama sutra it.

To spice things up in the bedroom, get yourself a Kama sutra book and explore new positions that you didn’t know existed. You and your partner can take this time to discover your levels of experimentation. If a position looks interesting, try it and have fun with it. Keep track of which ones you’ve tried to ensure that you aren’t stuck with missionary forever.

Toys are always fun.

Adult toys, although advertised for self-pleasure, can be used with a partner. Adding a toy in the bedroom can really spice things up. Ask your partner if he or she is willing to bring in a little vibrating friend to the game and just to make them more confident, ask your partner to use the toy on you. Give your partner all the power to control the activity. In most cases, he or she will be more than glad to ‘play’ with you. Once more comfortable, you can explore more intense toys.

These are just a few pointers to help you spice things up in the bedroom. If you need help buying sex toys or other enhancers for men and women, our expert staff is here to help!

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