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Doggy Style Sex: Tips For Making It Even Hotter It's One of the Most Popular Sex Positions!

Ever wonder why doggy style sex is so popular? Well, for people with vaginas, the angle can stimulate the G-spot, which is often the easiest way to climax through penetration. For people with penises, it allows for deeper penetration and an unobstructed view of their partner. It can also feel very primal for both partners, which is a huge turn-on for a lot of people.

Today we’re sharing tips to make doggy style sex even better.

Take the ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

This is a simple-but-effective alternative on doggy style that can be enjoyed on the stairs in your home. Just kneel facing the stairs with your hands leaning on an upper step, and have your partner kneel down on the same step with their legs outside of yours as they penetrate you. Bring something soft to lean on so you both don’t get carpet burns.

Use a mirror during doggy style sex.

During doggy-style sex, it’s not easy to make eye contact with your partner. Putting yourselves in front of a mirror allows for greater closeness with a great view.

Comfort is key.

Some people who have vaginas sometimes find that doggy-style sex can be a bit uncomfortable. This is usually because the depth of penetration presses on their cervix during penetration. An easy alternative is for the receiving partner to use the side of the bed, a chair, or a headboard to press their arms against. This will move their torso into a more upright position.

Make it a quickie.

Doggy style sex is a great position for spontaneous quickie sex. As long as you’re somewhere private where no one is likely to stumble upon you, a standing version of doggy can be a great way to move the action out of the bedroom. Keep in mind that although the thrill of being caught can be very stimulating, it’s important not to expose other people to something that they haven’t consented to seeing.

 Add a sex toy into the mix.

Despite all the great things about it, doggy style sex isn’t the greatest position for people who need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. But it does allow either partner to reach the clitoris effortlessly with a vibrator or a hand. Try combining doggy style sex with a small but powerful toy, like a bullet vibrator. This way you can stimulate the clitoris while relaxing on one hand as your partner enters from behind. For a more intimate experience, they can hold the toy against you.

Change up the legs.

If you can pull your legs close together during doggy style sex, you can boost the sensation because it makes you feel tighter. Not only does this deliver extra stimulation to your partner, but you’ll also enjoy it as you’ll be able to feel more of their movements, too. Try moving your legs as close together as you can, and you can even cross one knee over the other.

Drop it down low.

This is like typically doggy except you stretch your legs out, so you and your partner are both lying down, with your partner on top. Some people enjoy this version because it allows you and your partner to hug, kiss, and feel more intimate. To improve the sensation and make penetration easier, try slipping a sex pillow underneath your hips.

Lube it up during doggy style sex.

A good water-based lubricant will enhance any sex position, particularly one like doggy style where there is a lot of friction involved.

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Sexology 101

Hotter Sex: How to Make Planned Sex More Exciting Scheduled sex doesn't have to be stale sex!

When we think about sex, or rather, when we think about good sex, we often think about being spontaneous. This is because being spontaneous means you’re living in the moment. Today we’re discussing how you can have hotter sex, even if it’s been scheduled.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always make spontaneity easy because you have children, a job and a to-do list a mile long. And sometimes, life leads you to scheduling sex – but that doesn’t mean things have to get old and stale. It simply means you’re adding a little organization to your intimate time. And that can work out in your favor.

Here are five ways to have hotter sex, even if you planned it.

Take your sex somewhere new.

So you’ve scheduled sex, but just because you know when it’s going to happen doesn’t mean you know where it’s going to happen. Let your inner attention-seeker out and try public sex, maybe in a bar bathroom or a park after dark.

But, of course, that’s not the only option – you can always go to a hotel. If that’s not in your budget, check out some new places at home. Try using different rooms or changing the normal routine. Just make sure that any space you choose is inviting. If you’re used to a particular routine, try to let go of some parts of it to make room for new exciting options. 

For hotter sex, turn expectancy into emotional foreplay

Skeptics may say that scheduled sex puts unnecessary pressure on individuals to perform and makes intimacy feel like a chore. Those who schedule sex do so because they like sex, and they want to continue having it. Some even say it carries certain perks spontaneous sex does not.

When you schedule sex, it actually gives you both something to look forward to. It allows you to lengthen the emotional foreplay. Try letting your partner know throughout the day how much you are looking forward to it.

Use date night as a chance to surprise each other.

Just because you have sex on the calendar doesn’t mean you can’t keep your partner guessing. Although you have scheduled time for sex, take turns being setting the mood and initiating it. One partner can light candles or buy a nice smelling massage oil. Surprise each other with something fun and playful.

You can also change up the type of sex you have. Be creative – there’s a whole world waiting to be explored.

Bring in the sex toys.

Trying bringing sex toys into the act for hotter sex. It will help keep things fresh, fully orgasmic. This can also help assure your partner that you haven’t reconciled yourself to stale scheduled sex. And that can be a pretty big turn on.

When certain notions about your sex life get comfortable over time it can be challenging to open your mind to a new way of thinking about it. Some people need to change the narrative they have about sex by opening up to the idea that it can be fresh and exciting.

Slow it down.

No one wants to feel rushed before or during sex. For hotter sex, undress each other, take time exploring each other’s bodies, maybe start a bath, begin with a massage, or just be playful with each other. Take time to disengage from everything else so you can concentrate on each other. It’s important to block out enough time for the fun and the aftercare.

Don’t just throw your clothes back on and go back to life or roll over and fall asleep. Instead, take time to pamper each other because it will help your body remember the good feelings, and get more aroused and turned on the next time.

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Sexology 101

Sex After 50: Top 3 Problems and Solutions

For many people, having sex after 50 – when you’re in the throes of menopause – can also be hot, but maybe not in the way you’d prefer. While it’s true that sex after menopause can be different mentally, emotionally, and physically, it can also lead to better sex than you ever thought possible.

Here are 3 of the most common issues you may face with sex after 50, and the solutions for each.

Issue: Vaginal Dryness with Sex After 50

It’s a bit ironic that between night sweats and hot flashes, it can seem like all of your pores are sweating except  the ones ‘down there.’ A common symptom of menopause is vaginal dryness which develops because your body is discontinuing its estrogen production.

When ovulation stops, the volume of estrogen in your system drops because your ovaries are not generating enough estrogen anymore. And it’s estrogen that keeps vaginal tissue lubricated, thus the sudden dry feeling you’re now experiencing.

So what’s the difference?  Night sweats and hot flashes typically lessen as you move past menopause. But vaginal dryness can get worse and become chronic if not dealt with.

Solution: Have Sex Anyway

This is actually one of the best things you can do to battle vaginal dryness because an absence of estrogen also has an effect on the blood flow in the pelvic region. However, having sex arouses it, which leads to more dampness in your vagina by revitalizing cells.

If you’re having sex on a regular basis and it’s painful, don’t worry. You can try over-the-counter treatments, like vaginal moisturizers or personal lubricant.

Issue: Low Libido

Remarkably, a lot of women want more sex after 50. In some cases, in that perimenopausal period when you’re approaching menopause women will experience a high testosterone level, which means a higher libido.

If you find yourself with no desire to have sex after 50, that’s also quite common. The absence of yearning can stem from other issues related to the vagina, like dryness. And treating those symptoms can have a domino effect on boosting your libido.

Solution: Raise Your Testosterone Levels

The ebb and flow of hormones after 50 can have an effect on your libido. There isn’t currently a testosterone treatment for women that has been approved by the FDA, but your doctor can prescribe some form of it. But if it’s determined that a prescription isn’t right for you, you have other options. One of the most effective ways to boost your libido is to switch things up in bed.

Issue: Body Confidence

Your body is changing and sometimes that can have a negative effect on body image. But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel sexy. As you’re aging, your partner is also aging. And even if you’re still extremely in love after all these years of being together, you might find that you’re no longer as attracted to them.

Solution: Get into A Fitness Routine

The key here for you and your partner is to do things that make you feel your healthiest and your best in your own skin. If your hips are painful it’s going to be difficult to have sex. If you visit the gym regularly and stay fit, you’ll be a lot fitter for sex after 50.

This new phase of your life might also introduce an opportunity to experiment. Try to masturbate more frequently and try using a vibrator. Not only do they make you feel good, but vibrators have benefits that can improve your sex life in other ways. They have been proven to enhance the blood flow and supply to the genital area.

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Sexology 101

Clit Clamps: A Beginner’s Guide Intensify even the slightest of sensations!

Created to arouse the most sensitive part of the body, clit clamps can be worn to enrich solo sex play, shared pleasure or to elevate sensitivity for superior sensation play!

Extremely versatile, these sex toys intensify even the slightest of sensations upon removal. But be sure to give yourself a few moments before applying any sort of stimulus!  How you choose to take advantage of the increased sensitivity is completely up to you – will it be punishment or pleasure?

Even gently blowing on the clit after clamping can have the wearer on the brink of climax. Most are ergonomic in design and incredibly easy to use. They squeeze that sensitive spot at either side to apply perfect pressure. With rubber -dipped grips for optimal comfort, they are designed with sadism and safety in mind!

Why Should You Try Clit Clamps?

Free your mind and experience pure pleasure. When pressure is applied to the clit, the body reacts as if it is in pain by releasing a flood of endorphins. These endorphins have a similar effect as morphine and codeine. The end result is an intense sensation that is slightly similar to ‘runner’s high’. At times it’s so extreme that it can lead to an altered and euphoric state of consciousness.

Add a pinch of nerve stimulation to your play. Attaching a clit clamp stimulates the major nerve that supplies the genitals, increasing blood flow and causing the clitoris and surrounding area to become puffed-up. In reaction, the body releases adrenaline, which causes that sensitive spot to swell even more. Applying more pressure at the point of climax will make it even more explosive.

Get a rush from increased sensitivity. When the clamp is removed, all of the blood quickly rushes back to the clitoris, which in itself is supremely satisfying. It also makes the area extremely sensitive, magnifying every single touch, stroke, lick and kiss.

Add a little bling to your thing. In addition to feeling amazing and delivering an unequaled orgasmic experience, they are also designed to look great. Adorn with jewels and clips to add a little beauty to your antics. Or get that perfect pierced look without permanently disfiguring your sensitive spot.

Squeeze in some time for supreme satisfaction. Add a pinch of BDSM to your play with clit clamps and you won’t regret it. Allowing a partner to have complete control over your sensations is extremely gratifying. This is what is basically happening when you give someone permission to clamp your clit. It inspires feelings of amazing anticipation and enables bottoms to completely relax into their experience.

An emotional experience that will drive you wild. This sort of play tugs on the heartstrings as well as the clitoris. For two people to play with clamps requires a great deal of trust. Boundaries are pushed but must never be disregarded. It is incredibly symbolic and can strengthen the way you feel about one another. Watching each other in these new roles is also extremely exciting and will activate intense psychological responses in the brain.

Dos and Don’ts of Clit Clamps


  • Remove the clamp immediately if you notice any skin discoloration, swelling or a temperature drop
  • Check the area every few minutes to ensure optimum circulation
  • Start light and gradually increase pressure
  • Use water-based lube to enhance sensation and reduce chafing
  • Test your clamp on a less sensitive part of the body before applying to the clit
  • Remove slowly and extremely carefully


  • Leave a clamp on for longer than 10-15 minutes
  • Apply stimulus immediately after removal – allow a couple of moments to become accustomed to the intensity
  • Use lube when removing the clamp – it can cause it to slip and clamp back down on the skin

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Sexology 101

What Is Impact Play…Should You Try It?

Let’s take a minute to be honest – it’s about time you spiced things up, right? And even more honestly, you probably always wanted to know what it might feel like to be spanked, or even slapped a little bit. Even if you’ve never experimented with BDSM, you probably know what impact play is – you just didn’t know that you knew. Basically, it’s a type of BDSM practice where getting struck (slapped, spanked, etc.) by another person gives you sexual pleasure.

Before engaging in impact play, it’s important to clearly consent to the defined terms of what the impact play will involve. This way, you and your partner will be totally comfortable and, most importantly, no one actually gets hurt.

How can impact play provide sexual pleasure?

Whether you’re giving, receiving, or watching impact play, expect to feel sexual pleasure in one way or another. Impact play isn’t just about physical pleasure – it can be about psychological pleasure or both. Depending on what kind of impact you’re interested in, consider using paddles, floggers, hands, belts, whips, canes, or other various props.

Where does impact play fall on the BDSM range?

It can range from a soft to a more intense strike, or both, depending on what each person is comfortable with. You may also want to integrate being restrained, role play, or a give-and-take of dominance and submission.

What do you need to do before trying impact play?

Most importantly is to choose someone you really trust and it’s wise to talk to your sexual partner ahead of time. Have a conversation about what the scene will look like, and what you both would like to see happen, as well as your limits.

It’s also important to establish informed consent before each session and to choose a safe word. That will ensure that you always know when to stop, regardless of what’s happening.

Be adventurous, and know your boundaries, but don’t rush into anything. Take it slow and easy at first, then tune into each other’s needs and communicate throughout to determine if you should hit harder, at a different angle, or another part of the body.

Can you do impact play by yourself?

You don’t need to have a partner – all you need are the right props to whip your legs or back. It might take some practice, but practice makes perfect!

How can you get started with impact play?

You can’t go wrong with the feel of the soft tassels against your skin – and it’s easy to hold. But if you’ve experimented in other forms of BDSM, you’ll probably want something with more impact. Before you use your item of choice on a partner, try it on yourself first to get a feel of the toy’s power. Then, practice on a pillow before using it on a body.

Remember, safety is sexy, so focus on having fun and don’t put any pressure on yourself or your partner if you’re trying impact play for the first time. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

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The Hottest Sex Trends of the Year

Sex trends promise to offer some exciting technological advances for your sex life. Who said tech can’t be sexy? From better options for male sex toys to more realistic-looking sex dolls, here’s what you can expect from sex trends in 2018.

Sex Trends: Toys for Men, Remote Controls and Porn

Better Sex Toys for MenWhen it comes to sex toys, the choices on the market are overpoweringly targeted at women, and penises are usually left out. But sex trends 2018 indicate that that’s slowly starting to change. Sex toy manufacturer Tenga is planning to launch a sleek, non-disposable masturbation sleeve featuring vibration.

Remote-Controlled Technology for Couples in Long-Distance Relationships:  We-Vibe allows you to control your partner’s pleasure remotely via its We-Connect app. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, or simply out of town on a business trip, you can control the vibrator from afar. Tease her by playing with various speeds, or set vibrations to the beat of your favorite song. Expect more sex toy companies to jump on board with such technology in 2018.

The sex tech company also makes great partner toys, such as the Sync, which your partner can wear during penetrative sex. It’s shaped like a “C” and goes inside the vagina.  It not only stimulates the G-spot, but also wraps externally to hit the clitoris as well. Not only does it feel good for her, but it turns her vagina into a delightful vibrating orifice.  You both get to enjoy the sensations.  Read our blog: How to Use a Remote Controlled Couples Vibrator.)

The Rise of Homemade Porn: There’s nothing wrong with masturbating to your favorite porn movie, but sometimes, you just want to see normal couples getting it on. Websites now feature real-life couples that upload videos of themselves having sex for you to enjoy. As taboos about sex disappear, expect to see more amateur couples uploading their own content. We can no longer go on behaving around sex the way we always have, committing it to the shadows, refusing to talk about it openly and honestly.

More Sex Trends: Butt Play, Sex Machines and More!

Better Butt Stuff: Anal sex is undergoing something of a rebirth.  Not only are more couples experimenting with anal, but as Men’s Health previously reported, more men are willing to explore anal play by buying male G-spot toys and butt plugs. And sex toy companies are meeting this increased demand by creating anal sex toys. More adventurous souls will be able to explore pegging – a term used to describe a woman wearing a strap-on and penetrating a man. (Read our blog:  How to Have Anal Sex That Doesn’t Hurt.)

Super-Realistic Sex Dolls: Yes, sex robots are right around the corner.  Companies are producing sex dolls that look so realistic they almost feel creepy. The company says it’s aiming to integrate AI technology into their products by the end of this year.  It will be like if Alexa was combined with a sex doll.

High-Tech Sex Machines: Yes, we know that you’re a sex machine, but are you or your partner brave enough to actually try one? We’re all familiar with vibrating saddles, which have traditionally been targeted at female buyers, but in 2018, that’ll change. Sex trends 2018 indicate that there will be toys for men who enjoy prostate stimulation. Just don’t forget the lube

More Reasonably-Priced Sex Toys: The one problem with high-end sex toys? They can be pretty expensive. Sex trends 2018 will see the rise of more affordable pleasure products. So fear not if you can’t afford a real doll – there’s plenty of affordable pleasure to look forward to in the New Year

Ready to Try Out Some of These Sex Trends?

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