Sexology 101

The Hottest Sex Trends of the Year

Sex trends promise to offer some exciting technological advances for your sex life. Who said tech can’t be sexy? From better options for male sex toys to more realistic-looking sex dolls, here’s what you can expect from sex trends in 2018.

Sex Trends: Toys for Men, Remote Controls and Porn

Better Sex Toys for MenWhen it comes to sex toys, the choices on the market are overpoweringly targeted at women, and penises are usually left out. But sex trends 2018 indicate that that’s slowly starting to change. Sex toy manufacturer Tenga is planning to launch a sleek, non-disposable masturbation sleeve featuring vibration.

Remote-Controlled Technology for Couples in Long-Distance Relationships:  We-Vibe allows you to control your partner’s pleasure remotely via its We-Connect app. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, or simply out of town on a business trip, you can control the vibrator from afar. Tease her by playing with various speeds, or set vibrations to the beat of your favorite song. Expect more sex toy companies to jump on board with such technology in 2018.

The sex tech company also makes great partner toys, such as the Sync, which your partner can wear during penetrative sex. It’s shaped like a “C” and goes inside the vagina.  It not only stimulates the G-spot, but also wraps externally to hit the clitoris as well. Not only does it feel good for her, but it turns her vagina into a delightful vibrating orifice.  You both get to enjoy the sensations.  Read our blog: How to Use a Remote Controlled Couples Vibrator.)

The Rise of Homemade Porn: There’s nothing wrong with masturbating to your favorite porn movie, but sometimes, you just want to see normal couples getting it on. Websites now feature real-life couples that upload videos of themselves having sex for you to enjoy. As taboos about sex disappear, expect to see more amateur couples uploading their own content. We can no longer go on behaving around sex the way we always have, committing it to the shadows, refusing to talk about it openly and honestly.

More Sex Trends: Butt Play, Sex Machines and More!

Better Butt Stuff: Anal sex is undergoing something of a rebirth.  Not only are more couples experimenting with anal, but as Men’s Health previously reported, more men are willing to explore anal play by buying male G-spot toys and butt plugs. And sex toy companies are meeting this increased demand by creating anal sex toys. More adventurous souls will be able to explore pegging – a term used to describe a woman wearing a strap-on and penetrating a man. (Read our blog:  How to Have Anal Sex That Doesn’t Hurt.)

Super-Realistic Sex Dolls: Yes, sex robots are right around the corner.  Companies are producing sex dolls that look so realistic they almost feel creepy. The company says it’s aiming to integrate AI technology into their products by the end of this year.  It will be like if Alexa was combined with a sex doll.

High-Tech Sex Machines: Yes, we know that you’re a sex machine, but are you or your partner brave enough to actually try one? We’re all familiar with vibrating saddles, which have traditionally been targeted at female buyers, but in 2018, that’ll change. Sex trends 2018 indicate that there will be toys for men who enjoy prostate stimulation. Just don’t forget the lube

More Reasonably-Priced Sex Toys: The one problem with high-end sex toys? They can be pretty expensive. Sex trends 2018 will see the rise of more affordable pleasure products. So fear not if you can’t afford a real doll – there’s plenty of affordable pleasure to look forward to in the New Year

Ready to Try Out Some of These Sex Trends?

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