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Why You Just Have to Buy Your BFF a Sex Toy for Christmas Who Know You Better Than Your Bestie?

Sure, lots of women own a sex toy but they’re not something you’d normally think of buying for a friend. Today we’re discussing why they make the perfect gift and why you should consider buying your bestie a sex toy for Christmas, even if he or she has a partner.

You Know Just About Everything About Each Other

Best friends share secrets, special moments and a history together and often know more about each other than even their partners know. Men are often surprised, and even shocked, when they realize that women really do tell each other literally everything.

You Share Everything

There’s nothing best friends won’t talk about so there’s no reason why they should be shy or coy about what gives them intimate pleasure – and they usually aren’t! If you have a close friend with whom you share everything, a sex toy could be the perfect gift for her, whether or not she currently has a romantic partner in her life.

Buying a Sex Toy for Christmas Really Shows You Care

We all love our best friends and want them to feel good, so a sex toy is a genuinely thoughtful gift that has the potential to make a real positive difference in your friend’s life.

You Have Similar Tastes

The great thing about women their best friend a sex toy for Christmas is that they already know each other so well they don’t have to guess what they might like. This will make it easier for you to buy your friend the right toy. You have similar tastes, so if you find a particular product appealing, your best friend is likely to enjoy it too.  Is she a fan of modern, sleek technology, or does she prefer all that is cute and feminine? Does she have a raunchy side or does she tend to be discreet or even a little coy? (Read: How to Choose a Vibrator)

It Can Be Fun to Give a Sex Toy for Christmas!

Part of the fun of giving your friend a vibrator, dildo, or other sex toys this Christmas will be the look on her face and the conversation and laughs you will share. So it might be fun to arrange a night in together with a nice meal and a bottle of wine so that you can exchange gifts and enjoy each other’s company, and some giggles.

Whatever the case, there is a huge range of sex toys available in today’s market, which is increasingly predicated around female tastes, and you will be able to find something for her.

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