Sexology 101

Which Male Sexual Fantasies Make the List?

Studies show that most men enjoy being visually stimulated, and many women prefer an emotional connection, but there are additional differences when it comes to male and female sexual fantasies.

Women are less likely to want their sexual fantasies to become reality when compared to men – a difference that can lead to misconceptions and problems between partners regarding their sexual desires.

In studies where men were questioned about their sexual fantasies, following were the top 10 responses.

Threesomes: For most heterosexual men, the number one fantasy is a threesome with two hot women who would pleasure not only him, but each other. Sometimes this fantasy involves their partner and another woman – but not always.

Observing Two Women: 
If a guy was invited to engage in sex with two women he most likely would, but without an invitation most guys are satisfied just watching two girls having sex. Lesbian porn is extremely popular, not just among lesbians but for heterosexual males as well. Two women having sex often includes them using sex toys together, which is a serious turn-on for men.

Anal Sex: 
While some men fantasize about receiving anal sex from a woman wearing a strap-on (pegging), most men fantasize about giving anal sex. Perhaps it’s popular because its deemed as being forbidden or it could be the submissive nature of a woman during anal sex. 

Oral Sex: 
Most men love the idea of receiving oral sex and many enjoy reciprocating. It turns out that most women really enjoy oral sex too, but reciprocation is typically expected.

Group Sex: 
Engaging in sex with multiple people at the same time is an extremely popular fantasy for many men. There are many websites and apps that help simplify the introduction of swinging couples and possible sex partners.

Domination or Submission: Men often fantasize about sexually dominating – or being dominated by – a woman. It’s very common for a man to want to use restraints such as rope, handcuffs or perhaps a blindfold or gag, leaving him free to do whatever he wants. Some men prefer a role reversal with them being the submissive partner.

Role-Play: Many men fantasize about their partner dressing up and role-playing characters such as a bad nurse, a mischievous French maid, a playful Playboy bunny, escort or stripper. This type of role-play is quite popular at swinger’s parties.

No-Strings-Attached Sex: 
 For many men, if they had an opportunity to have a no-strings-attached sexual encounter, they’d probably consider it. This is one of the reasons why sex with an arranged escort is such a popular fantasy for many men.

Exhibitionism, Public Sex and Voyeurism: It’s easy to understand the appeal of these fantasies. Perhaps they enjoy the attention or the perceived naughtiness of the act that makes it so appealing.

: Men have all sorts of common fetishes that they fantasize about including large breasts, attractive feet, women who squirt or those who enjoy bondage and discipline.

Sexual fantasies normal and healthy and can lead to better communication, trust, intimacy and satisfaction within a relationship. Don’t know what your partner’s fantasies are? Ask them! But try not to criticize them if they fantasize about something you might not agree with. Just explore and have fun!

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