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Which Female Sexual Fantasies Make the Top 10 List?

Men aren’t the only ones with a high sex drive and erotic fantasies – women do too – and it’s normal and healthy! Some live out their fantasies, while others – who might think that their fantasies are simply too taboo – just dream about them.

Based on the feedback from our customers, following are the top 10 female fantasies.

  1. Sex with a stranger. Women often fantasize about what it would be like to have sex with a stranger. Perhaps it’s the intrigue, the challenge, or the appeal of no-strings-attached sex with an anonymous man they’ll never see again.
  1. Role-play. This is a top fantasy for both men and women. Women’s fantasies might include sex with a fireman or police officer, or they might like to dress up and play someone else. Role-playing can be fun and it’s a great way to introduce variety, spice and excitement to your sex life!
  1. Domination. There are many ways a woman can dominate a man in the bedroom, such as BDSM using bondage restraints and some light discipline. Not all men like being dominated in the bedroom, so it’s always better to explore the topic before pulling out the props.
  1. Submission. Most women like a dominant and confident man in the bedroom instead of those they have to tell what to do. Long before Fifty Shades of Grey women were fantasizing about sexually dominant men.
  1. Forced sex. It may seem surprising to hear that some women have erotic fantasies about forced sex, however it’s not the type of sex usually associated with rape. It could be a fantasy about being pinned up against a wall and ravished by a lustful stranger, with all of her inhibitions gone. 
  1. Sex in a public place. Having sex on the beach at night in some countries (like the U.S.) can lead to jail time, and what sounded like a great idea can quickly result in a disaster. Pushing risks aside, there’s something exciting about having sex in public, and the prospect of getting caught makes it feel even more naughty.
  1. Threesome with another woman. This usually involves the woman being the center of attention and being pleasured by both a man and a woman. Most men hope that they get some playtime with the other woman, but most women don’t want to see their man touch, or be touched by, another woman.
  1. Threesome with two men. This fantasy can be the ultimate taboo for many women, which makes it even more exciting. In this scenario the men are both heterosexual and they worship her while she envisions herself being lavished upon by both men. 
  1. Group sex. Is it the allure of being stimulated by multiple people at the same time that has women daydreaming about group sex? Maybe it’s the prospect of having sex with someone without emotional attachment that makes this fantasy so exciting. In any case, swinging with another couple (or multiple couples) is very popular.
  1. Sex with another woman. It’s common for straight women to fantasize about having sex with another woman. It could be the thought that another woman might be more passionate and know where her clitoris and g-spot is that has some women yearning for erotic adventures with another woman.

Keep sexual boredom at bay by changing things up and even consider living out some fantasies from time to time.


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