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What Is Impact Play…Should You Try It?

Let’s take a minute to be honest – it’s about time you spiced things up, right? And even more honestly, you probably always wanted to know what it might feel like to be spanked, or even slapped a little bit. Even if you’ve never experimented with BDSM, you probably know what impact play is – you just didn’t know that you knew. Basically, it’s a type of BDSM practice where getting struck (slapped, spanked, etc.) by another person gives you sexual pleasure.

Before engaging in impact play, it’s important to clearly consent to the defined terms of what the impact play will involve. This way, you and your partner will be totally comfortable and, most importantly, no one actually gets hurt.

How can impact play provide sexual pleasure?

Whether you’re giving, receiving, or watching impact play, expect to feel sexual pleasure in one way or another. Impact play isn’t just about physical pleasure – it can be about psychological pleasure or both. Depending on what kind of impact you’re interested in, consider using paddles, floggers, hands, belts, whips, canes, or other various props.

Where does impact play fall on the BDSM range?

It can range from a soft to a more intense strike, or both, depending on what each person is comfortable with. You may also want to integrate being restrained, role play, or a give-and-take of dominance and submission.

What do you need to do before trying impact play?

Most importantly is to choose someone you really trust and it’s wise to talk to your sexual partner ahead of time. Have a conversation about what the scene will look like, and what you both would like to see happen, as well as your limits.

It’s also important to establish informed consent before each session and to choose a safe word. That will ensure that you always know when to stop, regardless of what’s happening.

Be adventurous, and know your boundaries, but don’t rush into anything. Take it slow and easy at first, then tune into each other’s needs and communicate throughout to determine if you should hit harder, at a different angle, or another part of the body.

Can you do impact play by yourself?

You don’t need to have a partner – all you need are the right props to whip your legs or back. It might take some practice, but practice makes perfect!

How can you get started with impact play?

You can’t go wrong with the feel of the soft tassels against your skin – and it’s easy to hold. But if you’ve experimented in other forms of BDSM, you’ll probably want something with more impact. Before you use your item of choice on a partner, try it on yourself first to get a feel of the toy’s power. Then, practice on a pillow before using it on a body.

Remember, safety is sexy, so focus on having fun and don’t put any pressure on yourself or your partner if you’re trying impact play for the first time. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

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