Sexology 101

What does WATERPROOF really mean for adult toys?

So you see waterproof on the outside of your new adult toy, and you think to yourself, “Great! I can use this in my bed, shower, tub or even spend some time in a hot tub with my new friend!” What most people don’t realize is that waterproof doesn’t always mean WATERPROOF.

The term Waterproof is used often in the adult toy world, but few know what it actually means. Waterproof means that a toy can be used in the shower and it is safe to run water on when cleaning it, but unless it states that it is submersible, it cannot be dunked, or used completely under water. It is important that when purchasing a toy that you want to use in the bath or spa, you communicate that very important detail with your sales associate to ensure that you are directed to the correct toy. You should also read to box that the product comes in. If it is submersible, it will state so on the box. There are a few exceptions in which a product is submersible but doesn’t state so on the box. These products can sometimes say, 100% Waterproof, or it is stated in the instruction manual. For example, the We-vibe IV states that it is 100% Waterproof. This is a rechargeable couples toy that charges electromagnetically. It does not have a hole on the toy to physically plug a charger into. This allows for it to be submersible. A word to the wise, if you are not sure if your toy is submersible we recommend you contact the company that the toy came from to check. This will do two things: First it will give you the most direct answer, and second it will ensure that you don’t void any warrantee that you may have on the toy.