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What Are The Most Common Sexual Fantasies? We're sharing our top 6!

In our daily lives, most of us aren’t walking around discussing our sexual fantasies and desires. But we asked some of our customers to share the fantasies they think about most often. Following is what we found.

Having A Threesome

Both singles and couples share sexual fantasies about having three people in the bedroom. A part of the attraction is the sensual overload, with so many different body parts all entwined. Many couples like the idea of a threesome to return some spark and excitement back into their sex lives.

Dominance And Submission

While men are usually more into dominating and women into being dominated, this isn’t always true. Fantasies of domination are about power, feeling like you are fully in control and that the other person will submit to your every desire. There are two super sexy things about submission. The first is the feeling that the sub has all of the attention of their dom, and the second is the feeling of relinquishing control. Read: Dom Sub: 6 Sexy Ideas.

Sexual Fantasies About Foot Play

Shoe and foot fantasies are quite common, mostly among men. These fantasies could include being genitally stimulated by a foot, being walked on or just visualizing different types of shoes to get aroused. The image of a foot in a particular type of shoe is very stimulating to some people.

For Straight People, Having Sex With Someone Of The Same Sex

When we have sexual fantasies about being intimate with someone of the same sex, we get to imagine what it would be like to be touched in ways that are both foreign and familiar and to break free from some of the gender assumptions that we normally enact.

Giving Your Partner Multiple Orgasms

For heterosexual men, the most consistent fantasy we hear is about having a partner who is truly a good time and is freely expressive and responsive to his touch. This fantasy stems from men often feeling like they need to convince their partners to have sex. It also helps a guy’s ego if he feels he is competent in bed. Read: How to Give Your Woman Multiple Orgasms.

Watching Your Partner Have Sex With Somebody Else

There’s something provocative and taboo about the fantasy of watching our partner have sex with someone else. Watching another’s hand touch our partner’s body or another’s mouth kiss our partner’s mouth reinforces our partner’s desirability while making a predictable attachment suddenly feel unpredictable.

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