Sexology 101

What Adult Store Employees Want You To Know

If you’ve only ever visited an adult store for gag gifts or bachelorette party accessories, the thought of choosing some things for your own pleasure – and admitting it out loud – can be a bit intimidating. But once you get past the initial stage of opening up to the sales associate about the sexiest details about your life, it can feel very liberating.

Adult store employees are open-minded and ready to help you upgrade your sex life from blah to fabulous, all while dealing with the many misconceptions that come with the job.

Here are some things they want you to know.

Adult stores are a safe place to be yourself.

Unlike some retail stores that give off a one-size-fits-all vibe, adult stores are a judgement-free zone. Sometimes they find that women don’t feel comfortable expressing their interests, partly because they didn’t know what their interests were, or they were worried about looking promiscuous if they did. But there’s literally something for everyone, and if you don’t know what yours is, you can explore and ask questions without feeling pressured to buy.

Adult store employees are super qualified.

Working in an adult store is no different than working in other retail environments. Like any other sales job, they have to have certain credentials and are trained to work in the store. They just want to help people own their sexuality and feel comfortable with their bodies.

There’s no reason to feel ashamed or nervous.

Believe it or not, your fantasies are no different than those of others. Studies indicate that sexual interests that are usually considered taboo are actually normal.

Everyone – yes, everyone – needs lube.

Some female customers think that needing lube makes them less womanly, or they’re concerned that their male partner will feel inadequate if they need lube to get slippery for sex. And although there’s a common belief that a woman’s wetness depends on her level of arousal, there are plenty of things that can affect self-lubrication, including hormone fluctuations, pregnancy – even antihistamines and antidepressants. Even naturally wet women can reach orgasm faster with lube.

There’s one question they wish you wouldn’t ask.

While it’s okay to ask for recommendations, it’s not okay to ask an adult store employee what they love the most. Not only is it invasive, but the answer won’t help you determine which toy is right for you. Everyone is different and is turned on by different things.

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