Sexology 101

Want To Know How To Spice Up Your Sex Life INSTANTLY? In just 5 easy steps!

If you’re like most couples, maintaining the spark in your relationship can be challenging at times.  And after a while, your sexual routine can get a little stale. Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways you can spice up your sex life.

Here are five (somewhat) kinky things to help get you out of your sexual slump.

Use Role Play to Spice Up Your Sex Life

If you’re cautious about switching up your bedroom routine, role playing could be right for you. By allowing you to adopt a new persona, role play can provide a boost to your confidence.

For instance, if you’ve always fantasized about sexy nurses and hunky fireman, or just enjoy amateur dramatics, this could be the one for you.

Roleplay is a great way of acting out sexual fantasies and spice things up a bit, especially in long – term relationships where you have been having sex with the same person for a long time. You could role play meeting each other for the first time again, which will surely reignite the spark.

Try Pegging to Spice Up Your Sex Life

While some couples may be uneasy about trying this newly-popular sex trend, it is becoming more popular. Pegging is when a woman penetrates a man, usually with a strap on or other kind of dildo.

While this may seem out of your comfort zone, it can really help to heighten your sexual pleasure. The only way to a man’s P-spot is through the anal door, so if you’re game to a bit of anal play this can be a great way of achieving some mind-blowing orgasms. Keep in mind that this is definitely a step-up from exploring with a finger, so make sure you take things slow.

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Sex Toys Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

For some people it can be intimidating to bring sex toys into your relationship because they worry that their partner will grow too fond of the toys to be able to orgasm without them. But in reality, they’re a great way to experiment with different sensations, especially cock rings and vibrators, both of which are great for mutual pleasure.

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The fever generated by Fifty Shades is not slowing down. If your bedroom habits are getting dull, you can always include a bit of bondage. If you feel a bit hesitant about it, you can get a taste of domination and submission by changing who is in control during sex.

There are different levels of BDSM and it can simply refer to the power exchange between two people. For example, if you’ve always been the submissive in the bedroom, try some role reversal and become the dominator, to mix things up a bit.

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Try Cuckolding to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Open relationships aren’t for everyone, but they can be a lot of fun. A popular trend is cuckolding, during which a man watches his partner have sex with another man, but it’s not for jealous types.

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