Sexology 101

Vibrators 101: Your Questions Answered

Vibrators…they’re the world’s favorite sex toy, but they’re often misunderstood, leaving users with a lot of questions. So this week we’re going to answer the most common questions we’re asked about vibrators.

Do all vibrators provide the same feeling?

No, vibrators differ both in speed and in the intensity of the vibration they create, ranging anywhere from a mild hum to an intense throb. Some vibrators offer numerous speeds and settings, and the material that they are manufactured from can affect the sensation that is produced. 

How do I use a vibrator to reach an orgasm?

Relax, begin slowly, and get to know your vibrator and your body. Touch your vibrator to different parts of your genitals to find out what feels good and then keep doing it. Let your arousal increase and nature will take its course.

Can I put a vibrator into my vagina?

Most dildo (penis shaped) vibrators can be safely inserted into the vagina. Be sure to use lubrication (such as KY Jelly), start slowly and don’t force it if there is resistance. Stop using your vibrator if you experience pain.

How do I use vibrators to arouse my G-spot?

Insert the vibrator 2” – 3” into your vagina and angle it upward, toward your novel, so it is pressing against the upper vaginal wall. Stroke it in and out, while pressing up on the outstroke. If you feel like you have to pee, you’re doing it correctly. There are also vibrators designed especially for G-spot stimulation.

Should I use a lube on my vibrator and if so, what type?

Water-based lube is compatible with all types of vibrating sex toys and make cleanup easy.

Can a vibrator assist with reaching an orgasm while engaged in intercourse?

A vibrator can help you get in better touch with your body, and can be used during foreplay or during sex with a partner to help reach an orgasm.

I still can’t reach orgasm with my vibrator – what am I doing wrong?

You might have a vibrator that isn’t right for you, or you may not have found the right spot for stimulating yourself. If you have put a lot of time and effort into climaxing – and feel that you keep getting close but can’t seem to reach orgasm – there may be psychological or physical factors that are inhibiting you.

What can I use to clean my vibrator?

You can use mild soap and warm water, or buy a sex toy cleaning solution. If your vibrator isn’t waterproof, be sure not to submerge it in water.

Can a vibrator be used to stimulate a man?

A woman can use a vibrator to stimulate a man’s penis and scrotum, and if it’s the type that can be inserted, his prostate.

Can my vibrator cause an infection?

Women can contract bacterial vaginal infections or yeast infections when using sex toys that haven’t been cleaned properly. Women can also experience a vaginal infection if their vibrator accidentally carries germs from the anal region to the vaginal area. This typically occurs if it is used in or near a woman’s anus, and then used in or near the vagina without washing it.

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