Sexology 101

The Most Underrated Erogenous Zones

Every body – whether male or female – has a map. And the key to breaking out of a boring sexual rut is to explore your partner’s most delicate areas.

Sure the right touch in the right place can bring a shiver to anyone. But after a while, the repetitive old foreplay routine starts to feel a little stale. If you sincerely want to bust out of that sexual rut, keep reading our guide to the body’s most unappreciated erogenous zones.

Erogenous zones are the places on the body that are most reactive to sensual touch. The body’s primary erogenous zones are located where our nerve endings are intense, including the clitoris and the head of the penis. We also have secondary erogenous zones, which have erotic importance due to sexual habituation. For example, if a previous lover always touched the small of your back during a passionate kiss, this may become an erogenous zone for you.

Fun with Feet: Frolicking with feet isn’t just for people with a fetish for them. The feet and toes are incredibly responsive, and touching them can elicit a powerful reaction. A large area of the brain receives sensations from the feet and toes, so paying attention to them can be very stimulating!  The ancient art of reflexology revealed that some certain pressure points located in the feet can trigger sexual arousal. It may not work for everyone, but a soothing foot massage is a great way to find those hot buttons!

A Beautiful Back: The back is one continuous erogenous zone. Slowly draw your fingers down your partner’s spine or leave a trail of soft, sensual kisses, making sure to linger at any area that makes your lover gasp or moan. The small of the back is particularly rich in nerve endings.  Treating your partner to a back massage after a long day at work is another great way to get things started because it increases blood flow to the pelvic region.

The Stomach is Sensual: Forget any body hang-ups you may have and enjoy how good it feels when your partner touches your stomach. It’s such an erogenous zone that some women can even orgasm just through flexing their stomach muscles! Sensual touch and massage can do wonders, and send delicious tingles down your body.

Love the Bottom: A firm hand used on the buttocks can feel delicious. Grab a handful when you’re kissing, or spank it if you’re feeling brave. Not everyone enjoys this type of sensual punishment, but it can drive some people crazy.  If you feel self conscious, try to focus on how you feel, rather than worrying about how you think you might look to others because lower inhibitions lead to amazing sex.

The Sexy Side of Knees and Elbows: The knees and elbows aren’t the best looking body parts, but you can discover their sensual sides with a bit of exploration. There are many nerve endings located in the underside of these areas just waiting for you to find and delight them. And if you get a positive reaction, don’t be afraid to take a little nibble!

That Sexy Space Between the Ears: Don’t forget the brain – research suggests that the brain is really our biggest erogenous zone. After all, that’s where sexual desire starts and it commands our orgasms. Make lovemaking a visual feast with mood lighting and plenty of eye contact. And remember to communicate, whether it’s whispering sweet nothings or talking dirty.

Sex is all about sensation, but what we often forget is that our bodies have a whole environment of sexually responsive areas. Of course, everyone’s sweet spots are a bit different, which means it’ll take some time to explore and map out what works for you and your partner but you’ll both enjoy the effort so much that you won’t even mind.


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