Sexology 101

Traveling With Sex Toys

The peak travel season is right around the corner and that means you and your partner probably have a trip planned. Whether you’re going across the city or across the world, bringing sex toys with you helps ensure you have great sex while you’re away. Traveling with sex toys can present some unique challenges, specifically how to pack them and what to do if your bag gets searched.

Following are some ways to make traveling with sex toys easier.

  1. Bring a toy that doesn’t look like a sex toy. If it gets removed, it’s less likely to draw attention.
  1. Prevent vibes from accidentally turning on. Always remove the batteries if your toys have them. If not, see if you can lock the toy. This means your toy won’t turn on even if it’s buttons get pushed. Check the toy’s instruction manual for directions how.
  1. Put your toys in a clear plastic bag. This way if someone inspects your carry-on OR checked suitcase, they don’t actually touch your toy.
  1. Don’t forget toy cleanser. Yes, even if you put the toy in a plastic bag, you still need to wash your toys before and after each use with toy cleaner.
  1. Remember that size matters. Anything more than 7” is considered baton- or club-like and isn’t allowed in your carry-on. Checking it is a better option but there is still a risk the toy will be confiscated. Unless you can’t live without it, leave your heavier and larger toys at home.
  1. Remember the 3-1-1 rule for liquids. Personal lubricant, toy cleanser, and other liquids or gels need to be in small containers (3 oz. or less) and then placed in a quart-sized plastic bag. If they’re any bigger, check them!

Other Rules for Traveling with Sex Toys 

The tips above are great for dildos, vibrators, and liquids. But what about other sex toys and accessories? When in doubt, check the TSA website or contact the TSA directly.

Definitely okay to carry-on:

  • Handcuffs;
  • Strap-on harnesses or other gear made of leather, fabric, buckles;

Gray Areas (might be a good idea to check):

  • Toys longer than 7”, especially ones made of hard or heavy materials such as glass, stone, or stainless steel;
  • Whips: Riding whips and riding crops are okay for carry-on but other whips must be checked;
  • Paddles & Floggers: ping-pong paddles are ok; anything bigger should get checked;

MUST check:

  • Objects with sharp edges or points;
  • Objects that are similar in size/shape/weight to clubs, bats, or batons.

Traveling with sex toys doesn’t have to be so hard. Yes, there’s a risk of embarrassment. But with at least half of the people in the country using sex toys, they’re common and not all that surprising. Take a deep breath, practice saying, “That’s my sex toy,” and focus on the fact that a fabulous getaway – complete with hotel sex – is right on the other side of the gate!

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