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Our Top Tips for Giving the Gift of Orgasm This Holiday

What would you say you really want this holiday season? Is it really a new sweater or tie or would it be to feel sexual arousal again, or to have some type of new sexual experience? What if all you want for this sexy holiday season is an orgasm? You aren’t alone.

So how do you give the gift of arousal and orgasm to yourself or your partner? It’s about bringing in the toys, ideas and accessories that you need to get it on!

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Get Messy!

Whether male or female, when it comes to sexual pleasure, be sure to bring plenty of lube. Lubricant is ideal for any kind of sex – particularly anal sex – and a delightful addition to use with your favorite sex toys. For yummier oral sex, try one of our flavored lubes, which will make your partner taste that much more delicious. You just can’t have too much lube when you are talking sexual pleasure, so be generous.

  1. Change It Up!

Consider bringing in a new piece of play furniture and see things from a new perspective! These pieces can bring a new sense of adventure to your sex life, as new positions bring new possibilities and these pieces can inspire a lot of playful, happy times! Put one of these under the tree and see what happens!

  1. Get Elegant!

When you want to go sleek and elegant in giving your gift of orgasm, think vibe. We offer the best vibes around with designs that are both sexy and elegant. Put one of these in your partner’s stocking. It’s all about getting the party started with some new toys and renewed anticipation.

  1. The BestGasm!

Everyone likes to get power toys for the holiday! We have something for absolutely everyone! Our adult sex toys for men and women are exquisitely detailed to produce mind-blowing orgasms on demand. Whether you’re new to sex toys or looking for something new and exciting to add to your collection, our toys are sure to satisfy.

  1. Get Aroused!

One fun way to give the gift of orgasm is to start with arousal! And one of the best ways to start that engine is with giving and receiving sexy dress up! It’s what’s on the inside that really counts, but some sexy adult apparel on the outside never hurts! Seductive panties, corsets, hosiery and shoes can make any woman feel sexy and desired, and who doesn’t enjoy that? Be sure to think outside the box.

  1. Plan a Sex Getaway!

Put a sexcation on the gift list this year and increase the burn! There is nothing like taking orgasm to another location and pushing your erotic edges by learning more with each other or for yourself! Sexcations are the perfect way to shake off cobwebs from your orgasm!

  1. Get All Fifty Shades of Grey!

How about putting some ropes, paddles and a blindfold on the list? Or taking lessons for the weekend with a bondage instructor? Now that’s hot! Anyone feeling aroused yet?

  1. The Hands Have it!

Give your lover a sexy massage using massage oils and massage oil candles. When lit, the candle will turn into warm oil, while putting a mood fragrance in the air.

So forget the juicer and the gym membership. Isn’t it time to give your partner the gift he or she really wants?  Make this a sexy holiday season!

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