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Tips to Make Your Sex Toys Last Longer Read this before you use your sex toys again!

Imagine turning your favorite sex toy on and nothing happens. Assuming it needs new batteries, you open it and find a thin, white powder covering the inside. You had heard somewhere that you should be taking the batteries out in between sessions, but you hadn’t done that. Today we’re sharing tips to make your sex toys last longer.

To make your sex toys last longer clean them frequently.

Cleaning your sex toys is absolutely essential, and so is cleaning them right after you use them, no matter how lazy you are post-orgasm. Don’t let them sit in a drawer until your next use.  Use gentle soaps or specialty toy cleaner instead, and make sure to dry them thoroughly to avoid mold and mildew buildup. After you clean the toy, store it in a dust bag or a small case or buy a sex toy holder. Read: How to Clean and Maintain Your Sex Toys.

To make your sex toys last longer, be careful with water.

Remember to be careful while you’re cleaning your toys, or using them in the bath or shower, especially if your toy uses batteries or has a hole where the charger plugs in. Wipe it down, but don’t submerge it under water. And be wary of any waterproof claims from brands you don’t trust.

Don’t use silicone lube with silicone toys. 

Any kind of sex (even solo sex) can be made infinitely better with lots of lube, because everything’s more fun when it’s slippery. But, there’s one exception when using toys: You should never, ever pair silicone sex toys with silicone lube. The two substances rubbing up against each other actually ends up wearing away the silicone on the sex toy or causing the product to expand and morph shape. So, use water-based lubes or coconut oil instead.

To make your sex toys last longer, remove the batteries when not in use.

If you’re using a toy that uses batteries, take them out whenever you’re not using the toy. Batteries can break down and potentially ruin your sex toy, and the batteries will lose power more quickly and you’ll need to buy replacements more often if you leave them in.

Keep your toys out of extreme heat.

For a lot of materials, especially softer ones, prolonged exposure to heat or sunlight can damage the materials and cause more rapid breakdown. Store your sex toys like you would any other prized possession: in a cool/room temperature, dry place.

To make your sex toys last longer, consider condoms.

Sex toy materials aren’t all made equal, and some are much more porous than others. If you’re using a porous toy use a condom over it to prevent it from filling with mold, mildew, or anything else you don’t want inside a sex toy. And if you want to be super safe, consider investing in a toy sanitizer.

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