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Our Tips for a Sexy New Year’s Eve Celebration!

New Year’s Eve is upon us and it’s one of the sexiest nights of the year! Start your year off right with our tips for a sexy celebration, compliments of the best adult store in Tampa!

Tip #1:  Buy a feminine gift bag and card with tissue paper; add an alluring bra and panty set with a spritz or two of your favorite perfume. Kiss the card with your reddest lipstick and sign with a message to return to you on New Year’s Eve. Then put it in the back seat of his car – one whiff and he will know it’s there.  The anticipation will be mind numbing!

Tip #2: Men are hunters; try to lead him on a provocative trail straight to your bed or the new sex furniture you bought for the occasion! While he is relaxing in another room, put on your favorite lingerie, gather your sexiest panties and/or sex toys (or both) and drop them in an enticing line directly to your bed or choice of the exciting spot where he will land his prey! When all is prepared, drop some slinky panties in his lap and walk slowly away. I believe he will be smiling as he follows your trail.

Tip #3: Staying home on New Year’s? When all has quieted down, spray your favorite perfume, (all over your body) put on your sexy high heels and a jacket … and nothing else. Get the car keys and hand them to him. Take his hand and gently place it under the jacket and between your legs letting him feel the wetness of your excitement. With a quick kiss on his lips entice him by saying, “Come on.” Let him drive you to the quiet place of your choice for a passionate rendezvous. You can touch each other all the way there in anticipation. Stay in the car or even more exciting, get out under the stars to ring in the New Year!

Tip #4: Blindfolds have been underrated and can be added to most lustful ideas. Not being able to see your partner or see them while they are pleasuring you is very erotic. And to be truthful … so fun to watch the blindfolded partner’s face. Don’t forget the kiss at midnight.

Tip #5: Tying the wrists of the one you love. Or you could trap him/her. While your partner is taking off his shirt, push him back onto the bed so that his arms are trapped and take advantage to your heart’s content. He won’t even try to escape.

Have a sexy New Year’s Eve and get 2017 started off right!!

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