Sexology 101

Tips for Keeping Your Long-Distance Relationship Hot and Sexy

Regardless of the circumstances, we all know how hard it can be to keep passion alive when you can’t see your partner as much as you’d like because of distance. Maybe you’ve moved to attend college or for your career…perhaps you met someone on a trip who you can’t seem to forget…maybe you’re home for the holidays only to leave when they’re over.

Whatever the case, keeping a relationship sexy can be challenging when miles separate you from your lover. But we can help! We’re offering tips to help keep the passion smokin’ hot even when you’re not close enough to actually lay your hands – or your mouth – on your partner.

  1. Get good at phone sex and sexting. Talking dirty to your partner through phone sex or sexting is a great way to keep the passion burning. Describe things you’re going to do to and with your partner when you see them. Don’t know what to say? Get some erotic literature to get your creative juices flowing. Or you can read the erotica aloud to your partner while you both sex it up using your favorite sex toys. Be very descriptive and go into great detail about how it’s making you feel. When you climax, let your lover know that it’s all because of them.
  1. Burn up the pages. Write some sexy letters describing in detail what you would like your partner to do to you and what you’ll do to them next time you’re together. Scent the paper with your signature perfume or cologne and seal it with a kiss using your favorite shade of lipstick. Encourage your partner to write back describing – in great detail – what they will do in return. If you aren’t a fan of snail mail, send the letters through email or social media (but be careful!). When you’re fortunate to embrace your passion in person, leave behind sexy photos and notes when you leave.
  1. Send sexy pictures or videos. Invest in some sexy new lingerie that your lover hasn’t seen and snap a pic. Tease him with messages like: “Can’t wait to wear this for you!” Men, snap a pic of your semi-erect penis in your boxer briefs with a quick note: “Can’t wait to finish with you!” If you’re feeling really adventurous, record a quick video of you stroking yourself or playing with your favorite sex toy almost to climax. But don’t finish…just enjoy the tease!
  1. Engage in web-cam sex. Use your laptop’s webcam or your iPad’s Face Time feature and perform for each other on demand. Tell your partner exactly what you want to see and have your partner do the same. Don’t hesitate to put on some sexy lingerie and use your favorite vibrator or g-spot toy to really turn him on. When you find the spot, let him know and watch the passion mount.
  1. Send erotic treats. Although there’s nothing like the real thing, if you’re in a long-distance relationship and are committed to staying exclusive, you may have to get creative.Men, send your lover a vibrator and include a note of what you would like her to do with it, then schedule a time for her to use it for you via Skype or phone sex. Girls, send your guy a masturbatorand include a naughty picture of yourself in your sexiest lingerie and tell him to imagine it’s you.

With a little creativity – and some up-close and personal stimulation – you can keep the fire burning in a long-distance relationship. Sometimes the distance can even be stimulating, stoking the passion fire until you’re together again. Then watch out!