Sexology 101

Tips for First Time Sex With A New Partner

Suppose you’ve been out on a few dates together and you both agree to go back to either’s home with the intent of sex hanging in the air. How do you handle what could be a delicate situation?

So how do you ensure your first sexual experience with your new partner goes well? By following a few basic principles.

Relax! You both need to accept that it’s probably going to be awkward from the start so try to. Try to go with the flow rather than having a set plan of how you’re hoping or expecting the event to proceed.

Entice the 6 senses to create arousal. This is where sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and humor can make or break the mood. Now is the time to explore each other’s bodies with a lot of touching and tasting.

Be confident! Confidence makes a person look and feel sexier! Make a point of undressing each other slowly and admiring each other’s bodies. While you might want to tear each other’s clothes off it’s usually better to let the anticipation build.

No pressure. Men in particular need to ensure they don’t put any pressure on a woman to have sex. She will only want to when she’s ready. Women generally have the power at this juncture and a man just has to run with it rather than try to force or coerce her to have sex.

Pay attention to body language. It’s important to read signs before, during and after your first time together. Don’t try to over analyze the situation and make each other feel great afterwards.

Ask questions. The age old adage that it’s better to ask for permission rather than forgiveness rings true when you’re exploring each other’s body and turn-ons for the first time.

Lower your expectations. If you’re hoping for amazing sex then you could be setting yourself, or both of you, up for a serious disappointment! No one usually performs like a porn star the first time you have sex.

Forget about your dungeon or kinks you may have. The first time isn’t the time to start bragging about how you have a dungeon in your spare room or that you love partner swapping and threesomes.

Don’t bring out the sex toys. To be safe I think it’s better to forget the sex toys until you get to know each other better in the bedroom.

Don’t leave right after you orgasm. By all means get up to wash off but try to bask in the glory of your first naked experience together.

Have safe sex. If a couple hasn’t had sex before, they need to discuss what form of contraceptive they will use to avoid unwanted pregnancies and they need to use condoms unless.

Contact them the next day. No one likes game playing or feeling like it didn’t mean something when they’ve just had sex with a new partner. You need to let them know how much you enjoyed it and how you’d like to see them again soon.

We’ve probably all had a few first time sexual encounters that haven’t gone too well. That’s fine, however we all need to remember that sex with a partner usually always gets better over time.



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