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This Year’s Top 6 Sex Trends 2019 is Going to Be a Very Hot Year!

With each new year, people eagerly await new trends in fashion, food and even sex. From new kinky sex moves to different ways to spice things up in the bedroom, people love exploring latest in the sex trends.

When we talk about sex trends, it’s not just the positions, but also the kind of sexual relationships will be a hit among people and how you can further boost your sexual experience.

These sex trends are surely going to turn the heat up and will prepare you for a roller coaster ride in the bedroom.

This Year’s Top Sex Trends

Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamory or having open sexual relationships is not a new concept but it is now being more widely accepted. Many celebrities and influencers have shared how successful polyamorous relationships are and people are now relating to the idea of having non-monogamous relationships.

Sex Dolls

With the emergent technology, sex dolls have increasingly become popular among the masses and are one of this year’s biggest sex trends. Not only do they provide the same sexual pleasure as a human being, but they also don’t cheat. So, no heartbreaks.

Artificial Intelligence

Just like how Alexa listens to you, a vibrator can do the same thing and will adjust themselves to fit your desires. Sexual devices of this nature will soon be able to learn the patterns and characteristics of your pleasure and adapt to you personally.


In 2019, women will explore their singlehood and most likely will not need a man to satisfy their sexual needs. Blame the AI and sex dolls for these sex trends. Gifting sex toys will be popular among women and self-exploration will be on the rise.

Angry Dirty Talk

Women will fight traditional and gender norms, leading to more heated sexual discussions. From the ashes of 2018, we can expect to see conversations about sex, sexual equality, and human rights become increasingly tense and heated in 2019.

Male Sex Toys

The sex toy market will launch a number of new male sex toys including prostate massagers and masturbation sleeves. The entire industry will begin to treat male sex toys with the same respect that we’ve been treating female-focused sex toys for years.

Nothing is ever certain, and these sex trends will keep changing with time. Just keep in mind that when it comes to sex, sexual preferences or sexual relationships, consent is the key.

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