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The Top 5 Sex Acts Americans Are Into and What They Want to Try Is your partner holding back his or her desires?

If you’re in a relationship, there’s a good chance your partner secretly wants to spice things up in the bedroom. A new study found that one in four Americans in a relationship has a secret sex act in mind that they want to try but haven’t yet asked their partner. Today we’re sharing the numbers on the top 5 sex acts they’re into.

The survey revealed quite a bit of steamy data about what Americans desire and get up to between the sheets, and as many as 40 percent of Americans claim to be a kinky person. In fact, over a third of Americans say they have a specific kink or fetish.

Top Sex Acts

Using sex toys is the most popular sexual act, with nearly one in two Americans open to this. Over thirty percent said they want to experiment more with sex toys with their current partner.

Role-playing is another popular bedroom activity, with almost 30 percent saying they’re interested in it and one in four reporting they want to give it a try.

But while many Americans certainly have kinky sexual interests, that doesn’t necessarily mean they get to indulge them all the time. One in two respondents who reported they had a fetish or specific sex acts said it takes them at least a month or longer to even bring it up with their partner.

Also in the study it was found that:

  • Almost 30 percent of Americans said they wanted to try anal sex with their partner;
  • 25 percent want to get more into role-playing in the bedroom;
  • Over 20 percent want to try some kinkier stuff with their partner like bondage and S&M.
  • 30 percent reported they want to experiment more with sex toys,
  • 16 percent want to try anal sex;
  • one in 10 Americans hope to take part in a threesome.

Top 5 sex acts Americans are into, in order:

  • Sex toys;
  • Rough sex;
  • Role play;
  • Anal sex;
  • Spanking.

Top 5 sex acts Americans want to try:

  • Sex toys;
  • Rough sex;
  • Role play;
  • Anal sex;
  • Submission / Dominance.

So how do your favorite sex acts measure up? Let this be the year you let loose and experiment – do all the things you’ve wanted to do. Don’t you owe it to yourself?

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