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Sure, sex toys can add a lot to your sex life, but what about your relationship? While some couples find introducing sex toys into the bedroom to be intimidating, many couples look to them as the surefire way to heat things up in bed. But what does added pleasure do for your bond?

When sex toy manufacturer We-Vibe launched the We-Vibe Classic, a sex toy that allows couples to enjoy it together and apart, thanks to an app that can be downloaded to your phone, the tide of sex toys changed. And now, they’ve added a new one to the mix: Sync. Sync is the world’s first adjustable couples vibrator. This, of course, is great news because, as we all know, when it comes to body parts, one size doesn’t exactly fit all.

And, like their other couples products, the We-Connect app lets partners play when they’re apart; even a world apart.

To celebrate the launch of Sync We-Vibe recently conducted a study of 1,000 men and women, between the ages of 35 and 55, to see how sex toys affect their relationships and what they want more of in the bedroom. Here’s what they found.

  1. The majority of people use sex toys to keep their sex life spicy. According to the study, over 80 percent of those surveyed make a fearless effort to keep their sex life as exciting as possible. You can’t stick to one or two positions forever and not start to get a little bored. That’s where toys, for over 50 percent of couples, come in to save the day.
  1. Almost 50 percent of people are using sex toys to liven up their sex lives. Not that you should be surprised, because sex toys are more normal than ever, but the study found that 45 percent of people incorporate toys into their sex life to keep things exciting, which is great news because toys really do enhance pleasure and sexual exploration!
  1. Using vibrators make couples communicate more. Of those who participated in the study, nearly half of them who use vibrators report communicating often, whether about sex or other subjects. In contrast, of those who don’t use vibrators, only 29 percent of couples could report the same level of openness and communication.
  1. Couples who use sex toys are better at giving direction to their partners. In addition to communicating, when it comes to great sex, couples also need to be able to give direction. Twenty-nine percent of couples who use vibrators have zero doubts about giving their partner directions in bed.
  1. Just the act of buying a sex toy may increase communication. According to the study, buying a sex toy is connected with more communication between partners. If you’re making the purchase together, you need to be pretty open about what you want and what you don’t want.
  1. Most couples rely on new positions to keep sex exciting. Although there are those couples who will throw sex toys into the mix to keep things spicy, most just stick to new sex positions. According to the study, over 75 percent of couples try to make sex more exciting by trying different positions.
  1. The minority of couples felt their sex lives could be improved. For nearly 40 percent of respondents, more sex would make their sex lives better. But for those who were content with the amount of sex they were having, what they really wanted was change and better quality sex. Of those surveyed nearly 30 percent wanted better sex with their partner and about the same percentage wanted to “change” sex with their partner.
  1. Over 60 percent of couples think more foreplay is the way to go. For over 60 percent of couples, the most exciting way to make things more fun in the bedroom is by extending foreplay. Although the study didn’t say how long these couples are focusing on foreplay, the fact is that foreplay is finally getting the attention it deserves.

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