Sexology 101

Some of Our Best Sex Advice for Men and Women!

Being in this business, we get asked a lot of questions from which lubes to buy to how to dominate your partner. But our job is not just to sell our customers a dildo or a blow-up doll for a bachelor party – it also involves us being a kind of sex therapist. So we try to provide a lot of information regarding how to make our customers’ sex lives better!

Here’s just a sample of some of that advice.

Advice For Women (Men, you should read this, too!)

  1. Never, ever fake an orgasm. You are not doing yourself – or your partner – any favors by faking an orgasm. Your partner will never learn how to really please you if you are constantly pretending to reach orgasm!
  1. Don’t pretend to like something that you really don’t. If you don’t like something your partner is doing, don’t act like you do. Instead be honest and tell your partner what you DO like, or what would feel better for you.
  1. Communication is key. Not many of us in the world are psychic, which means that no one can read your mind. So, talk to your partner and communicate what makes you feel good, new things you’d like to try, what your boundaries are (if any) and even what turns you off.
  1. Accept the fact that most orgasms need clitoral stimulation and time. Once you accept this fact, work with your partner regarding how you like to achieve orgasm, whether it’s manually, orally, with the use of a sex toy, or a combination.
  1. Don’t be afraid to try anal sex. Even the smallest plug can add great pleasure for both women and men! If your partner is a man and he wants to try prostate stimulation, don’t get upset! Female and male rectums both have erogenous nerve endings that can provide a lot of stimulation.
  1. Buy some lube products and use them. You may be a woman who gets the wettest of the wet, but you should still use lube to minimize friction. Same rule applies to sex toys – always use a good lube with your toys to minimize friction and reduce irritation. And, if you do try anal sex, using a lot of lube greatly decreases the potential for discomfort.
  1. Be adventurous. It’s okay to try new things. Don’t afraid of the different things your partner asks to try. They are asking YOU to try it…they want to do it with YOU. View that as a sign that they enjoy having sex with you, and feel at ease enough to participate in their fantasies.
  1. ALWAYS use protection with someone you don’t know. Some people lie about their sexual health, and nothing wrecks a hot one-night stand like an STD. No amount of sex is worth risking your health, so practice safe sex until you and your partner have been tested.

Advice For Men 

  1. See #1 through # 8 above. All of that advice applies to you, too!
  1. Slow down. Sex should not be a race to reach orgasm. It should be about achieving mutual satisfaction with your partner. This may sound like crazy advice, but try to slow down to ensure that your partner is completely satisfied!
  1. Don’t be insulted when your partner honestly communicates what he or she wants and needs. If someone is willing to talk with you about sex, it means they want to continue having sex with you and improve it! Better sex is never a bad thing!

So there you have it…go forth and have great sex!


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