The Sexual Side Effects of Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving is a sexy holiday, and Thanksgiving dinner is a sexy meal.

That’s right, we said it. What happens at the Thanksgiving table has been proven to get the blood flowing, and we’re not talking about your blood pressure. Many of the ingredients that go into Thanksgiving dinner are natural aphrodisiacs.

Pumpkin pie: That pumpkin pie you’re enjoying does more than expand your waistline – it’s also a sexual aphrodisiac. According to Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, the aroma of pumpkin pie increases blood flow to the penisby 40 percent. And it works even better when combined with the scent of lavender. When eaten, pumpkin provides a healthy dose of zinc, an element necessary for healthy blood flow and testosterone production.

Oysters: Oysters have a long-standing reputation as an aphrodisiac, and for good reason – they contain enormous amounts of zinc, which, as mentioned before, is important for testosterone production in both men and women. For men, it’s been shown to improve both the longevity of their erection and the quality of their sperm.

Fig/cranberry sauce: Cranberry sauce with port and dried figs is great for both getting in the mood beforehand and preventing complications afterward. Figs are high in the sex-drive-boosting Vitamin A (which is important for the reproductive and circulatory systems), and cranberries are great for treating potential urinary tract infections with a healthy dose of Vitamin C. Figs are also fairly sexually suggestive because when sliced, they resemble a woman’s vulva and can make quite an addition to a holiday table.

Sweet potatoes: The sweet potato, while not scientifically proven, has been said to increase the female sex driveif consumed in large amounts. What science does know about the sweet potato is that it’s high in potassium, which helps reduce stress, and has Vitamins A, C and iron, which are important sex drive-enhancing nutrients.

Celery and fennel: Celery seems to find its way in many Thanksgiving recipes, yet it remains such an unassuming vegetable. But celery contains androsterone, a powerful male hormone that stimulates female sexual arousal. Historically, it’s also been used as a cure for impotence. For all you ladies out there, while the men chew on celery, make sure you crunch on a bit of fennel. Fennel contains an estrogen-like substance called estriol that not only will give a boost to your libido, but will also help alleviate post-dinner bloating and cure many PMS-related symptoms.

Chocolate: What’s not to love about chocolate? Not only does it boost your endorphins – it also stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain and increases a woman’s sex drive. What’s more, women who eat chocolate regularly have a better sex life than those who deny themselves the treat.

Red wine: We all know it makes one feel fine, but along with decreasing your inhibitions, red wine is also rich in resveratrol, an important antioxidant. Studies found that levels of sexual desire were higher in women who were moderate drinkers of red wine than in their counterparts who preferred other alcoholic drinks, or were teetotalers.

So there you have it! Go forth and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and whatever follows!



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