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Sex Up Your Valentine’s Day This Year!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you’re probably trying to decide how to express your love for your significant other. Your decision depends not only on the length and depth of the relationship, but your personalities as well.

Is your partner deep into Valentine’s Day and all the traditional trimmings? Or is he/she going to be embarrassed by a super romantic gesture? Or, would he/she just like to spend the entire holiday in the bedroom?

Forget chocolate and flowers, this Valentine’s Day turn up the heat and get sensual. We’re sharing our top 10 tips to get you started.

  1. Play dress up…and take off. This is great for people who don’t get to dress up very often in their professional lives. You and your partner put on your sexiest outfits and enjoy a meal together – either at a restaurant or at home – and then have even more fun removing each other’s clothing.
  1. Bring out the blindfold. From the minute your partner enters the bedroom, have him/her undress then bring out the blindfold. If your partner is okay with it, use scarves to tie the hands and feet to the bedposts and give your partner the sensual body treatment of a lifetime. Slow down…play around.
  1. How about whips and chains (without the pain)? There are so many great whips and chains on the market today that can be extremely fun. Discuss it with your partner first if this is something you haven’t done before. Use whips teasingly to build sensual excitement and stimulation.
  1. Massage your partner. A simple treat surely, but highly effective for a reason. Get some quality massage oils and massage your partner from head to toe, including the feet, legs, back, butt, shoulders and even the head and neck.
  1. Cook up a little fun in the kitchen. Again, this seems a bit basic, but at the end of the day it’s a really grand gesture to have someone cook an entire meal, start to finish. Maybe it’s not considered to be a sensual gift for Valentine’s Day, but sexing it up over a kitchen counter following the meal would be the perfect nightcap.
  1. Go luxury. Everyone loves a little getaway, so why not take your partner to a luxurious hotel and pull out all the stops like room service, oversized Jacuzzi tub for two, flowers and your favorite beverages? You both can take full advantage of the mini-vacation you are taking in your own city.  And don’t forget to pack your toys and sexy lingerie!
  1. Shower power. Transform your bathroom into a place of luxury and pleasure. Set the mood with some wine and candles and then climb into the tub or shower together. Shower sex always rocks.
  1. Play a little game. There are some great games that include oral sex and other favors. So why not get one, have some cocktails and “play” around?
  1. Go “parking” like you did in your teens. Relive your teenage years and take your partner out to a beautiful lookout point in your city, then park the car and make out like you’re both 15 years old again.
  1. Forever foreplay. You want your partner to really be shocked by your sensual Valentine’s Day plan? Buy some new toys that you can both enjoy and act out each other’s fantasies and fetishes.

Cheers to a sassy, sexy and sensual Valentine’s Day!






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