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Sex Toys Tampa: A Guide for Beginners For everything from vibrators to c-rings, we've got you covered!

Some people mistakenly think that relying on sex toys Tampa for pleasure alone means that they will be unable to perform with a partner.  Some even believe that using a sex toy brings their sexual competence into question. Others are just worried that owning a sex toy presents them as a nymphomaniac or being desperate.

The key to a good sex life – with both yourself and others – is openness and curiosity. Of course you don’t have to try anything that you aren’t interested in, but toys are a fantastic way to keep sex interesting and enjoyable.

In light of this, we have compiled a beginner’s list of different types of sex toys Tampa to help you decide which, if any, are right for you. This isn’t by any means a complete list and there is so much more out there to try, but it’s a good place to start.

A Beginner’s List of Sex Toys Tampa

Bullet Vibrators:  Most people who own any kind of sex toy will own one of these, or will have had one in the past. Bullet vibrators are small and discreet, and they look like a bullet. They’re perfect for use alone or with a partner.

Dildos & Dongs:  This is another classic addition to any bedside drawer. When used with a water based lubricant, they can be a lot of fun. Dildos & dongs can come in multiple textures and materials, from smooth to ribbed to realistic. Many are specifically curved to hit different interior spots and provide more interesting sensations.

Strap-On: Everyone can enjoy strap-on sex. Comfortable to wear and ultra-sexy, a harness allows for hands-free dildo fun. With so many harnesses, strap-on sex has never been better! Today’s harnesses are designed with ultimate comfort in mind. Many of our harnesses feature velvety inner linings and adjustable straps, so it can truly be an extension of you.

Cock-Rings:  A cock ring (or C-ring) is one of the most versatile and widely-used sex toys in Tampa. A cock ring is typically worn at the base of the penis, and works to gently restrict blood flow. There are actually a few benefits to using a cock ring.  It makes an erection firmer, longer lasting, and more sensitive.

Classic Vibrators & Rabbits: The classic vibrator is much like an oversized bullet, and they often provide a stronger vibration, if that is what you want from a sex toy. Like dildos, these vibrators come in a range of sizes, textures and shapes to suit your requirements.

A rabbit vibrator is a step up from classic vibrators, and they can be identified by the “rabbit ears” that are located part way up the shaft. Some rabbit vibrators will offer a vibrating, textured or rotating shaft, and the ears themselves can often be set to different speeds or patterns of vibration. They are the perfect way to get both internal and external stimulation simultaneously.

Wand Vibrators:  Wand vibrators come in a vast array of sizes. They can be identified by a globular head on the very end and are best for the most powerful vibrations.

G-Spot Vibrators:  The features on our g-spot toys make finding it much easier and the steady pulse and style help insure the perfect orgasm. The curvature of these products allows for stimulation of your g-spot, while the profile of them allows you and your partner to explore all the sensitive and elusive areas in your quest. (How to find your G-spot.) (How to use a G-spot vibrator.)

There is No Shame to Owning Sex Toys Tampa!

There is no shame in having enjoyable sex, either alone or with others. Don’t be afraid to try sex toys – you might find that they revolutionize your experience of pleasure and bring new excitement to your sex life. And there’s really no need to be embarrassed about that!

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