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Revive Your Stale Sex Life in These 7 Sensual Ways Let's face it...a spontaneous sex life is one of the best moments in any relationship.

Let’s face it…a spontaneous sex life is one of the best moments in any relationship, so we finally had to address this sensitive issue.  We wonder…why are so many relationships succumbing to infidelity? Is there a relationship between happiness and the level of sexual satisfaction in a relationship?

Are we enjoying our matrimonial duties, or is sex merely a tool for reproduction? How do we revive our stale, barely functioning sex life in our marriages? If the heading of this blog caught your attention, then you’ve probably asked yourself one or more of these fundamental questions.

All these intriguing questions find their solution either fully – or in part – in one simple question: How can I spruce up my sex life?

This provides the biggest irony in relationships because they are built on trust, mutual understanding and comfort, while sex that’s become repetitive and comfortable eventually feels boring and stale.  Here are a few tips on how to boost your sex life.

Introduce roleplay in your sex life.

Nothing spells erotic like actually living out your sexual fantasies. Bring your wildest fantasies alive, be that Math teacher, or sexy school girl that he had a crush on back in the day. Or be that sexy nurse who’s sure to make her partner feel much, much better.  Read:  Bondage roleplay: Our favorites.

Make sex spontaneous and unpredictable.

Avoid the urge to write down sex dates on calendars. Spontaneous sex is the best way to revive a stale sex life – surprise each other with your urges and always be open to fulfilling your partner’s sexual desires.

Introduce foreplay into the equation.

One of the best ways to have a great sex life is by focusing on foreplay. Maybe send a text to your partner from your workplace and tell him or her how you are really looking forward to devouring them later that night.  This puts them in a sexual frame of mind and increases their receptiveness towards your advances. Also concentrate on physically making each other horny before sex. 

Rely on creativity, innovativeness and adventure in your sex life.

As the relationship advances become innovative and creative, come up with new ways that gets your heart racing and your sex life will get super sexy. Introduce new erotic styles that you’re both comfortable with, change positions, places and times. Bring in sex toys, lubes, sprays, lotions, creams and anything else that works to reinvigorate your senses.  How to introduce sex toys into the bedroom (video).

Exchange sensual massages.

This is an exercise that should be done without any focus on sex but merely for arousal and pleasure. Get naked and give each other massages in turns, concentrating on the pleasure points of you partner till they achieve orgasm on their own without any sexual penetration. Always make an effort of toying with each other’s bodies using some massage lotion or massage candles. Read:  How to give your partner a massage that will leave them begging for more.

Wear revealing and sexy outfits around the house.

Keeping your sex life alive takes a lot of energy and execution, but the benefits outweigh the costs by far. Always tease your partner by wearing outfits that expose and accentuate your sexual assets – flaunting these ‘fundamentals’ will keep the attraction alive. While doing this, you should try to practice sexual abstinence just to heighten the longing for the next sexual encounter.

Change your bedroom to fit a sexual theme.

Use fragrances and candles, scented massage oils, handcuffs, colors that arouse erotic sensations either in the wall paints or shade of lighting. Use cushions and sensual music to make lovemaking feel like a sexy luxury. You can also use full length mirrors alongside your bed to heighten your sexual experience.  Read:  Need tips for preparing a sexy bedroom?

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