Sexology 101

Perfecting the Art of Sexless Sex

This may be news to many of you, but sex doesn’t have to include penetration! The mistaken belief that “real” sex requires actual intercourse just isn’t true! Great sex comes in many sizes, shapes, colors and positions, and can be completely satisfying without penetration!

This is what is often referred to as “sexless sex” – having sex without intercourse. These forms of sex can be so mind-blowing that we all should try more sexless sex and sexual play!

So, today’s blog is all about omitting the penetration! It’s about digging deeper into sexual play while creating greater intimacy between you and your partner. It’s about creating a sensual setting where both of you can try new things and engage in different erotic activities. It’s about finding sexual satisfaction without the need for penetration.

Following are some ideas for you to try with your partner.

  • For him, use a warming lube and both hands. Grip his penis between your palms and use a twisting motion as you slide your hands up and down.
  • Or, grab a sex toy, load it up with a warming lube, and jerk him off. You can even introduce a cock ring into the mix.
  • Don’t want to do all the work? Let your partner rub his own penis with his hands or a toy while you tease his other sensitive body parts.
  • For her, use a cooling lube to caress her erogenous zone. The tingle will heighten her pleasure.
  • Choose a g-spot vibrator to use while you tease her other tingling areas.
  • Position yourselves in a 69 position, where you are both laying on your sides. Throw in some toys for the ultimate 69!
  • Read an erotic story to each other, masturbating or take turns touching each other as you read.
  • Have your partner record a video of you masturbating and then watch it together while your partner takes a turn pleasuring him or herself.
  • If you don’t have a hot tub, jump in the shower and use the showerhead to pleasure her.
  • Turn game night into an evening of sizzling seduction with a sex game. Board games have never been this much fun!
  • Grab a sensual massage oil and give each other massages with happy endings.
  • Stimulate each other with your hands through your clothes in a public place.
  • Even if you are in the same house, have phone sex or jump on your laptops. Set them up so you can watch each other masturbating. Then, masturbate to a real-time sex tape by your lover!

Contrary to popular belief, foreplay does not have to be the appetizer – it can be the main course. There are numerous ways to have sex without penetration – the key is to be creative.

And, not only will sexless sex allow you to have amazing orgasms, it’s a great way to be closer to your partner by creating intimacy and conversation – two of the keys to a more fulfilling sex life.

Ready to to give it a try? Proclaim a week of sex that’s dedicated solely to sexless sex! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.



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