Sexology 101

Need tips for getting more sex?

Whether it’s once a year or more frequently, everyone should at times reassess where they are in life and perhaps re-evaluate what’s important. And if they have a partner, they should communicate what they want and what makes them happy. If it’s more sex, or if they want to try new things or start living out their sexual fantasies, they need to have that conversation.

There always needs to be a catalyst for change. If someone is not happy with their sex life, they need to do something about it.  Following are some tips to help you reach your sexual goals.

  1. Be honest and realistic with both yourself and your partner. Reassess your current sex life and discuss what you’re happy with, what you’re not happy with and what you’d like to change. Discuss your sexual fantasies and whether or not you’d like to act them out – or try, rediscover or buy – new sex toys.
  1. Make sure that your relationship is going smoothly. Unlike most men, women typically need to feel an emotional connection with their partner in order to enjoy sex. And that’s only going to happen when they feel loved and when they feel they’re in a stable relationship. Think about your relationship and evaluate any issues you may have; if you can work through them, it sets the stage for more sex.
  1. Boost your and your partner’s libido. Remember there’s a direct connection between your and your partner’s libido and exercise, diet and overall lifestyle. Being overweight, a bad diet, being overly stressed, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, not getting enough exercise or sleep etc., can adversely impact your libido. If either you or your partner has a low libido, it doesn’t bode well for having more – or better – sex.
  1. Plan regular date nights. Most of us have busy lives these days so it’s important to plan regular times when you and your partner can have some time to yourselves without friends, kids or other distractions. This time together spent reconnecting can set the stage for more sex. Weekends away from home are a great way to spice up your sex life!
  1. Show more affection. Having sex usually has some prerequisites such as affection, passion and intimacy. If you’re not happy with how much sex you’re having, consider showing a bit more affection – it’s a surefire aphrodisiac! Assess how much passion there is in your relationship and see how you can improve on it.
  1. Spice things up a bit. Maybe it’s time to revisit foreplay techniques, and the way you currently have sex, as sex can become monotonous if it’s the same each time. Try new positions – possibly introduce sex furniture – and get more adventurous.
  1. Start being nicer to your partner! Everyone likes to be given compliments and made to feel appreciated. It makes them feel good about themselves and the relationship they’re in. Women especially love compliments regarding how they look because it makes them feel sexy. And if they feel sexy, be prepared for more sex!

Life’s not all about having great sex, but let’s face it, a great sex life can help make us happy!


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