Sexology 101

Need Some Tips for Amazing Shower Sex?

Contrary to popular belief, shower sex does not simply mean standing sex positions. Penetration doesn’t always equate to good sex, and when it comes to shower sex, it hardly ever does. Today we’re sharing some tips for amazing shower sex to make your experience wetter…and better!

The Sensual Art Of Washing Each Other

Don’t rush your shower play – put aside a full hour for amazing shower sex. Think about your foreplay as soap, because there is something primal about cleaning each other. It’s a form of bonding that we don’t get an opportunity to enjoy very often. Suds are super sexy, so wash each other’s hair and massage each other’s scalps. You can have soft hair and orgasms – so press your partner against the side of the shower and go for it.

Make Out Under The Water

The running water should be a part of the sex, not something you need to get around. Embrace the water is an important element of the experience. Amazing shower sex is less about getting it in quickly and moving on with your day, and is more about enjoying sensation play. Think wet skin, warm water.

Don’t Make Penetration Mandatory

Shower sex isn’t as fun when penetrative sex is seen as the end-all-be-all. Water, while technically “wet,” does not provide lubrication; in fact, it washes away the natural lubrication created by your vagina. Take the pressure of having intercourse – you can have so much more fun doing other stuff. Try hand jobs, clit rubbing, and oral sex.

Add Toys For Amazing Shower Sex

To up your shower game even more, try including some shower-approved sex toys. Adding a vibrator to the mix can make all the difference when you’re getting busy at bath time. You can even keep your “shower vibrator” on the shower ledge for this specific use.

Experiment with Standing Sex Positions

If penetration simply must happen, try some easy standing sex positions, but keep them simple. If you find that it isn’t working, transition into other sexual play. Just because intercourse doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean the play has to stop.

Bring On The Lube

Water-based lube is usually a standard go to for amazing shower sex, but it doesn’t have the same staying power of silicone lube. When enjoying shower sex, silicone lube is a must-have. Put some on your partner’s fingers before he or she rubs your clitoris. Just like with your shower vibe(s), put the lube in your shower caddy for easy access.

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