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Your Monthly Sex Horoscope: September 2016

Libra: Some exciting and unusual sexual experiences are in store for Libra this September. The full Moon in Pisces on the 16th will be a lucky date for love and great sex, so Libra should mark this date on their calendar. Passion will constantly be on the mind of Libra this month, and this should promote harmony within all relationships.

Aquarius: Aquarius experiences a strong desire for fun and excitement in their love life this September. Planetary forces bring restless feelings and a degree of discontent for the Water Bearer, and sudden infatuations with a new person may occur to bring quick endings to old relationships.

Taurus: Taurus can experience some uncomfortable friction in love and sex this September, as foretold by their monthly horoscope. Taurus in a committed relationship may be approached by their special man or woman to make some changes in their mutual sex life. Taurus, don’t bore your lover! Try something new and exciting with your partner.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius will experience some exhilarating sexual highs and lows this month, as well as unusual circumstances. The Archer’s monthly horoscope reveals their ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, will conjunct with Mercury early in the month, bringing in erratic energies that may cause worry, anxiety, or nervousness. However, the 26th is an unusually lucky day for all Archers.

Gemini: Happy go lucky Gemini will have a lot of stimulation this month with love and sex as well as career. Your September horoscope brings Gemini plenty of energy to start a new affair, get married, start a new job, or move to a new location.

Aries: According to their horoscope, headstrong and impetuous Aries will enjoy a lot of great sexual energy this September. Like a shower of fiery sparks, the Ram will ignite some very erotic encounters. Sudden and unusual circumstances during the first half of the month can open the door for Aries to meet fascinating new sex partners or cause them to say goodbye to their present love.

Cancer: September holds the chance of much happiness for Cancer. Cancer’s ruling planet the Moon is full on the 16th, signaling a lucky time when dealing with love or sex. Single Cancer can tap into this romantic full Moon energy and ask for a first date with that interesting new person or make a passionate love connection with a super-sensual partner.

Scorpio: The love and sex life of Scorpio can be quite unpredictable this September. The powerful sexual energy of Scorpio can dip to low levels at times this month, making them feel frustrated. These feelings are only temporary, and Scorpio should guard against depression and becoming sarcastic or irritable.

Leo: Sunny Leo will experience some extra-sexy times this September, as promised by their monthly horoscope. The month begins on a note of caution, as the Sun, ruling planet of Leo, forms a negative aspect with stern Saturn, the planet of restriction.

Capricorn: Capricorn feels an exciting surge of sexual energies during the whole month of September. This sizzling sex energy brings a lot of sensual enjoyment to the Goat. Single Capricorn will feel quite frisky, and a first date that may seem rather lukewarm at first could blossom quickly into an exciting romance.

Virgo: Virgo will experience some sexual restlessness this month. The Virgin may also contemplate some change or travel with a loved one to relieve worry and anxiety. Dating can be unpredictable with unexpected outcomes and involve exciting and unusual situations.

Pisces: The full Moon in Pisces on the 16th can be a great time for Pisces to experience a release of accumulated negative energies. Totally forgive those old emotional hurts and pain you have endured from past lovers and cast off your wounds. Pisces, the only one who can free you from that pain is yourself! Let go of the past and embrace your romantic life with new enthusiasm.

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